Fox News Poll Finds 51% in Favor of Impeachment

Fox News Poll Finds 51% in Favor of Impeachment

-Let’s get to the news.
After a new Fox News poll found that 51% of people
are in favor of impeachment, President Trump
attacked the network, saying, “I have never had
a good Fox News poll. Whoever their pollster is,
they suck.” [ Laughter ] I don’t know.
Not according to the poll. [ Laughter ] Two associates of President
Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani were arrested last night
for campaign finance violations. Hmm, well, looking at their
faces, I’m sure this is all just a big understanding. [ Laughter ] According to prosecutors, the
two associates of Rudy Giuliani who were arrested last night had purchased one-way airline
tickets out of the country. But, of course, Giuliani’s
most dangerous associate has his own plane. [ Laughter and applause ] [ Cheers and applause ] According to CNN fact-checkers, President Trump made
66 false claims last week. Said Trump, “Actually, we didn’t
even have a last week. This is our first one. [ Laughter and applause ]
This is our first week ever, thanks to the Trump
administration.” The Oxford English Dictionary
added several new words this month, including
the phrases “fake news” and “circle jerk,”
which, coincidentally, were both working titles
for the show, “Fox & Friends.” [ Laughter and applause ] A vegan woman claimed
on Reddit this week that she called the police
on her friends after they tricked her
into eating chicken nuggets while she was drunk. But the whole thing sounds
a little suspicious. A vegan with friends? [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] I don’t know. Custom officials in Los Angeles
announced yesterday that they seized over $2 million
worth of counterfeit sneakers from a cargo shipment. Said customers, “You mean
those weren’t real Adudises?” [ Laughter ] According to a new report, nearly 2/3 of birds
in the United States are at risk of extinction
due to climate change. “Don’t worry.
We’re not going anywhere,” said the mangy, one-legged
pigeons of New York. [ Laughter and applause ] We’re going
to live forever, bro.” And finally,
a family in South Carolina recently pulled a package
from the ocean that contained
44 pounds of cocaine, or, as the captain put it,
“Thar’s me blow!”

100 thoughts on “Fox News Poll Finds 51% in Favor of Impeachment

  1. Trump has mastered the art of wasting other people's time and profiting from it. That's all these least 3 years have been to him, with the profit being to his pathetic ego.

  2. Not watching this but in case he DIDN'T MENTION IT, the Fox poll was BIASED and SKEWED. Most of the participants were democrats. Of course it would read 51%. And since pedos would side with the impeachment of President Trump, and since Disney bought Fox, of course the poll would show those results. Duh.

  3. man Fox is gonna have a really rough go of all this. Shep smith (aka the best ) just quit apparently cause they keep pushing 'opinion' shows and just delegitimizing basic truths. it seems that riding the old trump train may be driving some of the folks off a cliff. sux man if any one reads this look into Shep that dude was solid and probably gave the most lowkep insightful commentary on cable news. now we are left with dealing with folks listening to unabated Fox propaganda.

  4. Clandestine USA 🤓🦇Prime Minister Giuliani has decreed:🚫🍑🚫🍑for my no quid & Perfect Calls/Tweet Master 🧛‍♂️ Lardship Donald Trump. TRUTH=NO CRIME – if you believe it.  Away, Democratic Reps. from the facts "kangaroo court".  Be gone!!

  5. Lol fox news viewers been listening to shep Smith. So trump loses it after seeing the poll, calls Murdoch and fires shep smith. As today was sheps last day.

  6. more fake news, who did the deep state pay off, they can not win over the people of AMERICA, SO THEY HAVE TO LIE. LOOK at TRUMPS RALLIES

  7. Uhm i would like to know how many at his latest rally will stop watching fox news now. If even that channel or show abandons Trump religion in favour of real reality ohhhh sweet lord.

  8. 51%? That has to be a misprint. For all the treasonous and plain idiotic stunts this orange clowns has perpetrated, it should be at least 91%, or if American’s weren’t so bloody ignorant more like 99.999999999999%

  9. The fox POLL is bogus and is a lie because Paul Ryan the rino is working for fox now and he was in charge of the poll . So don't buy that bullshit.

  10. Why mock the people who make individual choices that are good for the planet we all live in? Do you mock other minorities, too? There is plenty of power structures and absurdities to mock.

    Also, eating meat after not eating it for years can actually lead to a severe stomach pain because your stomach can't process the food any longer. It's not a joking matter but of course taking it to a police is taking it too far.

    A vegan with friends.

  11. I wanna pull pounds of cocaine out of the ocean….who reports that? I would finally make some tax free money man, and quit my job where I get taxed out the ass so Bevin can fly to suck trumps dick every week.

  12. Loser Paul Ryan Wisconsin on the board at Fox ??? No wonder they suck. Seth Myers and his audience really are quite imbecilic.

  13. I got a challenge that no late night tv host can accomplish, go 1 week without talking about Trump.

    They can't because they rely so heavily on talking about Trumo that the core of their show before has faded away. Trump can start wearing a purple tie instead of red and these host will have a whole 15min segment about it.

  14. What’s wrong with people, if I found that much cocaine washed up on shore, it’s part time Scarface early retirement.

  15. Electoral college jerks… THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT. You've sold this country to Putin when all your shithead voted for this orange parasite.

  16. Let Trump do whatever he wants and lets see where he takes us. Nature goes on forever for everyone and everything to return as everyone and everything an infinite number of times.

  17. 51% what about the people who haven’t added to that vote/ poll? Trump ruined everyone ,jobs,trade, let’s hope the next president actually works for the people!

  18. BS… Clinton had a 99% chance to win 2016 the night before according to your "polls". Keep lying you evil traitors, snakes.

  19. Tricking a vegan into eating meat is wrong. Veganism is a philosophy, plant based is how we eat. Basically it’s like if you knew
    Cannibals and they tricked you into eating human flesh, that’s how strongly we vegans feel about eating animals. Yes the joke Seth said is mildly amusing, but the trick is not amusing if you are an ethical Vegan.

  20. So funny Seth…..I can't wait to see trump impeached and removed from office, he already turned on giuliani now giuliani can reciprocate….Impeach Indict Jail trump! SAVE OUR COUNTRY!

  21. hey seth how tall are you 5 ft 9 and all your guests have to look up to you hey seth lower your chair johnny never looked down to his guests hey seth its hard to watch

  22. What turns on you faster?
    A) a binary neutron star system
    B) Trump when you're in trouble for doing something Trump ordered you to do

  23. Fake poll based on majority of DEMS polled. ALL corporate network media tells us lies and refuses to tell us the truth. Late night shows, fake news media all saying the same thing with one voice. They LIE to us. This is why the people on all sides despise Network and their fake news. As always, someone needs to consistently stand in the middle and tell us the complete, objective and painful truth.

  24. Q: Where does Trump get his conspiracy theories?

    A: WELL… I used to think that at least sometimes, he was just pulling them out of his very own @&&hole, and THEN I found out that he sometimes gets them from Junior — which confirmed the theory…

    P.S. Trump said at a recent rally that we're gonna put a man on the face of the moon. He didn't mention that he meant "with a Sharpie."

  25. Oversampled Democrats. Adjusted only 44 %. You clowns can t even poll properly. That s why you re suprised on election day.

  26. Hahahaha, I'm rolling, it was so fake. Keep trying Dems. This is so entertaining watching all of you with your foot in your mouth. Maybe one day y'all will wait and see. LMAO ROFL

  27. Interesting how almost half of the country still defendd Trump afther all the evidencie against him. Probable justo because the democrat options Is almost at the same level of owfull as a impeached Trump.

  28. Polls are wrong it's 80%i don't know who the he they are talking to Trump's done he couldn't be more done republican states that have been for 4 decades are going blue

  29. Please come back!!!
    5 DAYS???
    omg Seth the country is imploding and we need, okay, I need, your commentary to make sense of this traveling circus we call a government.
    I respect time off, may God bless you with strength, but please come back soon!!!!

  30. "Like the NBA, we welcome the Chinese censors into our homes and into our hearts. “We too love money more than freedom and democracy. Xi doesn’t look like Winnie the Pooh at all. Long live the great Communist Party of China. May the autumn’s sorghum harvest be bountiful. We good now China?"

  31. We live in a time where every single person of voting age could vote on every single issue. We have the technology. But I'm absolutely sure that in 2020 there will still be hanging chads and other antiquated b.s. used to manipulate the election to someone's favor. I'd love to see a revolution except that the government has been militarizing the police forces for the last decade. They know it's all a big powder keg waiting to blow up.

  32. Yeah…everything goes extinct at some point. So what? Those species that can survive the changes for the longest time, ultimately develop into new species suited by random mutation and conditional natural selection to survive in the new environment.

    Live on Earth is not going to fucking end. Humans MIGHT. But honestly, there are enough intelligent ones that once the 6.5 billion morons die off, the rest will be able to get by quite well, even with the coming changes.

    It would be better to avoid that outcome (sort of…but it would be nice to be rid of those 6.5 billion morons), but if we fail to do so…it's literally NOT the end of the world.

  33. Make Counterfeit Designer goods all the rage….end this outrageous fraud of designers' worth. If you steal a Hanes black tee shirt…shop lifting misdemeanor. If you steal a Gucci black tee shirt then it's a felony. One tee shirt "worth" $700 because of a label…just dumb.

  34. I'm not surprised anymore by the stupid things Trump says like when he said, "Actually we didn't have a last week. This is our first one." I'm still surprised though by the fact there's actually some as stupid as Trump in real life.

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