Fox News Reporter Blocks Kiss from 2 Women

Fox News Reporter Blocks Kiss from 2 Women

a fox news reporter was reporting on the
boston bombing incident and uh… these two women tried to basically sabotage his report and the following happened he exchanged hands and knees practically uh… might calmly to the last ten
seconds later the second explosion goes up according to the f_b_i_ at the location where he dropped his
place in where he’d rather media and where he dropped his knapsack shepherd
liked a lot for smite thanks very much well you know some serious if i’m still
come in and excessive on the case you know the sometimes when u if you
know he will speak for what they call that photo bombing well bombing site as i was video bombing
or responding whatever it is right but it’s a little one actual bombing
story so it’s wholly inappropriate and ridiculous and you know what we’re no fans the
prices of the notice that but don’t do that right you had some was he doing the debt and then uh… it may be actually like about his report
this is incredibly comes that still far now show up at the it was a extremely professional and i’m
amazed that they didn’t throw ’em off his game at all he just continued and it
was it was totally fine i’m really surprised that the women did
that though because given the fact that that was such a
serious topic why would you want it debt involved in that situation and why would u wanna
sabotaged you’re probably from you know and i’m not sure the new uh… what they were all the time he was
talking about the religious all parties of of uh… now you know but now it’s the office is that
cool of several key reaction now look for me it’s always tend has
more religious acknowledge it me like hey you know that was weird shep
these wouldn’t read interrupt web anyway this is that there could be a sin no reported canon incredible

100 thoughts on “Fox News Reporter Blocks Kiss from 2 Women

  1. There are plenty of people who hate or are prejudiced against whites. There are even whites that are prejudiced against whites. Its the the rest of what he says that shows he is an unintelligent racist.

  2. I understand your point- but people who lost loved ones were involved in the bombing. People laughing at that would feel a lack of disrespect for those injured and lost.

  3. Sexual harassment technically. They cannot kiss who they wish, regardless of whether it's on public or private property.

  4. So it's fine for a random women to turn up and kiss you without your consent? So I guess it's fine if a guy does it too right?

  5. kind of a misleading title. It implies that fox news was trying to infringe on someone's gay rights.. but really it's because they were trying to interrupt his report : P

  6. Lmao, I wish he really said that. I would watch fox for 2 days. No more than that though, the laughter might kill me.

  7. Ana is surprised that "the women" did that? Sounds like she's implying men are more immature when it comes to things like this?

  8. When Fox news was broadcasting from the capital building in Wisconsin the whole group started changing FUCK FOX NEWS, FUCK FOX NEWS. Well you can't say that word on the air in the US so his whole story was blocked.

  9. First of all, I thought mainly only men would try to do that kind of crazy things, why would a woman want to kiss a total stranger who is a man? Just boggles my mind. And secondly, dude, just let them kiss you, what's the big deal? If two random women want to kiss me, I'm all for that!!! 🙂

  10. Had he been reporting on a festival or celebration of some sort, he probably would have. But this was a *bombing* that he was reporting on. They were being immature disrespectful twats, given the situation. And he simply treated them as such.

  11. Stop reporting about Fox news already TYT! I don't wanna hear a thing about them. You are covering at-least 1 or 2 news about Fox News these days, please stop!

  12. Reverse the genders and this would have been labeled as sexual assault with charges laid against 2 men. Just thought I'd point out the victimization complex our society has regarding women.

  13. well Bush develop those skills since every one is throwing things at him. he learn how to dodged very early in his life when his dad became president, why you can throw a document saying there will be an attack a month away and Bush will dodge it with the quickness. pro skills for real.

  14. perhaps you just take everything to seriously. i was laughing at societal standards, and the fact that women get away with these things. it's hilarious ! i don't usually respond to anything on youtube, considering you're all the same anyways. it's like everyone on this website always has to cry and whine if they see something they don't like ( you included )

  15. /7134d3965dba6b40ae847ccb957bb851/tumblr_miwsb9V7Pn1r3gb3zo1_400.gif

    tumblr dot com slash. Someone else tried to kiss him. lol

  16. Okay i dont know why but from the title i thought this video was going to have to do with a fox reporter stopping 2 women from kissing each other, then i saw the video, wow i had a blonde moment all too hell lol

  17. Well, see, this reporter is a stone-fox mack-player; he's had plenty of experience fending off amorous women. Like a BOSS.

  18. Nope. I needed to respond simply because I couldn't leave your stupid comment alone without ridiculing it.
    Also are you responding to me for attention? Do you even read what you type?

  19. I made no such assertion.
    If I were to state "men are more likely to be the victim of violence" this is true.
    It's true by a rather large margin.
    Note, it doesn't mention the gender of perpetrators.
    Fact is, women are privileged in society, and not simply the rich ones (as it is with men. Rich men are definitely massively privileged, but poor men certainly aren't)
    The risks I talk about are the social and economic impact.
    You talk of the risks associated with a woman's CHOICE to carry to term.

  20. it's like you ignored everything i just wrote / said. better keep working on your comprehension skills. :~)

  21. I read the chain and you're being a bit insensitive here. This incident is no big deal but there are times where these kinds of biases can be harmful. In some countries when powerful men sexually harass women (to levels quite serious by our standards) it becomes laughed off as "oh he's just a dirty old man! hahaha" sorta thing. If you're not ok with that you shouldn't be ok with this or else it's double standards.

  22. If I was him I might've just let the ladies kiss me and then say "news flash: I'm attractive to the ladies. Back to you Shepard".

  23. Once at a party I was asked to take a pic with two female friends. They each kissed me on the cheek. I can only imagine what my facial expression was because the person taking the pic had a camera malfunction. Of course we redid the pic. Sadly the camera didn't malfunction again.
    True story

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