50 thoughts on “Fox News In State of Shock When Obama Wins the Election

  1. And….. Fast forward to MAGA victory. It's still great to see all the cry babies out there boo hooing. BTW dumbass, running backwards is what Mama always said, stupid is, is stupid does.

  2. Fake Fox News was in fear of a black president, racist FOX NEWS the enemy of the American people

  3. Obama beating anti Russia war monger Romney was a good thing. But it was more fun to watch different channels calling 2016 election coz here it's just Fox, in 2016 it was everyone of them & they looked like they were having their funeral which was hilarious.

  4. Sam, Most of the time I think Fox News anchors MUST BE DRINKING, at least that's somewhat of an excuse for their ridiculous statements!!!

  5. 11:15 Election Night President Obama. Won our State. The 47% speech. The lied Romny said About Chrysler closing Down the Jeep Plant in Toledo Ohio. Closed down Americans Job sending them to China. MCCONNELL WE WILL DECIDE WHO WILL GET A 2ND TERM. ROVE REALLY WENT OFF THE MAT HE NUTS ANYWAY.

  6. If you think that's something wait till Christ himself shows up and he's a black man oh boy a lot of you people going to hell that's funny because you're not going to accept him even you Church people

  7. State of shock? Obama led the whole time. This is bullshit. Disappointed obviously. Any sane person would be disappointed. He was actively trying to destroy this country. You fucking moronic leftists are either to stupid to realize it or are in agreement with it's downfall.

  8. Honestly I love Obama but Romney shouldn't won only because if he did there's no way trump would've come into the picture

  9. I'm not as smart as most people, but I am smart enough to know that this video show how much Fox News and it's complete broadcast network ( every channel) is brainwashing its viewers and America in its news

  10. This video was the biggest disappointment ever. Guy isn't even funny. Reminds of the the itch you get when you don't wipe your ass good enough

  11. I think most of Americans are like me. We need to watch all channels throughout the day to get a real truth. I hate EVERY FREAKING NETWORK

  12. Don't hate because the more "Intelligent Man" won. I bet Bill O'Reilly is still sick to his stomach to this day!!!

  13. I was one of the people around the world that express disappointment about this to the point that I ignore USA for the whole eight years haha

  14. You don't even see anything from fox. Dude if you wanna talk about something, at least show it first.

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