24 thoughts on “'Food, Inc.' Challenges the Industry

  1. Nothing in this video debunks Food, Inc. We know it is true. We are just trying to find a way to justice our bad habits.

  2. ABC really did a disservice to food inc here and put the whole focus on the bad food aspect of the documentary and nothing about who the food industry uses strong arm tactics on workers(the illegal aliens exploitation, farmers(the chicken people being in massive debt) and small scale competitors(Monsanto lawsuits).  That what was different about this than other 'scary food' documentaries.  

  3. Oh God these Lobbyists make me laugh. They think you people are stupid and don't use your logic. Well then again they are right, a lot of people are sheeple because they follow and don't think for themselves. Does that piss you off? It should.

  4. Who bought the legislation, bought off our lawmakers to enable patenting of life? Was against laws at one time to patent life??

  5. These arguments didn't change my opinion about Food Inc. one bit. Being 'informed' by the industry before labeling doesn't convince me. Food Inc. is called onesided, while the very reason for making it is that the industry doesn't give any information we want apart from false romantic images about farm life. Everybody knows that profit is more important for these companies than quality or human rights. Everyone knows that the mighty lobby's have more political influence than 'democratic' voters.

  6. Why should free range animals be more expensive? They run free in villages of Mexico, Philippines, and China! Their food isn't poisoned like USA and its cheaper! I just came back from China – what US media depicts about China is blown way out of proportion.

  7. continued……..Look, I'm not saying local and natural foods aren't better for the animals…..I'm saying the overhyped "dangers" of these foods are virtually nonexistent.

  8. Um, I know biology and am comfortable with it. Your vague "biodiversity" doesn't take in to account that you are only as good as what you eat…..if you CHOOSE to SELECT your food, there's no problem with non diversity. Biodiversity in terms of ECOLOGY is important, but agriculture is an artificial ecosystem created by us and FOR US. A bunch of sterile or engineered cows with more muscle just means MOAR MEAT. It's more efficient as long as it's safe and much less costly than small-scale and free

  9. No, the industry is worse! If you to took a biologylesson you would learn that the biodiversity is a fundamentall pillar for all life on earth. Cloned meat is a dead end! Smallscale and local food is the right way to go.

  10. America, you are so far behind when it comes to food that I feer it will be the destruction of you. You have to start grow food on a smaller scale and more organic. Your lifestyle has inpanct on peoples lives far from your shores. Do something about it or you will end upp like the people in "Wall-E".

  11. In short, the bits about GM foods and cloned animals are bullshit scare tactics as well as the medical claims…..but some of the crude practices of the food industry are revealed, and rightly so.

  12. The Food Industry is filled with crap, but not nearly as bad as the film tries to make it.

    And about cloned animals……..take biology lessons. Animal Science too if you can…..cloned meat is not eating a freakin Frankenstein experiment or something.

  13. lol "Suck it up and pay more for yout food" > Gain 500 LBS eating crap and die 20 years befoe you should.

  14. 6:49 This premise of the film is utter nonsense. If we budget correctly and forego the Starbucks and the once a week takeouts, we can stick to a healthy diet. Just with $11 you can get 3 packs of bananas. The film is very patronizing in this way…

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