Free Live TV – (Plus All Your Local Channels) Highline Tv

Free Live TV – (Plus All Your Local Channels) Highline Tv

he’s right ready one two three rescue firefighters from Wake County
have responded there what they call the urban search and rescue team these
people who are trained to deal with these kinds of things building collapses
earthquakes that kind of thing we know that some of those firefighters were
sent in from Wake County what you just saw Plus what you’re
seeing behind me in stunning HD you can have it all basically for free and we’ve
got to talk about it but first I gotta put on my plus seven glasses of
streaming sexy as hell because I’m working on skill of my crap
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Highline TV ladies and gentlemen I just got this in the mail and you can get all
the live local channels you want because a lot of people have been having this
issue with their core cutting they’ll get Netflix or they’ll get any one of
the other streaming services but they can’t get their local programming for
live TV enter this thing right here damn high life TV you can get everything
in your local area up to about 50 to 60 to 70 miles and it comes in stunning HD
just like this I went through this thing and I’m getting about 60 channels
locally right and I will leave a link in the video description so you guys can go
check out their antenna it’s really really good i’ma show you my setup how I
got mine set up but first as we always do on my channel we go through the
channel list and I’ve got my volume turned down but see full I started here
WF my HD for me and I’m not going to show you all of these and was just kind
of click through them fast so you’ve got just this weather quest unc-tv rotor you
ncx WRAL if you’re in north carolina you know what i’m talking about the TV 8.2
stunning HD WX my eye on I online shop QVC HSN a lot of people
love HSN see you there you go with that we got bounced we got the CW for all my
people we got stadium TV TBD I think that’s a prayer channel
let’s see here my TV charge comet ray bounce get TV just this quest WLX i for
my folks out there that’s into religion you can get a little bit of that of
course they’re going to deliver you with ABC crystal-clear stadium TV for my
folks that’s inter watching sports you need to get your sports and right now
they are roasting the hell outta Magic Johnson his but resigned today didn’t
tell Jeannie blessing nothing he just bounced and said I’m going so forth from
so forth charge DBD my TV get TV comet again and then we’re back to my original
channels ladies and gentlemen for one simple feed you get all this stuff right
here for your local network friend you of those core cutting bills let me show
you the setup because I’ve already got mine pretty much set up let me show you
how you would set yours up what comes inside of this box and after this video
I will show you my setup in the box you get the antenna a coaxial cable external
amplifier USB power cable and the optional USB power adapter attach the
coaxial cable from the antenna to the external amplifier note if you are
closer than 20 miles to the tower you may not need the power amplifier connect
the cable from the amplifier to the RF connector on your TV TVs without a
digital tuner will require an additional tuning converter power the amplifier
with the USB cable either from the back of the television or with the optional
USB power source attach the enclosed adhesive pads to the
back of your antenna for best performance place the antenna by an open
window and avoid using in buildings with metal roofs and inside of RVs also avoid
placing near large electrical appliances as they may interfere now put your TV
through the auto-tune sequence to begin receiving digital signals if you move
the antenna to a new location the tuning sequence must be repeated so we’re in
the back of the sexy-ass Hale studios and there’s my antenna as you can see I
got it running down to the back of my TV and here’s the cord right here and this
is the amplifier excuse me that you guys saw in that video you would plug the
core from the antenna which is this to this amplifier one cord is going to run
to the TV and the other one you can plug into the USB of your TV or you can plug
it into a plug you see I’ve got mine into a plug down there now ladies and
gentlemen that is pretty much your simple set up to get all the live TV
from your local areas so life gainers if you want great local live TV with a few
cable channels then you want it in stunning clear HD TV check out the
website for High Line TV your since scrolling across the screen I will have
a link left in the video description give these guys a try they’ll do you
right and when they sent me this box it got here in two days so that I won’t
worry I want you all to be able to get your live TV and get involved with your
local area so you can stay abreast of what’s going on that’s gonna do it for
this video don’t forget to like my video please comment and subscribe go get
yourself a High Line TV antenna and until that net sexy as hell
video I’ll see you you

27 thoughts on “Free Live TV – (Plus All Your Local Channels) Highline Tv

  1. Live tv without cable and without subscription services. Get HD channels along with your local news. #LamontTysonLifeGains

  2. I live about 40 miles south of Louisville and I've tried 4 different indoor antennas. I've never been able to get even 1 channel, do you think this would work for me? BTW, love the shirt!

  3. Thanks for sharing brother LAMONT. You know I have an antenna similar to that one. Get about 20 local channels. Keep the awesome content coming. Have a great day

  4. I use haystack apk for local live channels it works great for me and it's free . Lamont Tyson you should do a video on haystack apk and nice video keep up great work my friend šŸ‘Œ thanks šŸ‘

  5. I question whether or not it actually gets 50 miles. Or even close to it. I have several flat mount antennas like this (let me be clear, not this brand) and they have problems receiving signals literally 2 miles away. I live on Long Island just outside the 50 mile range from the NYC stations, but only about 30 miles from the Connecticut affiliates and none of them come in. The only NYC station I get is WCBS2 because it in on a relay tower in ridge, ny about 2 miles from my house. Does he actually live out aways from the stations that they all still come in or is he actually right in the center of a metro area. Who knows. Iā€™m skeptical. I have $200 worth of useless antennas, some with amplifiers and the one with the amplifiers pick up stronger on the stations I do get, without the amplifiers. One will never know.

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