33 thoughts on “Fox News keeps breaking its own rules

  1. "Successful trip to Asia"…Hey, I took a cruise to Antarctica. That was a success. I should be president, I guess.

  2. I have the feeling that a few smart and normal people in America, fight against the fat, stupid and drunk people.

    This must be very sad for the Americans, but for Europeans it's a great entertainment experience.

  3. LOL CNN and rest of "media" openly support democrats. You must be really blind not to see it.. 2:56 are you serious ? Propaganda from ANBC and CNN just crazy !!

  4. Love how so many tell you about fox news but do not get it. I do not watch much but when I turn on cnn ,MSNBC it becomes clear that the subversion is minor on fox by comparison. I research the topics with critical thinking. If you call Hannity and Tucker out and double check them. They are bias but spot on. Turn on CNN and they change the context and would make Joseph Goebbels blush from use of his tactics. Vox here is totally propaganda and often tilts things out of context. That is why I am here. To research the subversion and brainwashing. Sorry peeps but Fox is the closest to reality and sorry you hate reality.

  5. Dielectic, if you don't know what that means, look it up. Both sides will do anything that prevents you from creating a middle (libertarian esq) middle, that would start correcting things. Just keep everyone busy: working, fighting, and looking the wrong way. That has always been the plan.

  6. Republican friends: CNN and other liberal news networks are so biased, they make fun of trump for the tiniest things and never tell the truth
    Fox News: In my opinion, it's a fact that Obama created ISIS, and remember the time he used a selfie stick? Absolutely disgraceful!!

  7. Fox is the real fake news and the fake real news. It's truly amazing so many morons can and do vote. Fox is to news what the WWF is to sports. Fox News is the Rep-tilian Propaganda Ministry.

  8. I've heard a lot of bad things about Vox, but now that I've listened to three or four of your reports I can definitely see what they're talkin about. I know the commentator mentioned that he's an atheist, for his sake I hope there is not a hell.

  9. Yes because Vox news is totally a reliable source of news, not that I'm a republican but that Vox news is totally my reliable source of news

  10. At least Fox is open with being bias while CNN, Wash Post, NY Times, etc. are "objective"… Annnddd Hannity is more of an opinion host I think (fact check me).

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