Frank Figuliuzzi: Rudy Giuliani Just Threw Trump Under The Bus | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Frank Figuliuzzi: Rudy Giuliani Just Threw Trump Under The Bus | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Frank Figuliuzzi: Rudy Giuliani Just Threw Trump Under The Bus | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

  1. Trump made me do it. Attorney Client Priviledge?? If you made even a dollar, tough claim to defend Rudy… who knows, Trump may ask one of his MAGA Terrorists to go after you. Take care of yourself.!

  2. The FBI is part of the Black hole in DC. The worthless bureaucracies include CIA and EPA ,DEA ,BTF, IRS, DoE. All exist for themselves NOT for American citizens; the Billions of $$$ sucked in to the DC black hole & they are an embarrassment. As a matter of fact the FBIs big operation on 911 was busting a prostitution ring in New Orleans; the bureaucracies are simultaneously incompetent & arrogant. FBI- Fat Bloviating Incompetents that spy on citizens and are afraid of terrorists.

  3. I pity the driver of Donald tDUMP’S bus 🚌. He has to change the under carriage every day at the rate Donald tDUMP is throwing people under the bus.

  4. US has a capitalistic system from down to top but a communistc brother-/sisterhood system in top to top.
    US awake and lock all 'communist *hoods' up. Take democracy, wellness and prosperity back to all citizens ! And stop further globalization.

  5. How stupid a person can be when another person is saying "if you doing what I did, you going to prison "!!! I guess Rudy wasn't smart enough to listen to Cohen!….

  6. GO RUDI GO,YOU'RE TURNING INTO A HUMAN AGAIN. trump and jeffress are planning on taking America hostage,stop them now before its too late.hurry time is of the essence.

  7. " I'm going to say this only seven times, so you better listen good. "

    Schiff should face the death penalty for sedition and treason.

    Schiff should face the death penalty for sedition and treason.

    Schiff should face the death penalty for sedition and treason.

    Schiff should face the death penalty for sedition and treason.

    Schiff should face the death penalty for sedition and treason.

    Schiff should face the death penalty for sedition and treason.

    Schiff should face the death penalty for sedition and treason.

  8. It is happening folks, impeachment procedure, Republicans finally using their brains, voters waking up to what's left of their brain and everyone around Trump leaving the sinking ship. This should be the financial and personal end of the Trump family.

  9. Who's throwing who under the bus? Trump threw Giuliani or Guiliani threw Trump under the bus? LOL.. We needed you media to clear this up… LOL

  10. There isn't much more room left under the Bus…. But for Rudy and Trump, maybe it will be a simultaneous double take down, and as they throw each other under the bus, it brings it 'Speed', below 50 MPH. KaaBoom!!!!

  11. If Rudy is smart he’ll flip! He’s gonna go right down the tube with Trump! At least they might give him a deal although he definitely doesn’t deserve it!

  12. Nixon did the same thing only difference is he did his on american soil, Clinton got some sleeze sckk him off both were guilty the same as trump both were impeached. so why is it taking this long to get rid of this guy who's done so much wrong, yes Washington I'm asking you.

  13. "I will be surrounding myself with the best and smartest people"

    I've watched, since 2016, as he has surrouned himself with the best and brightest. Then i see him fire the best and brightest [or they quit]. At first i thought the TRUMP fired them because he realized they were not the best and brightest. But my opinion has evolved.

    He may HAVE hired the best and brightest…..but they advised him against making stupid decisions and they got fired for it.

    Business owners are essentially tyrants who want things done THEIR way…..but you cannot run a government that way…..not when it is a government "OF the people….BY the people….and FOR the people".

    Goodbye, Adoph Trump. And take your American GI hating jackbooted voters with you.

  14. Chump is a fantastic example of why there are policies and procedures in place in any business/government/workplace. His example of not following them is a great lesson on what not to do. He should be proud of leading toolbags by bad example, he is exceptional at it! Loosers around the world are celebrating king dickhead!!

  15. Nostradamus says "rudys gonna tell all so's he can end up on 'the right side of history' sorry Dawnald,,,your lawyers gonna be the one who gives the Dems what they need LMFAO

  16. Real Gang Members: I got your back. I ain't no snitch.

    Wealthy Gang Members: I got your back…

    …as long as we don't get caught.

  17. Under the bus? You mean like what the NYT did to Biden? BTW, I don't see anything from PMSNBC about Biden and the $900,000 transaction.

  18. just waiting for u to announce his victory come 2020 in total humiliation like u did in 2016. cos all u re saying now is nonsense. don't know wat u will tell these dumbs u re manipulating with ur fake news upon fake news, these dumbs who believe so much in u when u have no choice but to announce trumps victory in 2020 knowing already that this impeachment thing can not be done.


    TRUMP 2020 MAGA!

  20. The slaves of payment ara created by crony capitalism is about to fall, and revert back to regular capitalism again with self awareness for once in history

  21. Wow–so impressive! Big & bold predictions of Trump's downfall by the Dirty Dem media! ha ha May these cretins pay for their TREASON! Freedom of the Press does NOT mean PARTISAN PROPAGANDA! Dem cretins should be shipped to China where they would fit in better! God bless theTRUMP REVOLUTION!

  22. Funny, MS13NBC has nothing to say about Hunter Biden resigning from the board of
    his equity firm. Not surprising though. If the Bidens have done nothing wrong, why is Hunter
    stepping down? For someone who is clean, he sure acts like a crook.

  23. The way these old wealthy white are lining up to go jail , 6ft 5 Leon is going to teach them the many uses of bar soap !!!!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣

  24. These people are pathetic. They can’t help themselves with their stupidity. You don’t have people going after Trump without solid evidence?? Are you friggin kidding me? That’s what’s been happening the last three years! These people are full of crap!

  25. It would be fitting for Trump to end up getting jammed in the axles of the metaphorical bus that he is so fond of tossing other people under.

  26. Rudy is almost as dumb as Traitor Trump, that is why I think we should see the next "Stepbrothers" move with them two in it.

  27. Why is Hunter Biden resigning from a Chinese board and promising to never do any foreign deals again if there was nothing wrong with it?

  28. Could it be that these two were supposed to get caught as a part of the undoing and unraveling of trump seeing that he is of no value to Russia and those sanctions being removed?🤔. I can't imagine them being this sloppy….Rudy working for Russia…nahhhhhh.

  29. How can any one with a conscience believe these pathetic loosers. They are the enemies of our great Nation. They lie, cheat, spin, deceive and spit on the very fabric of our democracy.

  30. Frank is rite Giuliani is screwed. There’s going to come a time when they all turn on each other. It wouldn’t surprise me if Benedict Donald threw his own kids under the bus to save his own skin.

  31. Ooowee! We really got Trump this time..and who would have thought it would his own lawyer Rudy driving the bus. Forget the dumb impeachement! I'm sure there's a stench of treason in air? Like one really smart congress woman said.."It's solitary confinemenr!" Come on man…

  32. Wouldn't that be the most beautiful, tippity toppity irony,
    to have a wire tappp be the final undoing of he who seems the oranges
    of the Mueller investigation?

    BTW, that report is full of babes that
    Will all fit in nicely with the whole deep doodoo state of affairs for the
    old fried looking chicken 🐥. Wadda guy. 🐂🍄//🐓

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