20 thoughts on “Friedman's Theory of Differentiated Leadership Made Simple

  1. I find that some leaders take this to mean putting up walls between people and using it as an excuse to justify callous decisions, poor personal relationships, and ignoring true need. Does Friedman address how to balance differentiated Leadership and honest empathy?

  2. Very intersting and familiar the idea of twelve steps also recognizes the "Principles before personality" as a good nucleous whole personality.

  3. leadership I think I found one is called America we're basically if you will get elected for office but apparently is only always a rich guys and not the guys who are working for that government and paying their taxes under fault

  4. Effective leadership, especially in caring environments like churches, require both differentiation AND connection. It is an interesting dance to keep your "nucleus" and self-definition, and resist "triangling" (getting pulled into dysfunctional and destructive emotional processes) but also go beyond them to help OTHERS develop their nucleuses as well. The latter process is creative, caring, and emotionally developmental, and though Friedman is right about the importance of differentiation, he says little about developmental, affirmative connection that allows others to blossom in the leader's community. I guess that will be for another book and another video.

  5. At the risk of going against the grain, I found this to be extremely powerful, yet at the same time have a question.  In dealing with a sabotaging culture used to drifting towards toxicity and drama, for what reason should the leader work to be the differentiator, the calm leader, all by themselves?   I think the leader needs support in some regard, not just internally, but in relation to the C levels who set the tone for the organization.  Otherwise, wouldn't the well-differentiated leader be expelled like a virus?  Would like to hear your thoughts.

  6. Brilliant précis of Freidman's key ideas. Thank you SO much for this. I'm going to show it to our 'community' soon.

  7. Great Video Presentation on this Theory. I used it in my blog http://www.pastoralsoto.com/?p=679 Thank you so much for sharing this video!

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  9. This is an Awesome Video on Leadership….. and I love the ending..

    It's a direction in Life >

          Take care of yourself, and Love your Neighbor as you Love Yourself!!!

  10. Can we ever get to 'non-anxious'?  Best I can manage so far on the road is 'Less-anxious' or 'Non-contagious anxiety'.  My immune system is a work in progress – I hope.  

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