FRIEDMAN: Here's the Real Reason Trump Does Foreign Policy in Public

FRIEDMAN: Here's the Real Reason Trump Does Foreign Policy in Public

15 thoughts on “FRIEDMAN: Here's the Real Reason Trump Does Foreign Policy in Public

  1. A long explanation trying to apply logic to a man everyone knows as self loving short sighted idiot.
    George we the world know that Trump is only a tool and a very blunt tool and we will treat him as such.

  2. ISIS is funded by Saudia Arabia not Iran. Saudi practices the extreme form of Islam and is funding mosque all around the world to push the extreme form of Islam. No government seems to be doing anything about this.

  3. Regarding Trump's public spats with foreign leaders: here's an alternative theory – what if both sides understand that it's for show? They could be playing off each other for votes but still having the same friendly relations in practice. An international version of a WWE wrestling match, a show rather than a real fight.

  4. George Friedman is correct. We cannot act like wimps and still remain a super power. Without some level of toughness we will continue to be walked on.

  5. Whether you agree with him or not, it must be admitted that Donald Trump knows exactly what he's doing. Whether that's a good thing or a bad thing is up for debate. But he is not flying by the seat of his pants: his actions and statements are strategic.

  6. Trump is going hard on China – but soft on Russia; so he's applying  a similar policy just  switching the targets. Which might be underpinned by realpolitik – or it could be just down to racism and anti-communism. White Christian solidarity with Putin – opposed to the Yellow Peril.

    But Trump is letting his prejudice override his business sense – in that China has a billion strong market; whereas Russia by comparison only holds 170 million people.

    Moreover, Russia is self sufficient in oil and gas; China is resource poor – hence the US holds more leverage over China than over Russia

    Plus if the US falls in with Russia to fight ISIS and other enemies , such an alliance begins to look like a White Christian carve up – with the potential of alienating the non White; non Christian countries. The latter being the vast majority of people living in the World Island.

  7. Thank you all so much for what you do! I have long been an admirer of George Friedman and frequently share his articles and interviews. If you don't mind a suggestion: Since the content of these interviews is superb I think it would be helpful if the headlines here at Maudlin had less of a tabloidy click-bait feel to them. Instead of " The Real Reason that Trump blah, blah, blah," which seems to have an aura of bias about it, how about a more neutral "Rationale for Conducting Foreign Policy in Public" or something to that effect….?

    Just my two cents. :-).

  8. Trump is doing Germany a favor because Germany doesn´t need a weak euro to increase competitiveness, just check if its trade surplus suffered when the euro was above 1,40 back in the 00´s. If a weak euro was in Germany´s interest, its finance ministry Schauble wouldn´t be constantly calling for higher interest rates and for an end of the QE, politics implemented by the ECB and on which Germany has no control. The main countries who are benefiting from this weak currency are Italy, Spain and maybe France, and of course, the US banks.

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