Former Fox News Reporter: President Donald Trump Is A 'Conman' | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

Former Fox News Reporter: President Donald Trump Is A 'Conman' | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

there is a long and symbiotic relationship between Trump and Fox News in fact there are reports about Fox pushing Donald Trump's presidential ambitions way back in the day during Obama's very first term Trump was doing those weekly interviews on Fox & Friends and the banners asked very blatantly what would President Trump do that same year Hannity was airing graphics promoting a Trump 2012 idea and bragging about their relationship I talked to Donald Trump at length today and he's considering and I'm wearing my Donald Trump tie now anyone's welcome to make jokes about their red tie but this goes deeper now the Donald Trump is the President of the United States because he uses Fox as something of a kitchen cabinet and there are anchors there who say they report on him during the day and then shape policy consider this report out of New York magazine the Trump in Hannity talk basically nightly Washington Post says Hannity has a desk in the White House Daily Beast reports Tucker Carlson was advising Trump on Orion moving into a dovish position many people may welcome that but it is coming not from the Pentagon it's coming apparently from Fox while Fox and Friends hosts have been lobbying Trump on pardons and then there's the praise of Donald Trump on air which he then returns in his own rallies sean hannity has been a terrific terrific supporter of what i do Laura's been great Laura Ingraham Tucker Carlson's been great this is unusual and it's important it's part of how Trump policy is being made these days and we have an exclusive guest tonight with unique insights into all of this because he was there Carl Cameron spent 22 years at Fox News helping launch the network and of course he's known to many people across the country as campaign Carl which wraps up his campaign day in Delaware then flies to South Carolina ted danson and vice-president do not look up for Sarah Palin to fade off into the Alaska forest only for Fox News can the candidates come over and talk to us this quickly mr. Romney what do you expect tomorrow night real quick sooner or later Trump will begin to falter that has not happened Carl's been out in the field doing a lot of work knows this world and now he's launching a new media project I'll let him explain I was one of Fox's first hires the idea of fair and balanced news appealed to me but over the years a right-wing host drowned out straight journalism with partisan misinformation I left Trump's a con man he did collude and coordinate with Russia to get elected and recently he said he'd accept their help again because he sees nothing wrong with him and yes he is still helping Russia by refusing to take strong actions to protect us from a future cyberattack Carl Cameron taking his story to the beat tonight thanks for being here hi Ari thanks for being here thanks for letting me I'm happy to have you here now look I'm gonna get to your project before we do I'm curious about your view strong words for the president when you say he's a con man do you think that he knows what he's doing that he's lying and the people at Fox News are secretly concerned about that or they're along for the whole ride as you put it well I look as for President Trump his origin story in the 2016 campaign was that he was never a politician neden never run for office that was patently false it's frankly garbage he ran in 1988 went up to New Hampshire did a for the exploratory committee held a big event where there were hundreds of people who gave a speech to the news conference and gave interviews to reporters including me and in 2002 Trump did an exploratory committee and ran on the Reform Party ticket me actually went to the California convention and got delegates so when he said I've never been a politician I'd never run for office that origin story about what made him different was a lie and he said he was a fantastic businessman and now we know that he wrote down billions of dollars in losses and it puts him in a club where he's not such a great businessman after all so yeah there's a con there going what does it tell you that he listens so much as we just mentioned to your colleagues there at Fox News well then I'm a can real distinction about Fox News you have a lot of opinion hosts like sean hannity and tucker carlson and some of the folks that you mentioned and you have a news division and there's folks there like Bret Baier and Chris Wallace and Shepard Smith and Jay Wallace the news president they worked their butts off to try to be fair and it's no secret that there has occasionally been some disagreements between the news division in the entertainment vision I have a lot of friends who are in the news division they work really hard to get it straight the opinion hosts are just that and it's not fact-based that's what front page live is about it's a progressive organization there's enough a lot of liberal folks that were trying to appeal to but this is fact-based information Trump is concerned this if it's a progressive outlet and you're leading it does that mean you were progressive that whole time those 22 years no I mean my first vote was for was for an independent back in the 70 and then in 79 and 80 and I voted for independent for president I voted for Republicans and Democrats at Fox I shot straight I made mistakes sure everybody does if the Washington Post has an article that we decided to focus on and they have a retraction or a correction will point out that there was a retraction election journalists do make mistakes sure I'm curious you mentioned some of those folks that I'm gonna play some of them for you I'm curious whether you felt that that worked or whether there was a countervailing pressure oh hold on one sec let me show let me show it some of the other folks now who in the Trump era also are pushing back which is consistent with the point you make let's take a look the President of the United States of America is prepared to commit a felony to get reelected the president has offered no evidence to support what he has said there's ample evidence this doesn't require too much analysis to indict the president that's incorrect he's been saying it for a while now but it's simply not true the behavior of the president is immoral deceptive and repellant Fox News knows of no evidence to support the president's claim go ahead access is a problem for journalists all over the place and when any organization gets too close to the President of the United States of politicians that's a problem it happened with the New York Times when Judy Miller was giving taking the word of Dick Cheney as opposed to everybody else when it came to the Iraqis having nuclear weapons it happened in the Lyndon Johnson administration all the time he used to have reporters come over and talk to them all the time there's nothing wrong with access it's used right the question is whether or not you're pushing an agenda or you're informing me you're forming the electorate do you think the Fox News evening or some of the evening in your view has become basically a direct Alliance a sort of a kitchen cabinet and providing basic services for for to help from I think I think what a president or when a politician gives a smack to a reporter for getting under their skin that's a good thing when they're getting bad 'voice and Pat's on the back something's wrong our job is technical and that's going on I gotta call you on that since you said that I'm gonna play Donald Trump on Carl Cameron take a look Carl Cameron who's a nice guy he said no they only have 1500 people here start counting above Carl he's got a lot of people here comes your response and whether you think he's gonna continue to like you under your new project my response is that I was right that day he didn't have a big huge crowd and I'm right today telling the truth is more important than trying to be popular hmm well put in a fitting end and I think you know you've done a lot of work for a long time there are folks who might know about you only from your news organization and not from your own work but I'm happy check it out that's gonna be great there you go Susan this is gonna be the viralize news we've got this we'll only been up for a day and a half and we're astounded at the at the response and it's accurate it's the kind of stuff that really matters and with the 2020 election and the debate of the debates tomorrow check us out front page I I recognize the hustle that comes in getting the URL and multiple times at Carl you've work in this field a long time we like having different views on this show I appreciate you coming on hey I'm already Melbourne from MSNBC you can see more of our videos right here or better yet subscribe to our YouTube channel below you could have been anywhere in the world that you're here with us and we appreciate that

25 thoughts on “Former Fox News Reporter: President Donald Trump Is A 'Conman' | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

  1. A intelligent individual would only turn to the Fox channel for a can’t even trust the documentaries they show

  2. A intelligent individual would only turn to the Fox channel for a can’t even trust the documentaries they show

  3. One thing that the Republicans and tRump have taught me…. never believe anything that they say, they are habitual liars and don't care a jot for truth, honor, or integrity and nothing at all for America or Americans…. Republican is a dirty word in my books now; they have destroyed any chance of ever being in my good books ever again.

  4. trump is right= fox news saying the right news unlike the other news caster are fake news waste of time to listen or watch.

  5. When “Campaign Carl” Cameron was working for Fox he was more concerned with the paycheck than he was with the truth!

  6. Trump is a winner and he is making America great again the proof is in the pudding so deal with it Fox news is tops telling it as it is sour grapes I would say ahhh collusion garbage again geez get a life and move on Trump will triumph again

  7. This network is a con job. They cut and splice all their footage so it leaves no context. It’s easy to choreograph this nonsense. You end up with Mad Magazine. This is a disgrace.

  8. Conning us into winning with a great economy. These fools are running out of arguments. You fools that listen to this crap need to wake up

  9. What about the Symbiotic relationship between the Democrats and the media like MSNBC, CNN and every major networks except fox? Oh yeah shhhhh I didn't say that. Trump is a conman how's the economy? By the way does trump talk to all media? This is a fake news.

  10. If your a Democrat and from NY, your definitely a lowlife, Scum sucking PIG… !! NYC is the breeding ground for rabid infected Sewer Rats, called DEMOCRATS and Liberals.

  11. Does Hannity read this cretin a bedtime story before he wanders the White House corridors in his onesy jammies?

  12. I believe we do not need another 75 to 90 year old president or even the representatives in Congress the dinosaurs they think back in the fifties which is very dangerous to America millennials boat younger don't let these 75 to 95 year old voters determine your future you're on the way in we're on the way out save yourself and if you're young trumpet I'll say a prayer for you maybe you'll be spared

  13. When will the news say, 1. He is in jail. 2. He has been lynched. 3. Trump was shot today by a State sponsored hit man. 4. The hit man is named and becomes a global hero. 5. None of this occuring. We all know he is a repulsive corrupt con man .

  14. Both McConnel the Grave digger and Graham stated this Case is over and they backed it up by blocking the Democrats to get Mueller to testify. They both Said No! It was Final. This Senate is corrupted, they lifted Sanctions on Russia our attacking Enemy.Stop these games, you do not to risk Mueller saying Something that will hurt.The Reps. have a few hands,enough to twist everything up. Comey and Mueller were together at Ashcrofts bedside to stop the Torture lunacy. That is a good thing, for us.They do not see it that way, the actual point is you 2 are kissing cousins when Did you hatch this plan up.During Trumps Win?It throws doubt and could backfire. It id not a Risk we should take and it is also Wrong!

  15. Sean Hannity is a painter and decorator education wise…. vast experience on foreign policy I guess when painting walls…😳👀

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