Forged Anchor Upgrades + Testing The Anchor!

Forged Anchor Upgrades + Testing The Anchor!

31 thoughts on “Forged Anchor Upgrades + Testing The Anchor!

  1. What's the smallest chain links you can make and how many kg will it hold before it breaks ? Great video mate

  2. I'm not much into nautical stuff but I really enjoy old techniques and recreation of old stuff. There was such a plethora of techniques in this series I saved it to my favorites. Excellent couple of videos!!

  3. Just like an old style Alec video! Keep it up! Did you say plow/plough, do you think…..?😁 Just a small one! Yoked to another person like the starting farmer in the old days.

  4. Awesome job joe. You gave me a bunch of ideas to do on the one I’m making. Thank you. Spring bolt and clamp came out great. I would never thought of that. Thank you for sharing….Paul

  5. You make me laugh, you talk down your craftsmanship and skill I think it is exceptional no power tools no power hammers,,!!!
    Keep them coming
    Be Safe

  6. Wow guys, I mean dang. Didnt he say in the 1st video this was a test piece to be made of mild steel as a proof of concept and exploration piece before he made a big one of wrought iron?
    I mean I could be wrong but I seems like Joe is kinda getting hammered on from some of the comments. Yeah it's small but that was the intent to make a concept before he potentially waisted a large amount of weight iron.
    Idk maybe in being touch on his behalf, if so sorry.
    I think it was a success in every way and paves the way for a larger much more valuable work to come.
    Thank you Mr. Joe for sharing this w us. I learned several things from this I hadn't even pondered the possibility of .
    🙏blessins to ya now
    Crawford out 🧙‍♂️

  7. a cement brick could do a better job than this hunk of junk, atleast itll be a good piece to mount on a wall as a decoration

  8. Very nicely done, really great up grades and very nice project again I tip my hat to you sir. Thank you very much again for your videos and hammer on.

  9. great work again joey. now make a full size one and lets see you sweat 😛
    we need to hope the summer will be like these last 3 days and not like those darn hot days a before.

  10. Anchors don't hold the boat. It's the weight of the chain that actually holds to boat, the anchor just stops the chain from dragging.

  11. Brilliant make well done it's a beautiful thing. Fisherman's anchors are usually used on rocky ground where the hooking arms can grab on to objects with more holding potential. Also good for kelp where it can hook the well bedded plants. Try a plough anchor for the next project.

  12. Good Afternoon , My Good Sir
    That is an Excellent example of a
    Anchor !! And for a 10 Foot John Boat ! I believe it would WORK !
    In a different View , I venture to Say , It could also be Called ART !
    You are also an Great Chain
    Maker ! Take Care and Be Safe !

  13. I grew up on the water. That anchor is adorable, but it looks KINDA SMALL TO BE VERY SERVICEABLE.

    Keep in mind how they're supposed to function … that type of anchor needs a certain minimum amount of mass, as well as a heavy enough lead chain to keep the cross-arm FLAT on the bottom (so that the downward pointing leg will be forced downward into the mud like a plowshare, when tugged laterally by a boat that's downwind or downcurrent of it). In other words, it must be dragged (usually by reversing an outboard engine) until it digs into the mud (wont work in a sandy bottom though). If the anchor isnt heavy enough it wont dig into the bottom properly and will just furrow the surface as it drags along, and if the legs are too thin it will just rake through the bottom with insufficient resistance.
    Anchors are also generally sized to match the boat they're to be used on … if theyre too small for the size boat, wind speed, and current speed, the boat will simply drag anchor instead of staying put.

    The bottom line is that an anchor that small would probably only be suitable for say a small 6ft dinghy, at best, with minimal wind/current too. Beautiful display anchor though, for decorating a garden or shop. Cheers.

  14. Anchors work better if they have a length of chain on the head as that makes the head heavier so that the flukes can be drug as to catch in the dirt. A lot like when you were dragging it in the sand plowing a furrow.

  15. You should try forging a boat cleat (it’s the little horn thing that you tie ropes and sheets around) I’m making my own boat right now and I’m definitely going to make my own anchor

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