Former Israeli PM Returns To Front Line Politics - Your News From Israel

Former Israeli PM Returns To Front Line Politics – Your News From Israel

former Israeli prime minister hood Barack has just announced his return to politics and the former leader says he's planning to form his own new and still a named party claiming that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's time is up then at his side are other members of his new party which include former IDF deputy chief of staff al Golan law professor F at Beaton and entrepreneur Coby ripped em but Barack's decision to reenter politics having retired several years ago comes in response to what he sees as Netanyahu's political manoeuvring and in his comeback speech Barack lamented that the future of the Zionist movement is on the line here adding that the only reason Netanyahu called for a new election was because of his desire to stay in power and avoid prosecution further Barak also slammed blue and whites Pentagon's saying that he's not passionate enough and isn't hitting back at Netanyahu as much as he should and with all this in mind while Barack's running may not make a huge dent in the left-wing bloc a recent Channel thirteen poll said he may garner as many as six seats but Barack's critics also questioned if he even still has what it takes to be a political leader though the former prime minister does have experience in his favor in addition to his stint as prime minister from 1999 to 2001 he is also one of Israel's most decorated soldiers and he was the country's fourteenth chief of staff additionally he was instrumental in pulling is Ross forces out of Lebanon during the first Lebanon War as commander of the elite say at math Kyle eunuch Barack's political downfall though came when he was defeated in the 2001 election by the more hawkish Al Shean amid the backdrop of an increasingly bloody Second Intifada so it's anyone's guess as to how he'll fare this September

3 thoughts on “Former Israeli PM Returns To Front Line Politics – Your News From Israel

  1. Obsessed with anger. No consensus in parliament. In the past likud and labor would form a coalition government. This days selfish đŸ˜¤ pride, ego,and anger.

  2. Under freedom of speech my opinion is ehud barak is almost satan himself the only known israeli that goes to epsteins pedo isle. Hezbolla control over s. Lebanon is thanks to barak. Israel gave refuge to 2000 south lebanese christian officers and
    family but those left behind were shipped to syria and exterminated also thanks to barak. For a secular israeli to suddenly sport a beard for some years now can only think rafical islam or satan. As a free country vote or dont vote this scum bag as he wont be the leader but in govt could still hurt israel.

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