48 thoughts on “Fraction Magic – Detailed Vote Rigging Demonstration

  1. I agree with these short term points: "Precinct voting machines should print results tape. Compare with stated result. Observe spot checks – detect, blow the whistle on sham 'audits.'"
    In many jurisdictions this precinct tape-printing is already the required practice and spot checks can be observed (though we do need more people going and raising alerts about sham 'audits'). In such jurisdictions, use of "fraction magic" could be easily detected; this problem is solved. Are there any machine-only (DRE) voting jurisdictions where precinct tapes or equivalent are NOT printed/generated?

    I also agree with these long term points: "Must have paper ballots. Ballots must include public right to inspect." That solves a host of other cybersecurity threats to elections, as long as you still have appropriate auditing practices.

    However, I think this video presents a very limited view saying that an attack is possible WITHOUT discussing the defenses already in place that could stop such an attack from being successful.

    It thus distracts from other serious issues in voting security and integrity that deserve attention and I think provides a net negative in the fight to secure democracy.

  2. Video of vote machines being taken out of the building and Dems still saying no fraud or rigging??? Shows how easy to switch machines.

  3. I've got real respect for Bev Harris and Bennie Smith; May God reward them for their diligence to do the right thing and show us what is really going on with many elections across our land —

  4. By Don De
    President Trump has to hand this Vote rigging scam information over to the new Attorney General and let him run with it. Start in my home county, Palm Beach County and our neighbors in Broward County, Florida. Fractionalized the tabulations and hiding the rounding decimals on a precinct level or a National level can sway the results any way you want!
    Time to drop the hammer on these Dem dogs Donald!!

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  6. Shortcut to this video: tinyurl.com/FractionMagicRigging
    Also see: tinyurl.com/RiggingTheElection1 to 4 tinyurl.com/InfoWarURLs

  7. Democracy most important is to give the population of the democratic country the illusion they have any influence on the voting system.
    Thats why im not voting at all. In the end it doesnt matter anything.

  8. Many thanks for this. It's GREAT!! Your view count may soon increase greatly because the link just appeared on the Q forum. (Wish you could redo the background audio overlay. It's very distracting. Hope, too, you can suggest to Bennie to get in touch with Turning Point USA to look into joining the new young black leadership group. Also can contact Anthony Brian Logan, David Harris Jr, and Brandon Tatum (same names are the their Youtube channels).

  9. This is why Jews keep winning. Looking at you Feinstein. Dumb bitch gets majority of the votes in strong Republican districts.

  10. This has been a godsend and inspired activists all over the world. Here is a short clip I did on the Russian presidentials. :: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pA9TcznwF90&t=3s

  11. IF all that's being manipulated is summary totals, then the individual votes are still intact and can be counted again.


    >>>>>>> OR. WE. WILL. LOSE. IN. 2018.







  13. I work for King country elections in Washington state. Many parts of this video are terrifying people being alone with ballots with a closed-door. Blocking observers from viewing that is an absolute No-No that is crooked as can be. King County elections processing unit is inside a fishbowl you can see it from any angle. The idea of taking computers out during an election purging data and then bringing them back well that speaks for itself this is quite terrifying

  14. 700,000 Republicans somehow forgot to #vote in #alabama Dec 12,…. but lets say that number was 350,000 ,…HALF ,..then Roy Moore would have won ,..the Machines only counted one HALF Vote's for Moore – TOTAL FRAUD #alabama !! FEDS NEED TO INVESTIGATE NOW ! #VOTE WAS A SHAM !!#Mic https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sOcjVjDA44I #RedefineGiving The #Yuge #Viral #Video #Youtube #Edible80sSongs #Exposing the #Alabama #VoterFraud #Al #HeyHeyHeyIsComing #Recount #Time for #royMoore #premioesportsbr #Vimeo #MostViral #clips #WorldWide #twitter #politics #hannity #Rush #Marklevin

  15. In Alabama election – Fraction Magic was used in large urban areas…that's why they held the urban vote results to see what percentage of the vote they needed to rig….

  16. I'm not doubting elections are tampered with, but you don't need decimals in the database to tamper. You can just multiply the percentage by the votes and round it and store that as an integer. There was too much focus on the 'double' in the database. That could be poor programming–not necessarily a sinister plot.

  17. There are comments here that have an obvious agenda to discourage viewing.  Paid help?  Written to appear like the "everyday programmer."  This woman is ethical and intelligent and I see no reason to question her results.

  18. Thank you, Bev for trying to warn us for the past 12 years. For all that time I wondered why we couldn't get the Democratic Party to even acknowledge this, let alone fix it. But during the 2016 Democratic primaries, we saw why they didn't want to fix our election systems. Because they wanted to fix elections.

  19. hillary clinton won the primary because of election fraud. trump won the general also because of election fraud

  20. I've worked in IT for 30 years, have written code in more than a dozen languages on scores of systems – including secure military systems in a Priority-A compound patrolled 24/7 by guards armed with M-16s.  Looking at this video, I can't even figure out what it's trying to demonstrate. It LOOKS like the author is taking numbers in a database and just scaling the totals to give a predetermined percentage result, then running the database through the vote reporting front-end to "prove" how voter fraud could work.  But it's sort of like using your own computer and your own printer to print a piece of paper – then claiming that "proves" you can change the front page headline for the Wall Street Journal.  I suspect the details are deliberately hazy because, well, this entire thing is B.S.

    That doesn't mean voter fraud can't happen – or doesn't happen.  But if the author is serious about this, she ought to clean up her presentation and make it clear each step of the way exactly what it is she thinks she's demonstrating.

  21. I stopped voting years ago when I figured out it is against the law to participate in a KNOWN fraud! Perhaps what needs to be examined is our so called Democracy. This country was founded as a Constitutional Republic, not a democracy. Just recite the first line in the pledge of allegiance to the flag. CONSIDER this: There has never been a democracy in the history of the world that has not devolved into tyranny, the most infamous being the Roman Empire. CONSIDER this: Democracy is majority rules. CONSIDER this: When the 51% can render null and void the voices of the 49% is that democracy or tyranny? How difficult do you think it is to hijack 1% of the vote electronic or not?

  22. Bev, have you ever been in contact with Nate Silver? I'm sure you know who he is but I've never heard him talk about election fraud.

  23. hey i can fix your audio for $100, either i can just download the audio and video from this vid myself or if u have high-quality files u can send me that would be slightly better still, but me downloading probably wouldn't be very noticeably worse

  24. Is this why Michigan had 6 votes for every person voting,this is why some in congress and the house hasn't moved from their seats in 100 years,some of people still their since I was kid and why they won't pass term limits,maybe it time for a new government.

  25. Now POTUS wants a MAJOR investigation into voter fraud !!!. So Bev, maybe you , Bennie and Project Veritas (who has videos of DNC operatives admitting to voter and election rigging) could band together and be ready when and if Trump thrust you into the limelight and expose what is obvious to many of us but not to the majority…yet …like a dream team 😉

  26. Trump is being trashed right now with his claims of voter fraud …why is he not calling on you to stick it to all the CNN zombies??? He should tweet your name and get you in the spotlight so you could educate the sheeple

  27. I trust that the Jeff Dean mentioned at the end of this video is not the same as the Google Fellow of the same name. Right?

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