Former President Barack Obama: Can’t Govern People If You Win By Dividing Them | All In | MSNBC

Former President Barack Obama: Can’t Govern People If You Win By Dividing Them | All In | MSNBC

40 thoughts on “Former President Barack Obama: Can’t Govern People If You Win By Dividing Them | All In | MSNBC

  1. 2017 President Trump: I inherited a mess

    2017 Obama: blah blah blah It was Bushes fault

    2018 America great again Jobs are back unemployment lowest in history

    Obama it took time but it was all because of me.

    Lmao WaL

  2. let's see obama blamed bush. bush blamed Clinton. so they say it's horrible if PRESIDENT TRUMP blames obama. waaaaaaaaa!

  3. Just so you know, what President Trump says is true….. he inherited a mess of Obama's making!!!! The $20 trillion national debt is Obama's shameful legacy. Divisiveness started with Obama. We did not have that for quite a while before Obama came to office. He set the black people against the police by his off the cuff remarks even before the investigations started ( remember St. Louis riots?). No, in all fairness, OBAMA set our country on fire with his racist remarks & that's the truth!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Obama was the one dividing people. He will also be held accountable for crimes he commited & go to prison soon for treason.

  5. If there is anyone who know about division, it is Obama. He earned the worst president ever. Divided the country, left it in a mess, abused power, sent the IRS after conservative groups, weaponized the FBI and the CIA to spy on American citizen a political opponent, while touring the world sucking up to dictators and slamming Americans as racist. Glad he is gone. That was 8 years of trouble, weakness and division we had, and yet his cult think he was a "great president", not a joke. Indoctrinated does not even start to describe them.

  6. Elias candles jr I live in parlier fresno county parlier in mess they Mexican don't like black people we need help

  7. Barack Obama and George Bush are the worst Presidents in American history if you don't believe this its because you're self-centered and don't care about the people in the Middle East if you did you would have been upset when they invaded and overthrew multiple leaders and killing hundreds of thousands of civilians in the process

  8. Well, we should have know how bad it would be after he said "To be honest…"
    Still waiting for anything he says or does "to be honest." It's right up there with "believe me."

  9. What did you do for the black lives matter movement? Nothing. What did you do for the African Americans? Nothing. Because you don’t care about African Americans.

  10. All branches of government are guilty they sold out of your country your security, as far as not stopping the Meth and drug trade, the health of the USA citizen. Such is this congress's claim to fame. Hillary and Obama are just products of the lawmakers who sold out America since Johnson. President Trump is taking it back! These spoiled corrupt lifers are rabid. The best thing all Americans could do is vote these vipers out and set Term Limits. How many more addicts how many overdose deaths will it take to prove this in not a political party difference? It's corruption of both parties? How do you not see the size of this?

  11. Look at Obama talk. Man, if Trump aint fuming at Obama being more intelligent in a few seconds than Trump has been all his time in the White House.. I would be surprised.

  12. Obama should understand what it means to divide people. He did a good job of it himself. He certainly squandered a lot of political capital on getting little done in 8 years but double the funded national debt.

  13. President Obama was such a great President. I too wish that he could serve for "four more years". I miss him so, so much!

  14. When a black person or a fake news actor, publicly defames the character of someone with the weapon word "racist" why not file a million dollar defamation suit against them.?

  15. not only that, how would he make the country great again in a divided country ……I love that statement by Obama, its so powerful, deep and meaningful .. Trump is not smart enough to understand that statement or probably he never think of that.

  16. Obama need not be concerned. Racist whites have no desire to unite. Yes, get ready for the big fall.

  17. The reason you all think that the President is dividing people, is because he doesn't agree with leftist, globalization. And because he doesn't agree with that, he's wrong. However, a high percentage of Americans agree with The President. So how about this, we let him finish his term, and see how things are? Oh wait….this is the TABLOID NEWS NETWORK!!! I almost forgot! Silly me! You internet cartoon characters getting paid to write your nonsense, should be embarrassed! How do you even face your friends or family? YOU are the ones trying to divide us, and it won't work, because the American people aren't stupid!!!!

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