Fortnite 14 Days Of Summer Challenge Locations - Dance At Different Beach Parties

Fortnite 14 Days Of Summer Challenge Locations – Dance At Different Beach Parties

hello everybody I'm in the letter would Orson in as Martin welcome back to the channel and welcome back to fortnight so today sees the beginning of the fourteen days of summer challenges inside a fortnight every single day we get more challenges we get a brand-new LTM and we also have one weapon unbolted for 24 hours so the sillies challenge the very first one is to go in dance I think it's six different beach parties so these beach parties are pretty hard to miss honestly so they're basically anywhere that has typically a water line and also has all of this sort of stuff going on so first and foremost you want to come all the way towards the top of the map you go a little bit northwest of Lissa Lagoon and you can find the first one right about there we're gonna make our way down south now because there is one over by loot Lake which we're gonna head over to so basically you're looking for water and caravans we're not caravans but you know I'm saying like balloons and trailers and whatnot so the next one you can find these ever here at loot Lake you've got someone that side of the river you got a couple of sun loungers there's usually an ice cream truck or two and that one is just about there on loot lake so you go to the top northwestern end of it and that's where you can find that one and then there's one very randomly placed like partway down the river so if you come south of loot lake you've got neo tilted just there on your right-hand side and there's one just kind of like in the middle of the ravine which is different I don't if I call that a beach because I mean with house how shallow that water is I don't think it really counts but either way that's where another one is so that's three down and we've only got three more to go so the next one I want to go to is the one by all these are whaling woods one forgot about that or dusty divots sorry why does he win in woods dusty divert you want to come all the way into the divot in the center of the map you want to go towards the southeastern corner of it right back here you can see another one is chilling out right there and then the final two you can actually do in rapid succession I'm assuming you can do these or during the same match so probably you want to drop on these two first and then move onwards from there so when you get towards the desert biome you've got biome bridge as I like to call it and there's a little bit south of there you have got this one right here which is basically got a couple of bits and pieces the snow cones and of course the little clown game as well which is probably going to produce nightmares from here you want to continue going southward and basically where the gas station is so a little bit I guess east of happy Hamlet not happy Hamlet lucky Landon you've got the gas station and in this little oasis just a little bit north of it that is where you can find your sixth and final dance party I think all you buddy do is go here emo and then that's basically everything done so if you didn't find this video helpful let me sure to leave a like on the video comment subscribe to ring the bell all that usual stuff and my support created code is in the little word thanks for watching there's a link in the description to all of my for buying videos if you're still collecting those in the minute we're now gonna be getting the brand new skin if you collect 90 of them so I imagine some people are just about to jump into the grind and hopefully that will help you out so have a great day and I will see you all tomorrow bye bye

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