41 thoughts on “Food Industry Machines That Are At Another Level (Really Satisfying) ▶3

  1. Человек должен пользоваться своими достижениями бесплатно.

  2. When they show slow motion of food making process, it feels like food porn trying to seduce me. 0:58 I am being seduced by heart disease goodness.

  3. Ich klopfe das ein in die Pfanne und schon zerläuft das Eigelb,hier gehen die so einen weg durch und bleiben ganz🤔🤔

  4. ชื่อคลิปไทย แต่ทำไมไม่มีคนไทยเม้นเลย

  5. どうレベルが違うのか?

  6. Pensam que as máquinas vai substituir os humanos ? Jamais pois mostram apenas o momentos que ela trabalha bem os operadores os que põem e retiram matéria prima e os MECÂNICOS que ficam horas p programar e arrumar uma simples porcaria que quebra isso ninguém mostra .

  7. di livello successivo rispetto a cosa?
    L' italiano devo dirti che lo parli ad un livello inferiore di quello di un bambino 🙂

  8. The music for the butter packing makes me think I'm looking at a drug operation
    "oh we cannot have universal income, otherwise nobody would work".

  9. You don’t have to be so fucking greedy. On or two add would be enough but you have like 10 adds in this short video. Fuck you man.

  10. вот чем нормальные страны с гражданским обществом занимаются,а не строительством дворцов и яхт за границей–ну так позволяем.

  11. Первый пищевой станок сделал папа персонажа Руки-Ножницы.

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