44 thoughts on “France: When French politicians speak English!

  1. French politicians have to remember what the English writer said in 1903, George Orruel – The further the society moves away from the truth, the more it hates those who speak it.

  2. Many people would like the French to speak English, but when speaking English, some people make fun of the accent :/

  3. Before we laugh too hard, how many British politicians can speak even a little French? I could understand each one of these guys quite easily.

  4. They speak like this because they think it’s charming. They just don’t want to learn other language.

  5. I'm listening this to see if I can understand English with a French accent, cuz we (my class) have to stay in france for a week with a host family.

  6. We thought likes Suisse is proud of their Francais language and Economie and well >_< , but if it need to communicate to India (INDI) , Japan (Japon) , Coree (korea) ,LA chine , Tai-wan, ThaiLand , Mayalisa , Laos , Vietnam , that Anguish is the only way to

    communicate to East Asia

    Does Francais love to learn language de Dutch? , Suomi ?, Finnish ?,Sweden , Norsk, Norwegian ?,high land German , low land German , and Italiano ?

  7. Manuel Valls is a polyglot: he speaks French, Spanish and Catalan perfectly, and his English isn't bad at all.

  8. Funny, but France doesn't need politicians who speak English. It's certainly beneficial but the priorities should be helping the French people, not the fact that you don't need a translator when you talk to someone who speaks English.

  9. English is rubbish! Stop speaking this awful tongue, whose pronunciation system is the most difficult one in the world! Because of its very chaotic pronunciation system (actually very difficult to learn for the majority of non-native-English speakers), English is really useless for international communication. Learn Esperanto instead! Esperanto is the best and most efficient language for international communication. Signed: a Frenchman.

  10. IM a Moroccan fluent in French, English, Spanish and Turkish! Moroccans are the best in accents 😎

  11. On s'en fout de savoir si ils parlent anglais ou pas, peut être qu'ils connaissent une langue que vous vous savez pas parler

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