Free Headline Analyzer Tool For Email Marketing│How to Write Headlines That Earn More Clicks

Free Headline Analyzer Tool For Email Marketing│How to Write Headlines That Earn More Clicks

well hello and welcome to another
episode of on the life of your dreams YouTube channel my name is Timesha and I
am so glad that you are here with me today we have a good one we’re going to
talk about an email headline analyzer that will analyze all your email subject
lines and give you the result of how good they will do in getting clicks but
before we get to that if you are new to my channel welcome my channel is about
helping online entrepreneurs start build grow and sustain their business for the
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happens to be daily at this point so the email headline analyzer it is a great
tool and if you’ve been watching my journey at all for the last few months
then you know that email has been tricky for me and I’ve been having some little
issues with it but I have been learning more and putting myself out there more
and gaining some insight and this tool was one of the things that it came in
fell into my lap and so I’m about to show it to you so hold on do you see all
right so this is from advanced Marketing Institute it is called the emotional
marketing value headline analyzer alright and so basically what you do is
you put your headlines here you click the category that you are advertising
for so whether it’s business or whether it’s automotive or retail or arts or
whatever it is that you want to send a email out for you will click that
category and then you click Submit for analysis so this is what they do is the
breakdown so they give you an emotional marketing value and the value is broken
down into three different parts it’s the intellectual
which is basically why a person reasons or what is the careful evaluation that
they would have over a particular product those are your professional
people and basically you are pleading or coming to them on their intellectual
side in your your subject line reflects that then you have the empathetic side
which is the people who have a profound and strong positive emotional reaction
it incites positivity and it gives people the action to want to move it
speaks to them on a emotional level and then the last one is a spiritual level
meaning it gets deep down inside of them as to why am I here what is my purpose
what is my passion those are the subject lines that will fall into this category
and you can’t have a subject line that goes with all three and it will be
perfect and so you can get the question answers any questions and answers you
may have if you really want to know I’ll create another video but I won’t go into
that on this one so right now we’re just gonna go through some business of actual
headlines and to see where their value our values are now the values are on a
100-point scale meaning a hundred is the highest you can get it’s the best
subject line in the world a zero means you need to go back to the drawing board
oh man okay so let me show you some of the email headlines and show you what
you can expect so one of them is important business opportunity and then
Maude’s is in business and professional services so I’ll click that and then
click Submit and so this gives me a EMV score of 60 and so if you look at for
comparison the score of 60 put in perspective the
English language contains a practice in proximately 20% of EMV words alright and
so a professional copywriters headlines usually falls in between 30 to 40
percent of EMV words while the gifted hey gifted copywriters will fall in
between 50 to 75 percent which is gifted now if you get a perfect score of a
hundred it’s very rare but is usually less than five words all right and
overall the EMV score for the headline mines is a 60 so that puts me in the
talented range oh hey all right so basically it covers all three of the
components in the EMV score its intellectual is sympathetic and its
spiritual so it’s a decent score so you can basically take this headline put it
in your subject lines for your emails and it actually produce some clicks for
you all right so let me try another one so to do that you scroll down to the
bottom and click analyze another headline and I’m gonna type in want to
know the secret cuz you know people you know secrets are good gets people
thinking all right so we’ll put that in and that also gives me a score of 60 all
right let’s see one that now you have to at least have I believe five words and
you can’t have more than 20 words so let’s try still the Ling business alright so this one was not
that great all right this was a 33% but like I said most professional
copywriters are between the 30 and 40 percent range so you can still get you
know clicks on this it’s not as great as the other ones but I want to show you
that the intellectual and spiritual value has been clicked where the
empathetic is not so this is a more intellectual and spiritual connected
link or subject headline than the others that we basically talked about and it
basically gives you a reason why why these words actually incite these two
areas and the last one I’m gonna give you a hundred one that’s the last one
that you’re going to get from me and so the last one is and also to let you know
the excellent exclamation points or anything else any other crap I just lost
what I wanted to say ending periods exclamation marks all of those others
commas they do not factor into the analysis all right and so this is a
hundred percent and it’s purely intellectual all right finally you got
money all right so it just goes off of the words it does not add any feeling
behind it that you add through any other symbols alright so we’ll put it that way
cuz I just totally had a blank it’s it’s I guess it’s because it’s Friday I just
all of my education went out the window alright so hopefully this was a value to
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fly over move away alright so make sure that you join me on that so until next
time my friend make sure that you think big dream big take action so that you
may earn the life of your dreams bye now

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  2. Yea love the aminstitute headline analyzer tool, ive literally been using it for 2 years now ever since I learned about it lol, thanks for sharing the wealth Timesha!

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