Fox News Judge: President Donald Trump Committed Obstruction Of Justice | The Last Word | MSNBC

Fox News Judge: President Donald Trump Committed Obstruction Of Justice | The Last Word | MSNBC

there are some days when just one story dominates our coverage one story fills this entire hour like the day the redacted mullah report is released and we will have many more of those days like this year with the investigations the president I'm sure gonna have a lot of taste like that we might even have a couple of days like that next week when the Attorney General William Bar testifies to the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday and more importantly the House Judiciary Committee on Thursday and I say more importantly because the House Judiciary Committee is controlled by Democrats who are actively seeking the full unredacted Mullah report and it's supporting documents while a Senate Judiciary Committee is controlled by Republicans with chairman Lindsey Graham doing everything he possibly can to help William bar contain the release of Robert Miller's actual work but every day including every day when we become swamped in the coverage of one big story in Washington remember that that day is also a presidential campaign day we're in the middle of a presidential campaign most of the coverage of the presidential campaign is simply coverage of one half of the presidential campaign the Democrats who are running for president the other half of the presidential campaign is the Republican president running for re-election so let's look at today let's look at today's developments in the Trump reelection campaign and remember that for an incumbent present everything that happens in the president's administration that day is a possible factor in the president's re-election campaign so here's how Donald Trump's re-election campaign went today voters discovered today through reporting by the Washington Post that Donald Trump might have caved to North Korean demands and paid two million dollars in ransom to get Kim jong-un to release two for the to allow for the release of otto warmbier from North Korean custody North Korea participated in a cover-up of this ransom by calling it a hospital bill for otto warmbier who was comatose by the time he left North Korea there are no hospital bills in North Korea not a two million dollar hospital bill in a country that doesn't have hospital bills North Korea is the most totalitarian communist regime in the history of the world the government owns everything the government runs everything the government controls everything no North Korean hospital has the capacity to deliver 2 million dollars worth of health care to anyone North Korea at the direction of Kim jong-un tortured otto warmbier North Korea at the direction of Kim jong-un murdered otto warmbier and sent him home after getting a promise of 2 million dollars from donald trump sent him home when he was dying sent him home when no amount of the best health care in the world could save Otto Wong you won't be hearing about that on the presidential campaign trail from Donald Trump but you will be hearing about it from his Republican challenger bill bill weld and you will be hearing about it from the Democratic candidates and if Donald Trump is the Republican nominee and if he agrees to debate the Democratic nominee you are going to hear about otto warmbier and the 2 million dollar ransom that donald trump agreed to pay you're gonna hear about that in a presidential debate if Donald Trump agrees to participate in presidential debates which I strongly doubt that he will here is where Donald Trump's answer to every question about North Korea and Kim jong-un stands tonight and then we fell in love okay no really he wrote me beautiful letters and they're great letters we fell in love you're gonna see that in campaign ads against Donald Trump we fell in love he fell in love with a murderous dictator he fell in love with the man who ordered the torture and murder of otto warmbier he fell in love with him you're gonna see a lot of that video on the presidential campaign and on this day in the Trump reelection campaign a giant hole broke open in the Fox Wall of Defense for the president former Judge Andrew Napolitano whose commentary is generally favorable to the President and Republicans but not slavishly so took a giant leap into the unknown for the future of his career at Fox by saying today in no uncertain terms that President Trump is guilty of multiple obstructions of justice so when the president asked his former advisor and my former colleague at Fox KT McFarland to write an untruthful letter to the file knowing the government would subpoena it that's obstruction of justice when the president asked Cory Lewandowski his former campaign manager to get Muller fired that's obstruction of justice when the president asked his then White House Counsel to get Muller fired and then lie about it that's obstruction of justice when he s done began to go back to the special counsel and changed his testimony that's obstruction of justice when he dangled a pardon in front of Michael Cohen in order to keep Cohen from testifying against him that's obstruction of justice ordering them to break federal law to save him from the consequences of his own behavior that is immoral that is criminal that is defenseless and that is condemnable when he gets fired from Fox News maybe chairman Jerry Nadler could hire him as one of the consul's to the House Judiciary Committee Andrew Napolitano man you just saw is someone who president Trump consulted on who he should select for the United States Supreme Court that's who turned on Donald Trump today Judge Napolitano said he's very disappointed in Donald Trump because of what he has read in the malla report he's a personal friend of Donald losing andrew napolitano today was a very very bad day in and of itself for the Trump campaign he is the Fox networks highest legal authority and on the day that Judge Napolitano has said that Donald Trump was guilty of struction of Justice the highest ranking Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee vice-chairman Mark Warner tried to alert the nation and alert voters in an article in USA Today that President Trump is quote practically inviting foreign adversaries to interfere in 2020 we now know that the Russians helped Donald Trump win the electoral college last time Donald Trump knows that Donald Trump knows just how close he came to losing the electoral college Donald Trump knows he cannot afford to lose any of those voters who the Russians helped persuade to vote for Donald Trump last time the Trump campaign needs them and that's one of the reasons we have reports today that the last Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstin Nielson was advised not to tell the president about her worries that the Russians were planning to attack our election again in 2020 and are already at it this would be like American intelligence discovering that the Soviets had nuclear missiles in Cuba aimed at the United States and no one was allowed to tell President Kennedy in 1962 when that actually happened imagine a trump presidency facing what President Kennedy faced and no one could tell President Trump in the most dangerous confrontation of the Cold War President Kennedy used his intelligence his experience his judgment and his trusted advisors to defuse a possible nuclear war with Russia the Trump reelection campaign is now trying to reelect the president who the malla report shows gives illegal orders that are ignored by his staff and who we now know cannot be told anything about what the Russians are planning in their next attack on our next election and on this day in the Trump reelection campaign the president got a new opponent former vice president the United States Joe Biden and Joe Biden's video announcement his campaign he didn't focus on the outrage of the week he didn't even mention the malla report he focused on the outrage that he says started him thinking about trying to take the White House back from Donald Trump Joe Biden reached back two years across hundreds of Trump outrages and reminded the country of the one we must never forget the time Donald Trump said that there were some good people chanting Jews will not replace us and that's when we heard the words the present United States that stunned the world and shocked the conscience of this nation he said there were quote some very fine people on both sides very fine people on both sides but those words the president United States assigned a moral equivalence between those spreading hate then those are the courage to stand against it in that moment I knew the threat to this station was unlike any I had ever seen in my lifetime leading offer discussion tonight former Democratic senator from North Dakota Heidi Heitkamp she's now a fellow at Harvard's Institute of Politics and today she launched a new initiative called the one country project aimed at Democrats winning back rural voters also joining us Steve Hildebrand democratic political strategist and former deputy national campaign manager of President Obama's 2008 presidential campaign and Jason Johnson as well as the politics editor at the root common a professor of politics and media at Morgan State University he's also an MSNBC contributor an all-star political lineup here for the presidential campaign analysis senator heitkamp I want to get your reaction to the Joe Biden's entry into the campaign today and what it might mean for Donald Trump I think Joe Biden answered the question that every politician gets asked why are you in this race and I think he did a marvelous job in leading with a values character based argument for why we need a change you could only listen to your earlier comments and know that we are in a state where we need to have a change and we need to broaden the dialogue and offer a greater range of options for fixing the problems in this country and I think that's what Joe Biden is going to bring to this Democratic primary season so I think I think it's what what I had been anticipating and have said on your show I expect Joe would get in and here he is and I think he's going to add to the flavor and to the dynamic nature of this primary season he certainly didn't have any surprise going for him this morning when he met when he jumped in everyone knew it was coming Steve Hildebrand I want to go to the Trump campaign there is a Trump campaign a Trump reelection campaign that is I think ignored in the way that we covered the news you've you're a veteran of a successful presidential campaign I want you to imagine in yourself in a president's re-election campaign and you're watching the incoming every day at the White House because for any president there's always incoming at the White House it's all there's always something that can affect your presidential reelection campaign as president but look at what the Trump White House is both creating by way of its own problems with Congress on subpoenas and other things and what's happening to it that that comes to it from the outside you have a former cabinet member now recently left the cabinet Homeland Security Secretary it becomes revealed that she's not allowed was never allowed to mention Russia to the president it just seems like almost every hour there's something happening that is another big problem for the Trump reelection campaign you know every day they seem to wake up and create their own worst nightmare they've got a political shield they've got a 30 to 35 percent base that never wavers and support for him that being said I can't imagine how you can handle the political gunfire that comes at you every single day by your own creation and that's what they do Laurence's it's unfathomable in politics I just I don't understand it to be honest with you Steve let me just stay with you on this for a second because what I've seen with every other president as soon as they're elected and literally on election night in their victory speeches one of the very first things they do is they reach out to voters who did not vote for them and they do that in their victory speeches they then do that in their inauguration address their inaugural addresses they do it in their State of the Union addresses I haven't seen Donald Trump once not once since election night I have not seen him once tried to speak publicly to a voter who did not already vote for him how do you form a reelection campaign with a candidate who has never once attempted to pick up a new voter you know he seems to only understand that she worked to tear people apart that you worked to divide the country that there's winners and losers you know honestly he he seems to the framing himself with the losers and that that small coalition and I don't see how unless the Democrats really screw this up how he could get reelected because as you said he has never reached across the aisle and that's you know that's what a Joe Biden strengths is he's gonna have capacity to go after voters who felt a little bit disenfranchised in 2008 our 2006 I'm sorry had to to bring them back into our fold where they've been for a long time but they just weren't courted properly while Trump was really really going after them Jason Johnson when you look at today as a day in the Trump reelection campaign it's another disastrous campaign day oh yeah yeah but here's the thing Laura's there have been tons of these for Donald Trump and he is oblivious to how bad he ends up looking I think that the idea of a fox legal analyst basically saying you guys can get a peach this guy is one of the worst things that can happen because look objectively speaking we all know that we've seen parts of the middle of report we've heard legal analysis but what it says is there are other people at Fox and believe this I don't think this guy was just going out on a limb that means that there are people within the Trump camp and coalition who actually believe that we now have repress the United States who is legitimately impeachable and that is the most dangerous indicator that he could have Donald Trump is already he's already starting three million votes behind he's not in a strong position going into 2020 and if that is a belief and if the Democrats can manage this properly and actually do an impeachment hearing he's much weaker than I think even he could have anticipated a couple months ago certain high camp no one knows more Trump voters on the in this group no one knows more Trump voters than you do your state voted for Donald Trump in a pretty strong way do you sense a loosening of the Trump grip our the next segment we're going to do is a Republican saying that the Muller report was the breaking point for him you just saw Judge Napolitano from Fox saying yes this is obstruction of justice is the Trump grip loosening do you think I I think that Trump sees two other weapons that he has a good economy and he'll say it's about the economy and fear and we know how well he plays that card and so in rural America the economy is not as good as it is in other parts of this country so one of the major thrusts for this president in terms of seeking reelection and securing the the unified base that we've been talking about is a good economy that's not true in rural America and that's something we're going to be talking about in one in the one country project you know we need to hold them accountable he promised a better economy for our farmers a better economy for rural America and he's not delivering and so I think he's concerned that's why you see Qi coming to the White House he's concerned about what the tariffs have done to rural America and to farmers and he's got to address some of these systemic problems but you know the bottom line is he would say if he were on this show look I have the best economy and the history of this country which we all know is not true but that is going to be my shield against any of these other things that you all have been talking about and and you know that can be a pretty persuasive argument to a lot of people and I'm probably the minority here I think Donald Trump could get reelected and I think he could get reelected if we do not focus on economic challenges in the parts of the country that he is strong and where he is failing those parts of the country you are not alone in that opinion because Jason Johnson is nodding here right beside me go ahead yeah well I've always assumed that President ROMs gonna get reelected ain't goin to get ya most most presidents get reelected in American history the only thing that works against him he's got weak fundamentals right he lost by three million votes he's never been at 50% approval rating and every single state that he won that made a difference in 2016 flip blew in a hard way during the midterms but at the end of the day we see the weakness in some of the Democrats by Joe Biden's announcement today look Joe Biden spent most of his announcement you were Obama's loots president for eight years and you spin your announcement talking about Trump we need to get a reason to vote for you everybody knows why to vote against Donald Trump and I'll be honest if the Democrats can't figure out how to give you something to vote for as opposed to giving you something to vote against they won't win I was disappointed in this announcement from Joe Biden I expected him to be a lot more politically savvy than he was we're gonna have to break it there I wish we could go on with this discussion but we've got a lot more to cover coming up in this hour and obviously the presidential campaign is not going away we're all coming back to the subject senator Heitkamp thank you very much for joining us Steve Hildebrand Jason Johnson thank you all for starting us here tonight really appreciate it Steve thanks for checking out our youtube channel subscribe by clicking on the button below for more from the last word and the rest of MSNBC

37 thoughts on “Fox News Judge: President Donald Trump Committed Obstruction Of Justice | The Last Word | MSNBC

  1. Biden, full of platitudes and lots of poor judgement. He voted to invade Iraq going against the opinion of experts who said it would destabilize the Mideast. He wrote the cruel Crime Bill that unfairly targeted people of color. He voted for and pushed for every bad trade treaty that lost us millions of jobs to cheap labor overseas. He was for deregulation of the banking industry, with the disastrous result of the economic meltdown of 2008. Biden has shown time and again that he is a corporate politician, not one that will go to bat for workers, the poor and the middle class.

  2. and Trump is worried about humanitarian aide to Venezuela with that mean Maduro duly elected leader that tortured nobody. It makes no sense. On top of that..He is lying about Maduro as well as that assface he appointed John Bolton. Pompeo liar and convicted criminal Elliot Abrams.

  3. I see Biden as the weakest in the field. Everyone else is pulling the conversation off of trump and onto their grand vision. Biden is not going to have a standout vision in this field with so many chumming the waters with red meat for the left wing. He walks in with the name recognition, but as soon as the voters focus in, I see him only losing support.


  5. Here in Ireland , This cant be real are ye off the head in that news room. My God the World is laughing at ye.. Learn too laugh or are ye insane .. what happened the Russian connection paid by Hillary clinton . All ye sell here is FEAR Creepy joe did not lift a finger in 20 years and now, well what can i say hahahaha .. Good Day..

  6. Im sure that a nuclear bomb is not the same as sending fake tweets. If he wants to test that out id love to see it. Ill take the tweets he can take the nuke.

  7. This president is losing this presidency. Hes losing based on his disposition, as in getting personal with people who were not of the knowledge of political arena.

  8. Trump obstructed Justice on TV and in social media.
    The corporate Dems are bringing library books to knife fights AGAIN !!!
    Pelosi out.

  9. Lawrence O'Donnell will show his face in public once too many times. His injuries will require him staying out the public eye. No one will want to see his ugly injured face.

  10. Our corrupt DemonParty CIA FBI etc… Killed Our President Kennedy Then Ruby killed lee harvey oswald to make sure he did not rat out any of the corrupt politicians and that he was hired by them.

  11. Donald Trump didn't do anything to our economy he's actually made some parts of it worse. Fact check people! He is riding on the coattails of Obama! The economy started to rise during the Obama administration and because it takes longer to fix a problem than it is to create one Trump is getting the freaking credit for it! Dems aren't helping Trump the media is.

  12. MSNBC FAKE NEWS here we go again. Lol TDS is going through Napolitanos blood Freaking out, I can not wait for the truth to flatten their face, Remember RUSSIA Collusion????

  13. Biden has not said anything and I mean aJoenything that any of the other candidates have been saying from the get-go and why did it take him this long to come out against that kind of speech? It should have been announced immediately if he felt that strongly about it. Every single issue that has been brought up has been brought up by the women candidates first and foremost it was women candidates who actually came out and said they were going to run against him first but I don't see any of them getting as much press as all the male candidates I'd like to know why? Have we immuned ourselves to the idea that a woman could actually become president? Are we still so far into the 1950s and 60s that we cannot see that it's possible that a woman could do the job just as well if not better than a man? during the primary I have been looking at all of the candidates and I will be voting for Elizabeth Warren who came out first and foremost and had spoken to every single thing that all of the other candidates have been speaking about since. I have watched her in hearings after hearings on C-Span during Congress working her tail off to try to make things better for this country and I have watched Men pussyfooting around playing politics and not holding a single foot to the fire in the Trump Administration. and if the only negative thing that they can find on her is something about her Native American heritage then shame on everybody because if you can allow a misogynistic, homophobic, non patriotic, prejudicial piece of garbage into the White House then how can you justify keeping a woman out of the White House over a small misrepresentation of Heritage which she apologized for. I have not heard a single apology from that piece of crap sitting in the White House destroying democracy right right now or any of his followers in the Senate.

  14. Lindsey Graham on removing Bill Clinton from office: “You don’t even have to be convicted of a crime to lose your job in this constitutional republic if this body determines your conduct as a public official is clearly out of bounds in your role.”

  15. NBC-FAKE NEWS…. your stench wreaks through all social media! As for the former VP… his new name is GITMO Joe…. bye-bye Biden.😄😂🤠🤡🤣

  16. Neither party is worthy of being in politics … both parties are guilty of infiltrating the political process and replacing politics with their own personal version of politics so that now you can't be the President unless you are a ridiculously ignorant lying ego-maniacal con-artist [aka: anti-Christian].
    Politics is about "Governing".
    Liars misgovern … Liars mislead … Liars are the followers of Satan [the title given to describe most nefarious amongst our numbers].

  17. Russia gate is only one small side of the real reason Trump was Elected. The real reason was because Clinton & the Democratic Elite Establishment Actively cheated a Real Progressive candidate Bernie Sanders who is the most popular politician in the entire Country. Reason TRUMP WON was because Hillary represented the Status Quo. Trump represented Change & Anti-establishment. He ran an anti-establishment populist campaign and made a lot of promises he had no intention of keeping. Its often stated that Trump had no intentions of winning he simply ran as a means to promote himself and his special interests. Mark my words this is not a fight between left and the right, this is a fight between The Elite & Powerful Vs The bottom 90%. Also if your so worried and appalled that Russia deliberately interfered in our election then maybe America should Stop interfering in other elections and Regime change wars. Just a thought. The biggest problem with the last election was that again people were told to hold there nose and vote for the lesser of two Evils. The majority of the Younger generation that is between 18-40 describe themselves politically as independent. Most of this generation want to see unprecedented change that directly benefit the Bottom 70% of Americans across all demographics. Last election cycle most of these voters felt so cheated they stayed home and didn't vote at all and many of them actively voted for Trumps populist message because we dont like the status quo, We dont want to go back to the status quo we want progress and social justice and positive peaceful change both at home and abroad. Those who saw through Trumps lies and hate either voted for Hillary or not at all. If you don't see how this Russia gate Narrative is actively increasing the threat of Nuclear war, a war nobody can win then you must want war with Russia and China and all the other Nuclear powers. Mark my words we are in a silent cold war because you refuse to acknowledge how dangerous your words and Narratives are.

  18. Donny looks pretty old next to PRESIDENT BIDEN. Donny is fat fat fat and has more wrinkles. He cannot remember his words, what he says, does not know what he's talking about, garbled words like origin and says Orange instead…..wellll….

  19. Biden is a wall street puppet with higher moral standards but voting for him will just result in another 4 years of status quo, I strongly believe there are more honest and better candidates to choose from.

  20. Trump should not be allowed to run for president in 2020 since, as you know the Russians help him win. Also trump is a traitor not a patriot.

  21. There is no way Congress can force the President or any from his Admin to go over what is already in the public. The President can tie this up in the courts for the next 18 months. He and the Republican Senate can work and leave the House holding the bag of not being able to Govern. So lets get ready to rumble.He will not talk to any. Everything that is to be known is known. Now lets get to the Facts . For 2 years you all cried that the Russians were to blame for President Trump. Now when he wins reelection who will you blame? Even Jo can not win the EC Votes needed. The Socialists will take maybe 8 States CA NY NJ I can just maybe see the Dems getting 120 EC Votes. The rest will go to President Trump. The American People know you have been dead set to destroy this Great American President. Will you ever admit that it is your Socialist Ideology that America Objects to?

  22. The MSM support for neo-lib Biden is sickening but expect alot more of it. The MSM will attempt to drag Ol' Joe to the nomination but the third time will not be the charm for touchy-feely Creepy Joe. Once the country becomes familiar with his rotten record he'll be toast.

  23. Every time Trump says anything about rapists, drug dealers, criminals, immigrants, innocent people of color, very bad hombres…(they are White, however) indictments, convictions, guilty pleas, lies, lies, and more lies, just apply it to him and his support group. Then take a deep cleansing breathe and realize you are free. aaahhh B R E A T H-

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