For Honor – **UPDATED** Gladiator Parry & Guardbreak Punishes

For Honor – **UPDATED** Gladiator Parry & Guardbreak Punishes

80 thoughts on “For Honor – **UPDATED** Gladiator Parry & Guardbreak Punishes

  1. It’s super easy to deflect undogable since even if you missed the deflect timing, the attack will have a high chance of hitting you during your doge, use that to get easy deflect🙂

  2. Something to remember about the skewer oos punish, the timing for it is pretty tight. it can be parried if delayed a little too long, ive seen training bots parry it as they get up

  3. I’ve been playing Gladiator for 17 reps and Honestly I’m sick of using him it’s just so dull and boring spamming skewer mixups to force a dodge and GB/toe stab someone into another mixup or trying to fish for deflects all day, it sickens me to the core but for some reason I just can’t bring myself to grind a character up to where my Glad is because I just net so much better results due to my knowledge of the character.

  4. BP can flip toestabs after lights consistently. Input is on reaction to toestab after normal light. Works in the entire light chain if there is a toestab.

  5. The toestab with the Haymaker feat equipped also makes it so that you deal 10 damage to a Black Prior when he Bulwark Counters you. This is most likely a bug, as we've also seen with the stun effect still appearing when Bulwark Countering a Stunning Tap.

  6. I'd love to see an updated video of what kind of ganks Glad can set up. I recall a video about some fun ganks back in season 1 or so but it'd be great to get an updated one. Of particular interest, I play goki/hito and have been looking at interactions with glad. The big thing we discovered is I can't get DE off toe stab as the shugoki will bounce off even after the enemy is reeling backward post stab. Awesome vid here, and love all your work and dedication to both improving players and improving the game!

  7. I can't hold this any longer so i'll just let it out

    Freeze, i fucking hate your trident, it's distracting as hell because of the weird ass shape

    That's all, thanks

  8. Nice 🙂 116 Dmg punishes. What a Great Time to Play for honor. A Single mistake can Take 80 % of most heroes HP Bar. Really dont want to be a shinobi Main.

    Yall can ask for as much buffs and nerfs as you want but High Damage is way too Easy accessable in this game (Neutral raider top heavy sends his regards).

  9. Thanks freeze for being a consistent content creator. Easily one of the most important creators in this community. Keep up the good work sir!

  10. Looks like i'm buying mr toe stab on my pc account now.
    Also yis give me roster video on OOS OOL punishes.

    I live for D A T A.

  11. Freeze, you missed the centurion punish for the zone
    Edit: You missed jormungandr too
    Second edit: shugoki, aramusha , hitokiri were forgoten too

  12. "Yes Lawbringers, you have hyper armor"

    Nowhere that matters, Freeze..
    cough easily interrupted unblockable top heavy cough

    Any of his heavies as a matter of fact.. Has nothing to mixup his heavies with so.. Yeh..

  13. Does that mean if OOL enemy runs into bear trap glad gets heavy into skewer into throw into dash light into light into toestab into heavy?

  14. Idk if they changed his zone or anything but I could have sworn that one time a few months ago I was playing Conq and a Glad zoned on me and I early dodged to the right and could parry the zone.

    I’ve been dodging to the right this whole time to let block on dodge cover the follow up strike. I’ll try left dodging now that you say so!

  15. Could you do the video on how being OOS while OOL changes punishes? It would be nice.

    And I love maining shaman these days bc everyone on console is playing glad. So it's rather easy to punish all them zone spammers.

  16. Something i'd change about glad :
    Toe stab hit stun. It's way too long and fighting two gladiators is awful. They can just chain toe stab you once you dodged one and you get nearly no revenge. Counting the fact that haymaker activates with toe stab, which now does 20dmg for a bash with an instantaneous punish who stuns enough for anyone to get a heavy. No move that can be confirmed that easily with just two people who don't know each other and then chained to 100-0 anyone just exist, even without haymaker.

  17. Some dumbass cuck created a rant post about you on For Honor. Maybe address that crap in a video? Link below:

  18. @Freeze If I land Gladiators trowing Feat (the one traps him and takes stamina) on a OOL opponent do I get the Long OOS Skewer Punish?

  19. Have you discussed the HL double defensive heavy combo, my friend seems to complain about the second heavy being confirmed, because of ‘stunlock’

  20. I start playing glad a 1-2 month before his rework. I actually really like his rework but i totally agree that Haymaker shouldn't buff toes stab damage, especially when Ubi have decrease the recovery of a toes stab's wiff

  21. 3:58 according to my observations, you can make a delay before the throw so that the damage from bleeding goes in triples. But i cant every time catch the timing, i try watch shoulder animation and in most cases its not confirmed

  22. I've notice in a lot of your videos you call movements when you dash to your opponent a "forward dodge or forward dodge attack." Wouldn't they be technically dash attacks since you're not really dodging anything?

  23. 00:31 sorry but the teamwork going in the back here just made me unable to listen to what you were saying until like the fourth go. It's so seamless, and is satisfying to watch.

  24. The punish I use is 2 heavies after oos parry, into toe stab into heavy, into un-blockable feint, gb then go from there

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