35 thoughts on “Foreign Media On INDIA's Agni 5 missile test

  1. Why Would you Stop Indian Experiments when US conducts all kind of explsoiins in Area-51?
    Its not your Cup of Tea. U can stay out it Madam. You dont need to Respond India is friend to many major Countries. Its US which is bombing many countries so better expose them than trying to involve in my countries experiments.

  2. Basically he is saying that because India is friends with USA, hence USA will practice a double standard on India and not condemn it – totally idiotic is the argument that since India is the world's largest democracy it should not be condemned! All over the world we have seen so called "democracies" launch war on other countries and if India is not a threat to USA, it is a threat to China and Pakistan, so is this stupid analyst suggesting that since USA gives a crap about Agni 5, then China and Pakistan are justified to develop a counter weapon to contain India as the whole world knows India has expansionist aims and acts as a Bully towards all its neighbouring countries. Now dont piss off when Pak or China will do a containment response!

  3. Jis desh ma APJ Abdul kalam sahib jaise scientists ha honge woh desh progress hi karega.
    Jai hind jai Bhart

  4. Anchor- "We had an instant response to North Korea's missile test,then why don't we respond to India?"
    Excuse me motherfucker did you respond to China's tests? If no, then why question India's ability to do it? It's UN's fault China has grown incredibly powerful and aggressive than before. If you had an aggressive neighbor like China and irritating terrorist neighbor like Pakistan, then we will see what you would have done for self defense.

  5. The main thing is… HISTORY repeats itself.India was a superpower but it's greatness got massacred by THE MOTHERFUCKER BRITISHERS…History will truly repeat itself…INDIA WILL BECOME A SUPERPOWER…SOON


  6. Bad Luck or design… Look at the neighbors India (bharat) has got… Pakistan, China, Bangladesh, Myanmar.. Etc. She has to protect herself from these terrorist /terror supporting nations.

  7. India is the best…
    And no need to worry about India. India is the most matured nation in the world.

  8. Looks like India is becoming a full grown American pitbull to bark and harras its neighbours and they are doing good

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