38 thoughts on “Free Business Class Upgrades, everytime

  1. You just need to fly 20 times from la to nyc, 5000miles divided by 100,000 miles = 20 flights. A flight from JFK to LAX and back would cost about 400$. 400 times 20 is 8000$.

  2. Flying round trip from NY to LA gets one about 5,000 executive miles. Attaining Platinum Executive Status (and the crazy cool perks that go with it) for 12 months requires one to accumulate 100,000 executive miles — the equivalent of 20 round trip NY to LA flights — in the same calendar year. In other words, it's not likely to happen in this lifetime unless you're Casey Neistat.

  3. “status is the endgame”
    i guess casey neistat spoiled endgame for all of us 6 years earlier than it was released

  4. Not sure if Casey realized but he accidently threw his address onto this video. I kinda know where he lives now Lol

  5. Let me get this straight sssooooo you earn luxury by flying a lot but that runs out so you have to fly a lot to be able to get luxury and then…

  6. If a roundtrip is 5,000 miles, then you would need to make 20 roundtrips from NY to LA a year (almost 2 trips a month). At about $250-$325 a roundtrip you are spending $5,000-$6,500 on flights annually to maintain that special membership for a business class flight that is between $1000-$1200. The average person is not going to spend that much time flying or over $6k in order to get a $1k flight for $250. You're not getting some special bargain; in fact the airlines are laughing at the suckers who keep spending their money on flights to get into some pointless club that makes a 5 horu flight only 20% more enjoyable. I know this video is really old, but it's disgusting to try and promote irresponsible spending for everyday people

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