Former Ambassador Excoriates Corruption Of Trump Acolytes | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Former Ambassador Excoriates Corruption Of Trump Acolytes | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Former Ambassador Excoriates Corruption Of Trump Acolytes | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

  1. who else wants to HEAR the actual TAPE of the conversation??? WHY would they put that on a secret encrypted server if there's nothing wrong with it and instead give us a dumbed down so called doctored transcript??? I for one want to HEAR the actual tape of the phone call !!!

  2. Thank God for people like Ambassador Yovanovitch! A True heroine! What was it Benedict Donald said in his OWN transcript? Something about how she was "…about to go through somethings?" Looks like the shoe is on the other foot. Benedict Donald is now "going through some things."

  3. Going down!
    #TrumpVideo and #TrumpGenocide prove what the stars reveal about @realDonaldTrump then 2017
    and now 2019

  4. She gives me HOPE in our Government; that not EVERYONE in high level politics…is corrupt. I was bringing to feel our Gov't and everyone in it….is corrupt. Yovanovitch is my HERO! THANK YOU, Marie Yovanovitch!

  5. Even if Trump were impeached MSNBC would still be living in their Biden fantasy-land and slandering and spewing venom at the very progressives who are the polar opposite of this kind of corruption.

  6. The Ambassador called Marie Yavanovich is from Ukraine, which is a sovereign nation. But bad actors such as Vladimir Putin, must not enter Ukraine. Corrupt leaders are inherently less trustworthy

  7. Aside from wanting to stay in power, the only explanation for the GOP to be so crazy & corrupt is money, & they must be getting plenty of it

  8. Maddow, we're tracking the rate of decay for both MSNBC's YT channel, featuring you, and your tv program. As of now, the YT channel is at 2.02M down from 2.04 2 weeks ago. You're losing subs at a rate of 100k per week. Your ratings for your tv program have dropped below WWE. The rate of decay is rather steep. What can be concluded is that the only base you have left are the people that believe your propaganda, you are no longer reaching middle ground Americans. That's a problem because you're only reaching people that will vote blue no matter who. Fake wrestling is more popular than you are.

  9. King trump so what if he lies cheats he is white and rich. Russian help so what. Pardons 4 all trumps.and The kings men, build the Trump wall Monument. he will live forever. MAWA.

    You're next mad cow I mean Mancow Maddow! Fake news will not exist in the United States anymore! Because you will all be in jail for treason!

  11. How can I not listen and believe someone as intelligent and as gorgeous as you Rachel? lol. Wade Goodwin, The FAIR Digest, South Africa

  12. Maybe now Americans realize the power of their president? What happens if you give that power to the wrong person. The damage is done! "The mighty imperialism will be destroyed from within." & "Every Nation Deserves its Government." K.Marx
    "it is not Trump! A country that elects a trump is already in serious trouble." E. Warren

  13. She is brave for the people in leadership class. Since we are talking about a gaggle of cowards that are afraid of a few bad tweets, when people are dying because of this guy, I guess it's brave that she said she was done wrong.

  14. The idiots released the transcripts because they thought that asking a foreign country for help on derailing a presidential contender was legal, like what they did with the 2016 campaign. They figured they got away with it once, they could do it again. WRONG

  15. Marie Yovanovitch represents the values the world thought the USA was about; sadly the stable genius with the great and unhinged mind is what the world is actually seeing.

    Today we saw the results of this immoral morons foreign policies when the USA’s brave and faithful allies had to ask the murderous Syrian regime for protection from Turkey after being deserted by him. I don’t suppose there’s a market for a Trump Tower or golf course in their land.

  16. Why when I type Trump's name in You Tubes search window- why do I get 10,000 videos from CNN/MSNBC bashing the guy, 24/7, non stop for 3 years???

    Yet, when I type the words 'Hillary' or 'Obama' into that same search window, I CAN'T FIND 1 SINGLE NEGATIVE VIDEO FROM CNN/MSNBC ON HILLARY OR OBAMA?
    NOT 1!!!!!!!!
    NOT 1!!!!!!!!






  17. Sure trump just handed Over his Promise to Russia . The promise made from trump to Russia was “If You Make me President “ I’ll give you Ukraine and other countries.”

  18. I thought it was against the law to dabble in foreign affairs by someone who is not a foreign affairs official. The US can't have people pretending to represent us working against the people who actually represent us – once again that's US law which the President and Rudy Giulianni seem not to have heard of.

  19. What the woman that dresses like a witch everyday is not telling you is this person was fired and they don't like Trump.

  20. Oh Don "Jessep" Trump; here's to… "You… really messed with the wrong Marie!" You can't handle the truth…? You can't even TELL it.

  21. Trump handed the Kurds to Turkey and he would like to hand over all of Ukraine to Putin if he could. Just imagine the deals they could do together putting up Trump Hotels in Kyiv.

  22. Marie Yovanovitch is a true Patriot, something we are not seeing much of during the tRump era. It says a lot when one single, solitary woman has the courage and integrity to stand up to tRump and the spineless republicans. She has shown the entire world what women are capable of when pushed into a corner and have nothing to lose. tRump and his spinless republicans are about to learn a very big lesson, in a very painful, hard way.

  23. I sure hope that "that woman" is going to deal you the serious blow you really need, because your stories don't adderall up. No matter how you try to fix things time and again.
    You may not know this, but people say you just had it coming. They call it absolutely perfect. They're VERY fine people. And they are looking forward to see what happens.

  24. Ari should cite a Real Roxanne or Roxanne Shaunte lyric as a rap reference tribute to this paragon of will and courage, Marie Yovanovitch broke it on down, in simple truth, like for real! <3 something alien to the Trump Crime Family and Administration Syndicate.

  25. Rachel is nothing but a flailing lip flapper for clicks. Let's get some simple facts straight for this bimbo. Inquiry does not equal impeachment. THE PRESIDENT IS NOT BEING IMPEACHED UNTIL THE HOUSE VOTES!

  26. Word of gratitude and appreciation for the work this lady has done for the United State Marie Yovanovitch a great BIG Thank you please whatever you do keep up the great work, "we the American people Love you "

  27. What say you to this, Pompeo? You're a disgusting corrupt acolyte and not worthy of the position which you now hold. You could not even reach to lick the feet of this true patriot even if you stood on a 10-foot ladder. You must step down and leave the office with your tail between your legs, and live in shame for the rest of your life.

  28. more (B.S) talk about absolutely no evidence news with no beginning, end, truth or substance, and more, and more! if only lies and repetition were dollars, saddow would cure all financial issues world wide in 2 days!

  29. Republicans really need to search their principles, souls and consiousness if they want to stay course and defend this president no matter what. If they do, i can see things getting much worse.

  30. . Come on guys , who is the weakest link in all this, Eric ?, Don junior, Ivanja or Mrs trump?have these people been seen in public recently? Have the press been questioning them about daddy? What about Kirchner?

  31. One word to describe the testimony of Marie Yovanovitch…POWERFUL…actually, integrity, honour, bravery and a true patriot!

  32. Man or woman, Marie is an inspiration and a baddass! It is people like Marie that sustain my hopes for America's future, and that is from a completely bipartisan stance. Proud again.

  33. Marie L. Yovanovitch walked in that Congress building standing straight , firm ,and with integrity. She reminds me a lot of my mother, I believe her to death.

  34. russia has corrupted the US from the very top, disrupted long term alliances against it and gained a foothold in the middle east, also very cheaply, checkmate Putin

  35. So y’all just gonna throw “excoriate” out there like that’s normal?
    We’re we supposed to move past that one?

  36. I love that Marie Yovanovich, framed career and actions around her Oath of Office. In Trump's attack's against the Mueller investigators, I never heard him, speak of others following their oaths of office. It was always about him, or others being against him strictly out of loyalty to the democratic party. But real people, do have higher principles, than loyalty to a person, or party.

  37. you can lay all of these problems we are having right at the foot of the supreme court, when they allowed unlimited corporate money into our political system.

  38. trump has really screwed us this time in the middle east, it will be a hundred years before they will ever trust America again!. just think of that republicans, we can look forward to another hundred years of fighting terrorist. thank you president dickhead!.

  39. Hey trumpee! What happens when a mob boss threatens his cronies, or throws them under a bus. They go states evidence, don't they.
    enjoy your time in prison.

  40. #TRUMP2020

  41. What a hero! What a woman! Marie Yovanovitch makes all these corrupt traitors look like the weakling cowards they are. I am so proud to see one American diplomat I can admire, it brings tears to my eyes.

  42. All you spineless (chicken 💩) republicans – THIS is a HERO, you will never be as awesome as this woman. You ROCK Maria!!

  43. Can you see any parallels with Venezuela in people manipulating governments and their administration its good to see tbe septics doing to them selves

  44. Trump's agenda, with the help of Putin, the GOP, and 40+ % of the american people, is and always has been how much of America he can destroy before he is kicked out of the oval office. And when that's done, the GOP and the MAGA-mob will blame the immigrants and the democrats for the mess they created.

  45. The ambassador is one true hero may she get back to work again under a new and democratic government once trump and his criminals have gone to jail and the republican party had disbanded under shame and corruption and a new party is formed were corrupt officials need not apply.

  46. Love how it's finally a WOMAN who kicks DJT in the butt …………. AND does what the GOP should have done 3 years ago.

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