100 thoughts on “Focus group: Some voters see Buttigieg’s sexuality as a ‘barrier’

  1. good answer Mr. Cordera and just because men don't want to talk about homosexuality in public with strangers doesn't mean they will not vote for him

  2. Deep down we know gays are fine, but deep down we know the more there are means the less procreation. Every gay has a mom and family bloodline trees stop at gays, which is not fine. That thought will never diminish from parents worldwide instinctively. The public accepts gays, but will not ever put one up there for generations of kids to look at as an idol of who they want to be like.

  3. I really don't get the Biden appeal, he's ok and seems like a sweet and kind grandpa type but to me he lacks passion. I like how calm and intelligent Pete is and I love Bernie's passion.

  4. a priority of mine for the next president is definitely gender I.D.&sexual-orientation federal protection my new sub-partners one of her kids is involved in a gender I.D. situation I want their future secure

  5. It would end foreign relations with many countries. Doesn't make it right but that's the reality of the world. President Trump has launched a campaign to end criminalization of homosexuality. Trump ain't as bad as his enemies want us to believe.

  6. Well, if you don't want a gay guy or gal, or a black person, or an Asian person, or a lefty progressive, or an evangelical dingbat or the many other alternatives, there is always the corrupt, criminal con-man with orange skin who will rob you blind, who wants the job so bad that he'll sell off the very ground you stand on to the highest bidder – that should satisfy your fussy requirements.

  7. You can step out of a marriage countless times and 'I don't agree with that but it's their personal business." Being a stand up man in a committed relationship with another man and you 'just can't support that lifestyle.' Lets be clear this isnt about sexual preference… it's about bigotry.

  8. 0:38 No it is not "the lowest support of any demographic group". Even limiting ourselves to major demographic groups, the same Pew data shows that evangelical support for same-sex marriage is still only ~30% and among Republicans it's still only ~45%.

  9. 0:47 Democrats are absolutely obsessed with making concessions and coddling their political rivals. Republicans never worry about whether their bigotry and hypocrisy will drive away Democrats.

  10. 0:26 That's both absolutely hilarious and incredibly depressing… There are still some men who are so insecure that they think they'll be seen as "one of them queers" if they even talk about Buttigieg. sad lol

    Imagine living like that: "OMG! My gaze accidentally crossed another man's crotch! I must be catching the gay! I better immediately go masterbate while thinking about a woman!"

  11. CNN you've got to be fucking kidding me. So we're just gonna ignore Pete Buttigieg's conduct as it relates to how he tried to fire his South Bend Police Chief who is black. You're not gonna report on the tapes of those racist cops speaking about getting Pete's donors to make him fire their black police chief. Pete's failed attempt to do so, getting him demoted instead. The ensuing coverup by wrongfully firing personnell who heard the tapes and the court battle by Mayor Pete's adminstration to stop the tapes from being made public. He and his administration's long debunked reasoning (by the FBI) of how releasing the tapes will violate FBI wiretapping statutes. Not to mention that these racist cops, because of Mayor Pete's action to protect them, are still employed by the South Bend police force. All this going on, and THIS, THIS is what CNN is reporting on in relation to Pete Buttigieg and the Black Community? What makes this worse is this whole segment is based on sourcing material from Pete's own campaign. How the fuck can take a claim made by someone who has a self interest in that claim, report it as fact then bring someone on to try to rebut the claim without first substantiating the claim to begin with? You still wonder why so many were quick to adopt the lie of "fake news"?

  12. you need a tough guy in the WH, someone who can outsmart chinese and beat them at their own game, and he is already there, DJ Trump,

  13. It's an issue for me, why? because of the mentality of sexual orientation in America right now. We're having fkn problems in this country with this sexual bullshit and I don't want someone who entices it to be the leader who advocates for more of it, this bullshit is getting out of hand. These fkn idiots are talking about changing fkn pronouns n shit, they're delirious. You're just trying to shame black people; the prejudice was even worse when Obama was becoming president…….n I shouldn't have to remind us what that matrix was like.

  14. Buttigieg is short, gay, insincere, and has a husband.
    He is not even a good Mayor in South Bend, Indiana.
    Anybody who thinks that this is a winning political
    image for 2020 is so "woke" they must be using "coke".
    Just because the American people expect a President
    to use his head, does not mean they are ready for a
    President that actually gives "head".

  15. So do I. If we(or I) vote for Butleg it’s like we are agreeing with the gay lifestyle – and most Americans don’t. As a moderate democrat, I don’t agree with his lifestyle. Can you imagine all the memes of Putin humping him? And how demoralizing and degrading (emasculating) it would be just to imagine a man (who for 1000s of years has been the protector, the hunter, the leader) to bend over and take it in the as*? And that that man is our leader? No. No way.

  16. It's not that he is Gay it is that he is slimy and he is covering up for racist cops in South Bend. BLM is not happy with him for siding with the racist cops.

  17. Even if the black community has been excluded and treated all around unfairly when confronted with another minority they would act just as bad. I guess is just human nature

  18. I have no problem voting for this guy if he can do the job, but that’s only one vote. He will need 100+ million votes to get elected. There are prejudiced people everywhere in this country. We have to face the cold, hard truth. This guy, no matter how great he is, could never be elected as president, especially against someone like Trump. Trump could turn Christians against Jesus Christ! And I’m not being disrespectful or sacrileges, that’s just the truth. If Trump is still in the White House come election time, the Democrats absolutely must have someone that can win. That’s priority number one. Everything else is a distant second.

  19. I'm a repub I don't care if you're gay shouldn't matter. It wasn't a Republican who shot up a gay bar, It's amazing what you can convince people of.

  20. black people don’t support Buttigieg because he protects racists cops not because he’s gay. Plus, this video is inaccurate. How about we talk about the racism in the white LGBTQ community?

  21. Off course his focus group will say that. How about him taking responsibility for his actions against the black community.

  22. Buttigieg will never get the votes of the Republican base, which is composed primarily of racists and homophobes anyway. Nor will he gain the support of the poorly educated who have never associated with people outside their little fully-indoctrinated enclaves. Why even bother polling them?

  23. Seriously? In this day and age? Who gives a damn who someone sleeps with? SC, why the hell are you for Biden? He's NOT OBAMA and I'm getting sick of it! They obviously aren't paying attention to his record or his policies.. He isn't for M4A which should be in the forefront for black voters since high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease is higher in our community..
    Black voters don't support him because of his issues with the police back in my home State that he's lying about not knowing about anything..

  24. Even if Pete was married to a woman and had kids he still has Zero chance of becoming the president so let’s cut the crap.

  25. Blacks being biased…heaven forbid,…
    It must be the White Supremacist influence in the black community contaminating the purity of their souls

  26. Why does any politician need to disclosę who they prefer to be intimate with….? Do heterosexual politicians proclaim "normal"..and sexually active

  27. Why is it always the job of African Americans to clean up everyone's mess? White people voted Trump in not African Americans. We will no longer continue to vote for the lesser of two evils. Buttigieg told a Black woman that he didn't need her vote but even after that comment he still thinks African Americans should still support him. GTFOOH!

  28. So sick and tired of people with problems of other people's personal private lives. I don't care who anyone has sexual relations with…my concern is (and should be) can you do the job!? Why are these people so concerned? And, it tends to be (as just reported) straight men! Get over yourselves!! Why do you concern yourselves so much wit other men's private, sexual lives!? "Me thinks he doth protest too much!"

  29. Not everyone is okay with homosexuality especially black people get over it it's never going to change look at Africa

  30. Here we are with a president who has so many issues that these problems are all we have discussed in two years. We are not even doing any government business all we are doing is endlessly trying to deal with Trumps issues! Pete is out there sounding logical and even presidential. However, besides the fact that Pete seems to lean toward "big business" interests in a big way, PETE IS AT THE WRONG PLACE AT THE WRONG TIME! What America truly needs is someone who has had the same philosophies for years and whose "nose" is relatively clean! The next president is going to have to move at the speed of lightening to get the business of the US government functioning and :working again! Someone like Pete, with people being divided on his sexuel preferences is the last kind of person we need right now! The US just needs a almost boringly normal, calm, person without any personal controversies tacked onto the package. So, we have Biden, Warren, and Sanders. Sanders is the cleanest! Sanders may also be the most boring to some people! However, boring, level headed, and with programs and policies thought out for years is exactly what is needed. Biden now has the Ukraine situation with his son. This is of course how Trump is killing Biden. And, Elizabeth Warren is unfortunately a woman, which is another devisive issue! However, NO to Pete. We need someone who can pull us back together, not, tear us further apart!

  31. Really? Mayor Pete, has a husband, is Christian, war veteran, Rhodes Scholar, Harvard graduate. Trump has cheated on every wife, "you can grab them by the pussy" , many claims of sexual improprieties including a 13 year old girl. What the people that are afraid of him being gay, are afraid of their own sexuality and faith.



  34. Democrats need to understand that some of us like guns and are very religious… And according to our religious beliefs it's a no no….


  36. People in the comments are really jumping through hoops to avoid admitting to themselves that black cultures are homophobic as fuck

  37. Butt Gag is his OWN barrier …. His willing accomplices, are those who tear down American exceptionalism … so … Go fuck yourself. The way Butt Gag does…… shit on a stick, style …. 😐🖕

  38. Jesus H. Christ…. CNN is some of the worst media out there, and I'm ashamed I gave them my view. Imagine trying to pretend that he's polling low in African American communities because he's gay, as opposed to, let's say, THE FACT THAT HE WAS PRESSURED BY DONORS TO FIRE THE FIRST BLACK POLICE CHIEF IN HIS TOWN, or maybe because he's trying to portrait the black community as extremely homophobic. Like, fuck him and fuck CNN for propagating his bullshit. "He's an honest man, A man of Integrity", LMFAO. Try a man who supported Medicare for all, but for some unknown reason started attacking it when he started running for president. Hmmmm, very honest indeed…

  39. Despite what out of touch, radical pro black CNN and NYT like to force down our throats, blacks are some of the most prejudiced citizens… Theyre high on racism, mysogyny and homophobia

  40. Oh please, this guy…of course Buttigieg’s support is low among African American’s because he’s gay. African American churches are massively homophobic. That’s just a fact. Instead of lying about African Americans’ homophobia, this guy should be working to reduce it by first admitting publicly that it’s a problem.

  41. It will become a huge negative issue for the Mayor if he wins the nomination. Americans don't want a first husband. Sad, but it is the way it is.

  42. It's not a "preference" it's an ORIENTATION. You can prefer Canadian Whisky over Tennessee Whisky. You can choose your tupee but you're still bald.

  43. …" I have a problem with his sexuality" … because my bible tells me so. And there is the crux of the matter. The book compiled in a sand storm of desert-dwelling warring tribes of Palestine is relevant to these morons in 21st Century. The result of the systematic destruction of public education, because, let us not forget, dumber the nation is easier to govern. His relation with his partner is NOT seen as a form of love between them but as an abomination. This kind of thinking will prevail in the United States of AMNESIA for many years to come. The move out of credulity and superstition is not possible, it will hold the country back for a good while yet. Let us remember, Saudi Arabia is who we hold hands with nowadays, the most backward place on this planet and undoubtedly one of the richest. Getting queues from them is not a progressive idea.

  44. I don’t care about his sexuality. I do care about his religiosity. I can’t stand it when politicians tried to legislate morality.

  45. If the Dem make that mistake all the Christians will be unified in the general and religion and family value will be the main theme of the 2020 and the Christians community will come together to fight for common a cause that is not to want a Gay president and it will a landslide for Trump

  46. Here cnn trying t0 write the narrative yet again. Wasn’t this the same news organization that had every pool Donald Trump losing in??

  47. Black people are voting for Bernie period. Go ask GOPers if they would vote for a lgbt candidate thats all that matters.

  48. May I apologise if I say: even in this matter Blacks are equal to Whites? Equality is per se REALITY. Denying Equality is stumbling in Self Betrayal.
    This said, and evidently, 👍2020 PETE 2020👍

  49. Hm. "Buttigieg's sexuality as a 'barrier'"

    I look at it this way: I just don't give a damn. I only care about who a person has sex with if I want to have sex with them. I'm not interested in men. Sorry, I like women. That has nothing to do with who might be a good leader, no matter who they sleep with. I like some things Pete says. However, I'm also thinking he might need a bit more experience. That has nothing to do with who he has sex with. I really don't give a good * damn.

  50. Like the guest said….black ppl DONT KNOW WHO HE IS lmao…they mainly know 2 ppl JOE BIDEN & BERNIE SANDERS mainly…elizabeth warren is gonna get more known cause shes front runner…i aint even know pete was gay….but thats cause I BATELY KNOW HIM PERIOD lmao

  51. Who cares what sexuality he has. It's about does he have good ideas and can he clearly put across those ideas and execute upon them!

  52. His sexuality, should have nothing to do with his brain!!! We are in 2019, so let's get over the sexuality stunt!!!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  53. Being gay is the one thing I don't care about. I can smell a career politician here. Nice and polished on the outside, no original policy ideas, corrupt, and ready to accept donor money. I have seen enough hillary s like him. I LL pass

  54. His sexuality SHOULDNT be a barrier. What SHOULD be a barrier is the suspicious activity he is part of in his hometown like demoting and then firing the first black police chief for no legitimate reason. The firing of the tech support lady who overheard the WHITE COPS slinging racial slurs. The fact that he doesnt know how to control his own city so therefore he would be a shitty president.

  55. Being Gay is one topic, but he makes it part of his campaign. He says that the Bible updates as time goes by and goes along with the times. (in not so many terms). How he'd love to have a baby while in the WH. You are sick Buttplug! Go away!

  56. America is probably the most backward country politically, despite being in the top 3 most powerful countries on the planet. Ireland, which decriminalised homosexuality only in 1991, now has a blooming gay prime minister!!!
    It's a shame because Pete would've made a fantastic president. He still can, if Americans give him a chance. To black America..REMEMBER DISCRIMINATION!?!?!?!

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