good morning guys welcome back to our Channel I'm already on my second cup of the morning [Applause] okay so we've just been getting shots by the poll had a little swim it's raining is so nice isn't it yeah so really quiet up there as well we will yeah only ones up there so it wasn't amazing and then people started to come up as we were leaving three like yes unreal so check out our Instagram it's lanes looking if and you know senior shots and all so now we're just gonna go drop off our laundry because I need to stop clapping someone stopped me and I was gonna go drop off our laundry and gonna go check out a couple of beaches it will start it was rainin as we said so and before I Drive back am I taking an umbrella we're going prepare because we want to see the beaches yeah first time we've used a number that I hurt you oh my legs it's good just drops off our laundry yeah we've come to somewhere called plus line that's where hopefully up today as you can hear the new Boracay though if you don't know the Baraka actually shot for I think it was about six months and it had loads of work done and then in October last year it reopened yeah as you may be able to hear back there and there's still quite a bit of work going on around the island that's well that's what we've seen so far excited to see the beat Charlie yeah pretty fast about the weather or the rain to be honest good Roley always you can always remain positive so let's Keaney come boys first reaction of white beach boracay just do it C is like crystal blue I'll turn you around in a second once we get there Wow very and very very busy very windy it's very choppy the water I don't know if it's normally like this let's show you what we're looking at can see why so joy I've never seen water like this boys crystal you're not good places people to come to in the Philippines it's busy there's a lot of people around but even when it's raining and it's cloudy this amazing sound it's amazing see crystal-clear the color see is just unbelievable we've got all these countries going down the beach and have a great time even though it's bit windy rainy sure walk up to station X and we have arrived at least away we're just going to get a nice coffee did you are coming to Boracay you need to expect to pay a little bit more at food and restaurant places just because it is very touristy the prices are a bit more than what we've paid for since we've been in the Philippines anyway so different that low for which there yeah yeah yeah so I'm just giving you the heads-up you will only find yourself paying a little bit more for food and drink and stuff guess what we're about to play even though I don't really have quiet but they we're gonna teach me buzzin they set you up I know I behaved banana member last hour it is a video and staff we've just come down to most incredible and nap chose what how to do it's been in the next half an hour here and we're gonna get ready to really excited that we're doing at 3a how I'm real daddy's luck we are on our way to an event that we have been invited which is how it every Thursday at our resort is called taste Philippines we are very excited to go very excited about this feel very privileged thank you very much for letting us harm or inviting us to this event so yes we've just arrived that the event is being hosted on the rooftop because it's raining outside they've obviously had to cover it all over they've covered all the windows and you've got front-row seats as well so have a look spin around spin around we have also been given this amazing selection of pastries wallack you I'm getting cocky as well we're very excited and a little bit too much let me tell you about that it was it comes very cold that was obviously amazing thank you to the team how to breeze up for inviting us because that was just meant mental if you want more information about it we have a little leaflet here so ticket prices uh yeah and then if you want to print screen that and have a read you can this really good definitely worth checking out if you are visiting bar if you're in the area it's currently raining outside and it's absolutely nice ease in here so it's a really good night to be but like something to do if it is raining than your umbrella at this time of year or like I see any time of year but really good it is some of it if you don't if you can't go to the beaches and stuff so we definitely recommend it really good like rainy day activity and it's all under shelter you get coffee yeah like afternoon tea type food yeah yeah and we were just had it's pretty lifted our moods and we feel so and today this really really happy and yeah we weren't told much about the actual event when we arrived at the hotel they're just like o3o at 4:30 we've got this event going on you're more than welcome to join him on endless let's give me a guy and we arrived him he just incredible I'm not expecting it so it was it yeah it's definitely definitely worth checking out some really big glimpse into Philippine culture and she said we're so grateful that we were invited and yeah just so happy we have come downstairs we are waiting for dinner we've got a bit of a surprise in store for us tonight we're not too sure what we're we have made them aware that Louis is vegetarian so it will be vegetarian based I'm not too sure what I'm getting Eva very very excited just having a few drinks to sort celebrate today really haven't had even had a couple of drinks in a while so we thought why not so I'm really excited for this meal and we're excited to show you guys as well really this is like a roasted cauliflower and looks menopause the sauce on the cauliflower what that is amazing the noodles will attach our mushrooms on really honestly that was amazing so nice so many different flavors so many letters if new different places we could try a few different meals that we could try it was amazing they're great really good different flavors again it was all vegetarian so really amazing opportunity for me to try different foods as well and came to enjoyed it a lot to eating you yeah very accommodating guys food I don't I do I eat quite a bit of vegetarian food just by being with love it's it's nice to try different foods as well Coralie enjoy tonight great food great service great combination just a skin show do you mind being in the block sure Thank You Brock ride we arrived in Philippines about three weeks ago dad like you know for me like Bridget dance alone we're on our feet and you kind of like think the creative ways that we cater to them it's a challenge for me oh yeah that was its Sudi its cooks under sue be like for one hour on the 85 degrees wait it's kind of like tender tender but not too tender but yeah there's so has a bite – yeah yeah we are finished in the block here guys we really hope you've enjoyed today's blog has been absolutely incredible we've had amazing experience being able to see the show today and then dinner tonight it's just been unbelievable we obviously lost words anyway we hope you've enjoyed today's blog thank you so much for watching and supporting us and we will see you tomorrow


  1. The never-ending loud, colorful culture of the Philippines! Glad you liked it, guys! Enjoy more activities to get the most out of Boracay!

  2. Lois you are blooming day by day and James you are beaming with enthusiasm. Thanks guys you make me feel at homeπŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

  3. Now that was a lot of fun!!! It was really hilarious that the entertainers kept inviting James for the audience participation. But you guys were good sports. Love you both. πŸ€—πŸ˜˜πŸ˜πŸŒΊπŸŒƒ

  4. It's the "Habagat" season (other one is Amihan). It's calm in the early morning then this wind just comes in later in the day and night! I noticed they don't put high nets anymore during the windy/rainy season. So I'm guessing that's gone with the new Boracay. I heard there's a zipline there too. Dunno if you have time to go to the other side of the island. I heard it's been developed. Enjoy the powdery sand beach! 😎

  5. Boracay is busy on the months of summer,from march till may its the peak season.December is also busy being Christmas .

  6. james and louis, boracay all the way wl rainy days, have more fun and adventure, πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  7. we're happy to see you both enjoying your stay in boracay…keep safe alwaysπŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—…πŸ‘πŸ‘

  8. The more it will be so lovely when the sun come out, the white powdery sand and the torquoise color water is absolutely breathtaking. 😘

  9. Wow! perfect bonding and nice swimming outhere. take good care and enjoy a lot, more power and God bless.

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