Fox News Finds Most Delusional Trump Voter in Country

Fox News Finds Most Delusional Trump Voter in Country

I have some really great video for you today
from a top contender for the most delusional Trump voter into con in the, uh, in the United
States last week during a livestream that I did on YouTube and Twitch, we happen to
overlap with some of Donald Trump’s Maga rally in Florida and Fox new center reporter, actually
let’s call him a guy with a microphone, I think better said. They sent a guy with a
microphone to a restaurant in Boca Raton, Florida the day after the rally and they happened
to come across a business owner of a security company. This is all self-professed. I don’t
know if any of this stuff is true. A guy who says he owns a security company who hires
lots of veterans who says he used to be a Democrat but is now fully backing Trump. This
guy says he is all in with Trump because he’s patriotic and he supports family values and
he’s honest. This is Trump and has integrity of character and has delivered on his promises.
I present to you today, the man that might be the most delusional Trump voter in the
country, at least a top contender for that position and notice as you watch this video,
how sure of himself this man seems. Sarah, what’s your name and what do you do?
My name is Ronnie Joseph and I run a security company. We run a security company. We were
talking, you hire a bunch of vets. We appreciate that for sure. You’re now, you used to be
a Democrat, now you’re a Republican. You support the president. Why that change and why do
you support president Trump? Well, for me it’s a, it’s really quite simple. It’s about
family values is about being a patriotic American and it just comes down to being honest and
truthful to who you are. That’s what I put in, you know, that’s what I value. Family
values, honesty, integrity, character, and that’s everything that president Trump represents.
You can feel like he’s delivered on the promises that he’s made. Absolutely. Absolutely. He
has. Facts do not matter. Trump is patriotic and supports
family. Values is honest, has integrity of character and has delivered on promises. Is
there anything that guy said that’s true? Is it even true that this guy used to be a
Democrat? Maybe that’s the one thing the guy said. That is true. He’s with Trump on the
issue of family values. Trump who has had not only endless affairs and seems to barely
even know some of his children, but as paid off some of his mistresses was involved with
people whose names I can’t even say because as soon as you say certain names, you get
demonetized on YouTube, but I think you all know who I’m talking about. Those family values,
Trump’s family values have this voter gushing over Donald Trump. He’s with Trump over Trump’s
honesty. Trump is the most dishonest by number of lies of any president that we are aware
of. He’s with Trump over integrity of character.
Trump operates like a con man. Wanna me mafia boss. There is nothing further from integrity
of character than Donald Trump. This guy is with Trump because Trump has delivered on
his promises what he was going to fix healthcare and get rid of Obamacare didn’t happen. He
was gonna build a wall. It didn’t happen. He was gonna fix trade. That seems to have
gone the opposite direction. He was going to improve the reputation of the U S around
the world. No, the U S isn’t even included in many important conversations happening
internationally because of Donald Trump in the oval office. The only value that this
guy seems to share with Donald Trump is extraordinary hypocrisy. That is the one area where they
seem to overlap. This is the Twilight zone. This is why facts don’t matter, and this is
why I’ve been saying for years, we can’t waste our time on these people. Imagine that you meet someone who says, listen,
I think Trump’s a scumbag liar who’s embarrassing the U S around the world, but I’m going to
be honest with you, his tax plan is good for me personally, so I’ll probably vote for him.
We can work with that. Okay. We can talk about, you know, listen, even if it seems like Trump’s
tax plan is good for you because you’ve got more money in your pocket, it’s actually not
good for you in that by hurting others, it creates societal costs. Like my point is we
can have a conversation with someone who believes that if you meet someone who says, I love
Trump, he’s honest, he has integrity of character, he has family values that I agree with. He
fulfilled his promises by, I mean that’s a conversation ender. There is no point and
it’s actually so absurd, this video that I had people tweeting me over the weekend saying,
David, this guy has to be a plant, but I actually think a plant would be less ignorant. We can
not win by convincing these people. We have to win despite them period and we might not.
Sadly, there may be enough tens of millions of people like that guy who voted for Trump
in 2016 and are going to vote for him again in 2020 that we may lose and that’s why get
out the vote is so important. Let me know what you think about this video. Leave a reply
if you’re watching on YouTube. Otherwise send me a tweet at Dee Pacman. Follow me there
as well. We’ll take a quick break. So much to talk about today. Back from Thanksgiving and much has happened

100 thoughts on “Fox News Finds Most Delusional Trump Voter in Country

  1. We all may share this planet, but I'd swear people like this guy are living in a different world. Imagine actually truly believing that Trump is anything other than cancer in human form.

  2. Im a fuel hauler and 90% of my coworkers and owners of the companies we work for all sound like that guy. You cant tell them otherwise because then you become the dumbass loser that only watches the liberal media.

  3. Now if he had said he voted on Trump because he also likes being peeed on by high end Russian prostitutes, it would have been refreshingly honest. 😅

  4. Look how he went directly to him and knew the guy ahead of time ("you used to be a democrat") he announced that he runs a security company before he was even asked anything, Fox is planting trained fake supporters to accommodate their reporters interviews. Fox is the master of misinformation.

  5. Dude, don’t stop there you’re committed now. Don’t forget about trump being a genius, a lady’s man and the best grabber of pussy, the great negotiator and can leap a tall building in a single bound. Madness, absolute madness!

  6. To be fair, the guy said Trump was "honest about who he really is". Though the problem with that is a guy can be a serial killer and rapist and comes out and say "I'm honest with who I am, I'm a killer and a rapist but I am going to make America great again. " and all the trumpists would be so thrilled to vote for a guy like this, feeling proud at the same time.

  7. You caught a dude eating with his family and didnt want to look stupid. It seemed like a job I review where you just say what you think they want to hear.

  8. vs delusional Democrats?

  9. #TrumpCheatedOn3Wives

  10. Besides trolls, there must be a lot of crack in Florida, going cheap, too! Trolls aren't worth a moment of time nor erg of energy; just ignore their Putin-funded pokes!

  11. What the heck? Trump is a lying, rabid, paranoid old man ranting at the television while standing on the White House lawn.
    I am beyond confused by his appeal. All it took for me to ignore Trump was the fact that his first wife said he raped her. It’s apparent that he is a rapist based on his own words and the multiple allegations made by 15 plus women.
    Then there’s the straight up ick factor of his hitting on a little girl on Entertainment Tonight and his disgusting behavior after the child rejected his advances. He was a grown man, a father and a grandfather, who was married to his current wife when he told a preteen girl that in a few years she was going to be his girlfriend. That she would be begging to be his girlfriend like all the other girls out there. He said that to a child.

  12. The guy was delusional but not crazy. The Ice Cream Cone Lady (that Emma Vigeland found) was delusional AND crazy!

  13. The level of ignorance of 40% of the country is astonishing. These people lack critical thinking skills. THEY are the real danger. Dumb Donnie and Trumptards are fake patriots and fake Christians. I can’t wait for this shit show to be over.

  14. Trump doesn't calculate. That is what they mean when they say he is honest. He isn't trying to fool people, he says what he wants when he wants to. He doesn't pretend that he isn't lying. You can always trust a dishonest man to be dishonest.

    Warren, Buttigieg, and Harris, they calculate. They are trying to fool people, right now they are trying to fool the left into thinking they are progressive, come general election they will try to fool the right into thinking they are centrists. They try to say technically true things to hide what they believe and hide who they serve. Biden tries to do the same, he's just so bad at it he comes across as honest.

    There are two candidates who have a chance at winning this guy's vote, Andrew Yang and Bernie Sanders. They aren't going for his vote, they shouldn't bother, but they might get it anyway. Yang and Sanders also have the best chance with independents and disillusioned voters from both parties. You don't beat an authentic liar by a calculated misleading truth, you beat it with authentic honesty.

  15. Who paid the guy and how much. Reporter gave it away when he said "what's your name and what do you do?" Then the reporter said I heard you hire a lot of vets. Indicates the reporter knew exactly who to approach.

  16. I only came on here for the comments. I can't stomach watching a trumptard talk malarkey. Wonder how much they paid him?

  17. Donald j Trump is the most honest President we ever had.
    He never divorce his wife.
    He served this country great youngest combat fighter in world war II.
    He has won every world series game he ever played.
    We are all richer now in our because of him.
    I used to be 5 ft 2 now I am 6 ft 4
    Thank you mr. President.
    Now does anyone know where I could get some more crack 😂

  18. Yes he’s crazy. Trump is the opposite of all he said. Trump = corruption. Trump = lies. Trump = perversions. Trump = incompetence. Trump = delusion and deceit. Trump = cruelty and evil. Trump hates and manipulates everyone that he can, and he cares absolutely nothing about anyone.

  19. I think you've got that backwards David.

    While the conversation with the admitted selfish reasons Trumpist may be easier, and saner, it's not likely to be winnable simply because of the personality involved. Unless you can show them the alternate candidate is going to give them something more personally.

    Yes the conversation with the deluded and brainwashed Trumpian is going to be a struggle, perhaps even unwinnable, that is the only one that has a chance, and there are simply so many more of them that they are absolutely the ones that must be reached and educated if there is to be any hope for the country.

  20. What ROCK has this guy crawled out from under ??? Unreal people just don't get it . I'm afraid there are alot of people that think like this.

  21. Everything he said was true ….compared to dempcrats who support sodomy, every sexual sin, baby killing, antichristianity etc

  22. There's several contendors for most delusional.

    But seriously, family values? How is adultery family values? How is talking about having sex with your daughter family values? And honesty? He's won awards for telling lies! integrity? The guy who stiffs people? The only promise he's kept is tax breaks for the wealthy and conservative biased judges.

  23. I don't believe he was a Democrat. I don't believe he owns a business or employs veterans. I think he probably does delusionally support Trump. But my God, he's definitely paid to lie. In the same regards that real Christians don't support Trump, neither do real democrats.

  24. I try not to attack people but i just dont get the people that say Trump has great family values, or is an everyday man that shits so idiotic

  25. Yes, Trump makes everyone have the exact same "family values". Now somebody please define family values. Wikipedia says "Family values, sometimes referred to as familial values, are traditional or cultural values that pertain to the family's structure, function, roles, beliefs, attitudes, and ideals." So I guess that guy must mean he likes it when women assume the "traditional role" of menial servant and sexual gratification provider. Anyone who supports traditional family roles is evil, because traditions were formed in the bad old days, like when Christianity was created by the Romans. Evil men just love " traditional family values" because they get everything they want and women get nothing but used and humiliated. In the old days marriage meant the man literally owned the woman, he bought her from her father, the previous owner, with a "dowry", ie; they paid them not to object to them using their daughter as a penis rubbing device and general slave.

  26. Holy shit !!! Guy was so pathetic he looked like a plant … is he one of those political actors trump keeps blaming on the left but always seem to be on the right … pathetic foxtv watching idiots …

  27. Often WRONG… but NEVER in doubt. Typical 🍊tard dipshit pushing 🇺🇸 right into a fascist hellhole.
    The current dysfunctional shitstorm is what happens when we let the dumbest people in the country take the wheel. Should be minimum competency requirements to vote 🗳.

  28. David, you obviously haven’t been to Tennessee. I moved here four years ago from Louisiana and am continuously amazed at the folks here and their adherence to Trumpism. Infidelity, lying and reneging on his promises to voters simply don’t exist in their minds here. Kindness and integrity were hallmarks of the Obama years. The GOP idea of obstruction has taken hold and will not be relinquished. Stunning. I feel so bad for people who I meet outside of politics who are more than simply pleasant day to day. They may well ruin us all

  29. Getting harder and harder to watch these cult sycophants lube up and bend over for the dear leader anytime there’s a camera in their face. It’s like watching a contagious plague spread through humanity all over the world in some disaster movie.

  30. Family values and honesty is definitely out the window, he sleep with a porne star within months of having his last child and then lied and said he don't know her, lied abiut paying her to stay quiet, and he is individual one in a case his personal attorney went to jail for. Wtf?

  31. OMG! That fl voter is sooooo delusional. Everything he said about 45 is the total opposite. I just don’t get it why these people are soooo damn blind!!!! Family values??????? Married 3 times? That tells you 45 follows through with his values. 🤦‍♂️

  32. Wow there are alot of stupid ass Americans out there, sadly though you can find these easily manipulated Trumpets all over the world.

  33. What a piece of shit this guy is. That same son of a bitch will lie about others, as easily as he sat there and lied about trump.

    I know HATE is a strong word, but I don't think we can AFFORD to NOT HATE SHIT LIKE THIS.

    He is just disgusting, just like his Cuckold president.

  34. Sweet Moses in the basket! I suspect many trumpets are like him in their need to lie about who they are. They live in an alternate reality of their making. They see themselves in him, in his lies, his cheating and reckless blundering erratic speech. This is the American dream for them. A crude bully can become president. If they are evangelicals they just blindly believe what their cult preacher tells them.

  35. Ladies and Gentlemen, @ 5:09 I bring you the sole example of an Honest Sales pitch coming from really IMHO other than Cenk and Ana, Most honest trustworthy modern True Journalist in the US. David "Cocoa" Pakman =)

  36. Was this a flag holiday, does the lady next to him always wear a flag cowboy hat, or did she(/they) pop it on her head for the segment? This is the only appropriate questioning for filming such mindless idiots. Hopefully they were at least paid to look like fools.

  37. As one commenter already asserted: this guy was paid for his statements and the entire interview was a setup to get black voters. A plant couldn't be that ignorant? A plant only has to say what he or she is getting paid to say. Hey, David, it was FOX NEWS. Don't understand why "a plant" would be your last explanation for this guy's "ignorance"? It was all staged.

  38. Nothing new here, it was the same in the GWB era with a lot of republican voters who supported the policy of torture, teaching abstinence only in schools, economic deregulation that contributed to the market crash in 2007, and blindly supporting the Iraq War and it's flimsy justifications during the patriotic fever of the era. Ignorant voters are part of the quintessential American experience.

  39. They found the darkest dude in FL and paid him to talk Trump up bc it’s Fox News. Lol
    Bernie 2020 USA 🇺🇸

  40. Nothing about that "interview" with that guy seemed real. It looked like a staged commercial for the orange mistake.

  41. ohhhh sadly they do get worse. i know several of them, personally. and they also tend to overlap with alex jones' audience as well.

  42. Fake news propaganda because dems do ont have a candidate that fills Rally's like Trump. Incredibly popular and surging since the flopoed Schiff hearings

  43. Trump has ruined America. My own mother just told me I'm promoting fake news by showing her a video of something true that she didn't want to see. There's no fixing this.

  44. OMG that guy is a moron. Seriously he needs to pull his head out of his butt and stop watching fox fake news. He might learn the truth. You are right. These people will not change their mind because then they would have to admit they have been conned by the biggest con artist in America. Trump is a disgusting human being. I can't wait to see the end of him.

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