36 thoughts on “Follow the leader | Suli Breaks | TEDxHousesofParliament

  1. Interesting spoken word, we don't need leaders by ideas, I agree Ideas last forever, however, I feel we need leaders to create the environment for others to contribute with ideas. In order to be a great leader, you need to be a good follower. Great perspective Suli Break..

  2. ideas inspire the world to be a better place
    it is the responsibility of ever leader to create posiblities which will help shape our reality

  3. Democracy means demon crazy wake up repent bad teachers you will be judge for all the lies you teach in this world beast antichrist system you dont know what you saying boy deceitful people like you many comparison of live from you is a joke power rangers you really are so lost in this world beast lies of that old serpent Lucifer the image of the virgin catholic yeah wake up repent everyone on earth call upon JesusChrist not this crazy evildoers slave of USA drams of liars repent and surrender everything before is to late believe me I will not ask you or anyone the things like you is just a waste of life all the people you are worshiping are devils demons consumed all this people you like are nothing to my God for they all are part of the abomination of the beast world system you love more than the truth is freedom I see you dont have very sad for you the don't like the most high leader Our Savior King JesusChrist everlasting God ALMIGHTY AMEN,.

  4. I love when people think. Like think think. Sitting down and contemplate bout things. The magic comes when its put to work. That's what your works are Suli. Great job man.

  5. Suli the red ranger was the original leader,then it was the green ranger,who then became the white ranger

  6. What you say is so true I watched your video parents are the hardest to please. And while watching this video I am trying to learn from you and my parents told me to turn it off or turn it down so they could listen to Americas got talent.

  7. Being younger that eighteen to vote? in some ways that makes sense for the few teens who actually follow(lol) world events. but 90% have no idea what is happening. uninformed voters are bad for the country, as they just sway with the tide. sadly, that is also the case with many adults today, but it is much more common in kids.

  8. Even before he started delivering his spoken word poem, I felt the emotion. Follow the leader, follow your heart.

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