Fox Anchor STUNNED When She Suddenly Realizes The GOP Lies For Greed

Fox Anchor STUNNED When She Suddenly Realizes The GOP Lies For Greed

36 thoughts on “Fox Anchor STUNNED When She Suddenly Realizes The GOP Lies For Greed

  1. Eight months later she got slammed for ranting against Denmark's "socialism". So I guess this awakening didn't last long.

  2. I feel like she knew all along. Now that the Muller report's spelling bad news for the Trump administration, she's turning tail and pretending to realize what's wrong. A little too late, bitch.

  3. When they're ripping you off they call it complicated they are counting on things to be to complicated because we as Americans have so much time to watch every sinister move they make .remember the ones that voted for it are criminals too the house the Senate

  4. Our founding fathers were private landowners who simply wanted to cut out the middleman on exports they owned people and they raped women George Washington sent men on suicide missions on the same evening he signed their wives dance cards they were not good people

  5. Mnuchin keeps answering everything with "Again…" which infers that he's already answered this and the interviewer must be a little thick to dare ask again. Top it off with the fact that he DOESN'T answer and you get a perfect rendition of the Trump Admin.

  6. I know Trump and Mnuchin are lying crooks. What I want to know is if Steve Mncuchins mouth is upside down. I mean it looks like his bottom lip should be his top lip. Somethings just not right. Maybe it makes it harder to see when he's lying.

  7. Steve Mnuchen's dad was a beaver. Also, looks like Melania is scavenging the furniture to make dresses out of the fabric. How homey?!?

  8. Uuuhm the founding fathers where a swamp like this, basically. The constitution was pretty much written in order for the rich to keep their power.

  9. Oh how ugly you people are always attacking other people instead of offering to team up and fix it together but no you want to hate and attack doing nothing for the cause

  10. 1) she still works for FOX… 2) In August 2018, Regan likened Denmark to Venezuela, and argued that "there's something rotten in Denmark". During the segment, Regan sought to demonstrate that the economic model in Denmark was infeasible. She made a number of claims about Denmark, including: "everyone in Denmark is working for the government" and "no-one wants to work".
    as you can read she been turned back to the DARKSIDE…

  11. Let's clean house…Senate…corps…give life back to the people…poets…children…or do you see the black boots coming ?

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