12 thoughts on “Foundation Wall Repair – Wall Anchor Installation By BASEco Foundation And Concrete Solutions

  1. The anchor plate needs to be further out from the house but then again we couldn't tell how close the neighbors house was. He may not of been able to dig and place it 8ft out because it was the neighbors property. Just a thought.

  2. Have you ever tried the I-Beam system? Jack hammer floor to earth to set the i beams in, pin i beam at top with angle iron bolted to floor joists, and bottle jack the base of the i beam to put pressure on wall, and then lay a 5,000 psi concrete back in hole to hold beam. (pretty simple description but if you are familiar with the process then it would actually be more than I needed to say) Curious if you have done it, and your results. Seems to be a time tested excellent option.

  3. The earth anchor hole is too close to the wall. It should be installed at the farest distance possible.

  4. just a question the anchor plates they buried in the yard up next to the house. shouldn't they be 8 feet back not right up next to the house?

  5. can it be dangerous to leave walls and ceiling in conditions like the one in the video and if so what can happen 

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