Fortnite Dev Update – 3D Audio

Fortnite Dev Update – 3D Audio

Hey everyone. We’ve got a new audio option out there for all you sound enthusiasts. 3D Headphones. How do you use it? Simple. Just head over to your settings once you’ve logged in and toggle it on. You’ll immediately notice improvements like a more accurate location of your enemies; meaning above and below. 3D HEADPHONES: OFF 3D HEADPHONES: ON As well as other tactically important pieces of audio. 3D HEADPHONES: ON Those attic and basement chests will be easier than ever to find. And I definitely need the help. Toss on those headphones and try it out. Let us know your thoughts. Good luck on your first sonically powered victory. Hopefully, you’ll hear it coming.

100 thoughts on “Fortnite Dev Update – 3D Audio

  1. I don’t get it. Sounds the same on my phone. I’m not gonna but Fortnite if thats what they’re hoping with this “3D audio.”

  2. I love fortnite but i am so sad becuase of the map removed its been so many memories tho😥 maybe bext season or in future you replace it again🙃

  3. I can't hear or talk to my friends, I checked all the settings and I didn't find the problem, but when I'm inside the game everyone has the globe icon and I'm the computer icon, I think it's the problem, I want to solve the problem

  4. Hey Epic, can we have the song when we jumped out of the bus like when we see the trailer when Jonesy jumped out? That would be awesome if you guys add that. Chapter 2 will be hard to get used to but it is LIT

  5. Me: Can you at a sniper but it has a 5 bullet mag and shoot a little bit faster then a bolt and make it do like 67 damage body and 85 head damage. Also me: if they make this I'll get more brain damage

  6. For “some reason” I could hear just fine when it was toggled off
    And I couldn’t locate a potato when it was toggled on

  7. Fix the fps or I'm done and I dont care if I'm an og like dude I always wanted good for this game but you guys always mess up

  8. A real "pay to win" those who pay more for better headphones will have an advantage, I thought this game had integrity with its players …

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