Foucault Pendulum at the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry

Foucault Pendulum at the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry

36 thoughts on “Foucault Pendulum at the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry

  1. Great, that means I've got to watch this stupid video another 215 times to see how things turn out. 😀

  2. The "Fk all" pendulum proves nothing about the spinning of the Earth. If we could detect the spin we would feel it, and different latitudes of the Earth have a different spin rate. E.g. on the Equator earth spins at 1000mph, but if you come to UK, mathematically it only spins at 330mph?

    This is also false because, if the atmosphere is glued to the Earth by gravity, how is there any detectable spin at all? Surely the atmosphere moves WITH the Earth, which makes the fk all pendulum moot?

  3. Pray: God I know that I am a sinner & unless you save me I'll be lost forever. I believe Jesus died on the cross for my sins & arose the 3rd day. I accept Jesus as my Savior. In the name of Jesus, Amen.

  4. Not science. Just a parlor trick. It has a hidden magnetic motor that swings it. They all do. Made by a singular company in the world, Academy Pendulums. The Foucault Pendulum is a fraud.

  5. Here is a great 1960 video on why the Foucault Pendulum demonstrates the earth is rotating.

  6. A slight correction. The earth is NOT changing the motion of the pendulum. The pendulum is swinging back and forth in the same path. The earth is rotating underneath that path.

  7. Dumb shit. As if the point of pivot were the north or south Pole. That's the only places this would work.

  8. Would this happen if this was on the equator, though? If this was, say, swinging on a plane coincident with the plane of the equator?

  9. if you travelled to different parts of the world the rotation would feel different. You would feel teh rotation. It would spin faster at teh poles then at teh equator. And I know I can feel the difference in speed from 20mph and 60mph imagine the feeling you would have if moving to different spots on the globe. It would by much great differences then 20-60mph lol But continue to believe people and their dumb proofs. Like boats disappearing over the horizon lol. Or a ball that swings back and forth. Ya no way they could be manipulating teh swing. Just not possible right? Niave sheep!

  10. I read the pendulum not only "rotates" because the earth spins but is also influenced by the rotation of our galaxy and further

  11. That was a nice little video. I remember the one at the Smithsonian when I was a kid…I was transfixed by it. Something very soothing, comforting and interesting about a Foucault Pendulum.

  12. How it works: Magnet, turn on, turn off. THE END LITTERALY I PROMISE THATS HOW IT WORKS (some are involved with the earths rotation I THINK

  13. Did anyone think that a flat earther would be convinced of anything by this obvious demonstration? Of course they're not, they are incapable of subjective thought that doesn't involve an emotional attachment to their infantile needs. I am convinced that they all have had a severely traumatic childhood, either an overbearing father or cold uncaring mother. Now project their anger to the "new" daddy which is NASA or the government or whomever else disagrees with the alternate reality they have created for themselves, to cope with the unbearable truth of their useless unwanted existence. They "know" that there is a gigantic unseen lie behind the powerful, evil people. Tragically, it as but another "religion" where they know the truth nobody else does, and have unconditional love of their new god or pseudo vindication of their so called ancient handbook. But hey, if you can't have positive attention, anything will do. Don't be too harsh on them, their lives are painful enough. Yes, here's your flat earth baba, little one.

  14. Foucault, and all these museums and universities construct these pendulums just to fool flat earthers. Same with all the govts, universities, space agencies, and satellite companies on planet earth. It's all a giant conspiracy just to fool us flat earthers!…You can't fool us!…

  15. I am glad that I am not as brainwashed as flat earthers that can't go further than arguing whether earth is flat or round. It's like arguing whether 1+1=2 is true or false and refusing to go deeper and explore the world full mystery and beauty that is math and physics.

  16. If this actually demonstrated the rotation of the Earth, anything suspended like that would behave like that. They don t.
    Btw this isn t an experiment. If you think it is then identify the variable

  17. That's rubbish….in order for the experiment to be valid the pendulum must be inside at the exact centre of the globe…

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