29 thoughts on “Frankie Boyle's Election Autopsy 2015

  1. For those wondering, the kids had to wear earmuffs so they wouldn't be freaked out by the time the got on stage; with this being the BBC, the screams/pleads of the other children might have upset them.

  2. Akala, you twat.

    We don’t judge Muslims because they’re almost “all brown”, we judge them because they fly jet planes into skyscrapers, they bomb buses and trains, they drive trucks over tourists, shoot cartoonists, murder filmmakers, attempt to publicly behead soldiers and detonate fucking nail bombs at pop concerts, where little girls make up the vast majority of the audience.

    And let’s not forget the nationwide proliferation of predominantly Pakistani Muslim male gangs, who are currently being found guilty of perpetrating the racially motivated child sexual exploitation of young white British girls.

    That brand of child sexual exploitation, has been going on for over thirty years, with impunity, because politicians, police, social workers and the media, are all fucking terrified of being labelled as racists, by cunts like you, Akala.

    Here’s a fucking newsflash for you pal.

    Islamophobia, will dissipate when the fascist adherents of Islam, quit raping and murdering non-Muslims.

  3. Frankie is a star, the thing is his supporting cast is so fucking terrible, which is not his fault he has to pick from best of the worst of what's available, ironically all Corden wanna bees
    Edit, in case of being misunderstood, some of his random/irregular guests are inspired and wonderful like the guy above and the highly accomplished and intelligent Iraqi lady who is a regular. Which actually makes it hugely watchable.

  4. There is a law in place for Welsh to be taught in Welsh schools after the Blue Books. Its common knowledge bloody hell

  5. The ripped wallpaper behind Frankie's left shoulder looks like an older man looking back; it has complete facial features, as well as hair and eyebrows, and even fairly consistent shading.

  6. Just to do a kind of run down of akalas comments which seemed to have started a war in the comments here's a little analysis.

    -empire stuff is true
    -imprisonment rates aren't symbolic of racism. For example in my country (nz) the Asian minority has the lowest rate of imprisonment and yet definitely suffers the most overt racism (from both Europeans and Maoris). Many ethnic groups are overly represented in crime stats and are there for more likely to be imprisoned. Why certain ethnic minorities are more likely to commit crime is a different argument, but frankly it's not racism but rather punishing criminals. "we cannot presume our culture is perfect. We have problems too [murder & crime rate] and they're ours to solve" – MLK

    -So on Libya his point is misdirected in my opinion. Britain helped overthrow an unpopular regime, however refused to help refugees. The single persons comments to not represent Britain. His comments are however factually correct.

    -So he said that Germans are the grandchildren of nazis, clearly doesn't know his history and frankly sounds fucking racist himself. He earlier said Britain was at war with nearly all the world, but now their major enemy should be discriminated against. I'll admit this is the point where he lost me. He's ignored the EUs existence and the skills of migrants. This point is frankly emotive rather than an actual argument.

    -aborigines are a serious minority making up 3% of the population. Boris Johnson ia as usual making statements without thinking of consequences. Once again however Akala doesn't really have a point.

    -bias towards immigrants is fairly true, although he doesn't mention that expats have uk ancestors, while immigrants dont.

    -the point about Christianity not being mentioned as a cause of problems is valid. The media seems to treat Christianity as sacred and perfect in a similar way to how Muslim countries media portrays their religion. Regardless the ignorance of the problems caused by Christianity is a serious issue.

    -the point about white people not being labeled terrorists for committing terrorist acts is completely true.

    -aboriginals were treated as subhuman.

    So in conclusion a lot of his points were emotive and not factual or only explained the issue from one angle. However he did have several valid and insightful comments

  7. Boyle admits his friends are racists. No surprises. Martin Luther King was a conservative so the boy was right and compares directly to Farrage. The liberals were the only slave owners in America, not the conservatives Dah. Diane Abbott is a Racist, Corbynites want rid of Jews just like Hitler. I always change my votes as the politicians are mostly lizards, I have voted against them all. Scotland is not doomed.

  8. That moron rapper at 37 mins… so many flaws in his argument you could build a 50 storey skyscraper.

  9. Frankie Boyle is so left leaning now. If your anti immigration your racist! That's it, no debate…

  10. I absolutely love Frankie but why does he and this show sound so lefty? I thought this was meant to be unbiased.

  11. Does anyone think that Katherine Ryan looks like a younger, skinnier, female version of Doug Stanhope? When she's talking about sucking off guys in Magaluf at 7:50, specifically.

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