Fmr. Trump Russia Advisor Expected To Attend House Deposition | The Last Word | MSNBC

Fmr. Trump Russia Advisor Expected To Attend House Deposition | The Last Word | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Fmr. Trump Russia Advisor Expected To Attend House Deposition | The Last Word | MSNBC

  1. Question … Is it right for a president to ask another government to investigate a political rival ??

    When that president has the ability to withhold money or impose tariffs on the request recipient, the answer must be yes. Even more so when the said president has shown himself to be corrupt.

  2. This country has never been governed by the rule of law for all people. The laws are bent favorably toward the affluent . It is now being tested by a white male, a corrupt white male and the law is failing.

  3. Thank goodness for U.S. Attorneys of the Southern District of New York and the FBI to give us a non-partisan investigation since that seems to be the concern up on Capitol Hill.

  4. If Air Force One takes DT and his family and friends to Russia or Saudi Arabia or Turkey, should the Air Force crew allow them to disembark?

  5. If he were actually funnelling billions in government funds to friends and family, installing his sons as generals and declaring himself president for life he would scarcely be more corrupt than he is right now. Impeached? He should be in front of a firing squad right now.

  6. Tillerson just wanted to be the guy to tell Trump that he couldn't do that and so now he wants to be the man telling the world what he told Trump

  7. We should take into account of the assassination of Julius Ceaser. Sure, impeach Trump. Then give him to the people who have suffered the most under his reign of corruption and crimanility. Let them finish it all the way. Then open the Civil courts where his family and friends can be sued for their part of the corruption, complicity and the pain it has caused a great percentage of Americans.


  9. Seeing episodes of people resigning and evading consequences. Even if he resigns, WE MUST CONTINUE CRIMINAL PROSECUTIONS. R. Reagan's criminal Attorney General just got a presidential Medal of Freedom from Trump. Bet it's because he tried to declare an act of a president that violates a law cannot be held accountable.

  10. Says much about this nation so stupid as to understand only something that "they see on movies" but unable to grasp the Mueller report. Americans truly deserve Trump, and have become the scourge of the world, the Kurds being only the latest.

  11. Trump is a High-Level Russian Covert Operative successfully inserted as the US President. He is a Traitor and works for Putin; what a “Coup d'état” by Vladimir Putin. Trump has had business ties to Putin in organized crime endeavors, for decades. See for yourself

  12. For all those calling the President trailer trash, I wonder what YOUR STATUS and ACHIEVEMENTS in life are?

    How many think that the type of derogatory comments that many you are making would not qualify to place you at the lowest levels of society are delusional.

    So you likely live in government housing, and work for minimum wage. You rely on others to provide for you?

    There are decent people in all walks of life, just as there are those who are not.

    Your sweeping generalisations are proof of the latter. So much for the kind, caring left.

    Can you honestly say that someone who supports Republicans, NEVER did anything to help you in any way?

    Who built or owns your housing?

    Who collects your garbage, grows and provides the food you eat, or works at the government offices that make it possible for you to survive?

    Who were the medical staff who helped you when you needed aid, or the police if you were robbed or worse?

    Who taught you how to read and write, or gave you the skills you need to be able to to sit here now and think you are superior because you have different views to over 51%
    of the population?

    You don't know anybody who is a Democrat who did have or presently has an addiction of some kind?

    Yes you and everyone you've ever known are as pure as the driven snow.

    You will rise to the level of the highest office in the world and you will become America's next Saint.

    You know the saying, People in glass (trailers, apartments, duplexes, boarding houses, college campuses, relatives houses or motel rooms…. Etc. SHOULD NOT BE THROWING BOOMERANGS because you know what happens when you do.

    P. S. For the person who said that young blacks were unjustly jailed for a joint, just check out what DJT'S prison reforms, and inner city opportunity zones are doing for them.

  13. Treason definition: "the action of betraying someone or something.." Leaving the Kurds to die after they helped us.. This is why Trump needs to be removed from office.

  14. Once in a Sunday comic strip section of the Philadelphia Inquirier, there was a single comic called word origins. In that comic there were two cavemen, with one partially lifting his foot, and saying "Ugh, I just stepped in a pile 9f Lawyer". An updated version would have the same comic sketch with the words changed to "Oh, Crap! I just stepped in a pile of Trump."💩🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  15. Giuliani's door will be kicked in by the fascist's brown shirts this week. Just like Roger Stone and Trumps other unprivileged lawyer. Tanks and helicopters and SWAT teams in pre dawn raid. CNN will be there because you know they leak at FBI as a rule. No cross examination allowed in impeachment. "Show Trial" Imagine two people going back to where they live. That is impossible. They are the first in history to ever as the Republicans call it 'Going home" Everyone lives at work and stays on vacation and up is down wrong is right in derangement impeachment fevered brains.

  16. There needs to be mandatory reporting laws. If you know of any illegal activities than by law you must report. If you don't then you should be charged with an offence

  17. Russian Asset fake potus being exposed every single day, every issue has a Russian connection, TREASONOUS 👺👺👺👺

  18. At this rate We The People will need to take back our White House for America's interests and American democracy and constitution. Trump has duped so many into believing his America first BS when it's always been about Trump first, second and third.

  19. How supporters of Trump do not recognize Trump as Supreme Leader of the Swamp is impossible to fathom. He is the most corrupt president likely in the history of the US. Tillerson and Kelly should testify about the illegal things he wanted to do.

  20. He has to go I'm sick of this . IMPEACH stop playing games. if the senate won't sign off , do not re elect them . He's destroying our country.

  21. #fakepotus will be dragged out from the WH… what a winning streak eh? Traitor potus only got to be potus because of the Russians

  22. Here it is: Trump has no respect for the Law, he never has and never will. The ONLY reason he is President is because he enlisted the Russians to find a way to fool ALL Americans thru FALSE NEWS… And it worked… Now were seeing a gangster running the Country, His comments and actions prove this over and over again. Yes American Voters were fooled ( its obvious ), you were dooped ( made a fool of ) by Trump and Russia. There's an old saying" fool me once ..Shame on you….. Fool me twice Shame on me" . Trump tricked us … F..K this Guy… He's done, send him to Jail just Like AL Capone. He is a Gangster … never earned an honest buck in his LiFE!!!. Loser gangster… Stand Up America and be counted.

  23. the trump is an self serving crook it is possible to realise that when you see him applauding himself and pointing to people at speeches.

  24. Impeach, convict & remove Trump now! Let us save our democracy, our constitution and the soul of our nation before its to late!

  25. All the comments here are proof that fake news MSNBC has made you all heads of mush. you all cry wolf if Trump asks Ukraine to investigate Biden so answer me this. Did you also have the same outrage when Obama spied on the Trump campaign or when Hillary and the DNC garnered a known fake Trump dossier that was used be the evil deepstate to get a fisa warrant to further spy on him, is that not an attemp to use foreign influence to destroy a political enemy? You see, you all are hypocrits of the highest order and should shut your mouth until you can show fairness toward all.

  26. Yeah, there is more than enough evidence to impeach Trump, but the GOP still had some decency in the Watergate days, that is not the case now. Even evidence of crimes doesn't seem to be enough to force the GOP to act, and Trump has no dignity at all, so he will never step down just to do the honorable thing.
    The Democrats need to have the public FIRMLY on their side before they impeach, so they can hope public pressure forces many of the GOP to vote to remove Trump from office
    Unfortunately, politics is an even dirtier game today than it was, and the GOP has shown no interest in putting morals, integrity, or the country above their own self-interest

  27. Didn't Tillerson say a long time ago when he was let go that the orange moron asked him to do illegal things and Rexy told him it couldn't be done bec it wasn't legal? This isn't the first time we've heard this I am sure.

  28. Trump once said he dined with some Mafioso figures and they were very fine people.  So I guess Nazis, skin heads, KKK and mafia members are fine people when you have his authoritarian mentality. It is this kind of right wing extremist that he will need for instigation if he ever starts his civil war. They can be used as kindling for his power driven insanity. They ignite the torch and watch all the celebrity stricken Trump idolaters fall in the zombie line.

  29. Trump has sold his soul a long time ago. Trying to gain everything in the world and losing your own soul. It's not worth it.

  30. It seems to me that Trump has the dirt on every member of his cabinet or else they are either aliens from out of space. How can decent Americans agree with this man in anything he has done done so far. He is going to sell us out to the highest dealer. He’s a warmonger and is thoroughly enjoying the mess he’s created . Maybe rich daddy wouldn’t let him play soldiers when he was a kid and this is his way of getting. Back at daddy.”you see dadddy now I am playing with real live soldiers and I’ll show you what I can make them do. Yippie

  31. Nothing but lies. It's amazing that there are sheep out there that believes these lies. Mainstream media suffers greatly from TDS and their propaganda is out of control. The sheep are going to become outraged once they find out how they have been lied to for years.

    I have my bag of popcorn and I'm enjoying the show. WWGOWGA!

  32. ……well , his most remembered quote ''I love the poorly educated ''……….MAGA = Mobsters Are Governing America , VOTE BLUE

  33. Trimp working for Putins interests in the long term. Trimp wife is Russian. Of course she translates Putins instructions to 🎺🤪🌪💩🌪💩🧠🎺🧠🌪💩

  34. Now that sotero's CIA/FBI/CIA COUP has failed, WHEN do the trials for Treason begin? The U.S Constitution has a cure for Treason. Love of country Trumps hate for Donald. MAGA

  35. Look at car sales? Forbes AINT FAKE usa YOU WILL BE BROKE & MEXICO is only taking the women this time pilgrims .
    Its not a fake recession. or are you in RUSSIA ?

  36. letting putin off the hook is the key. Then chimp can try to cancel the sanctions targeting putin and his henchmen.

  37. Ask Barbara Corcoran. She's known Chump since his 20's. Says he's fake, marketing dude, a conman. Said he wud win the 2016 presidency in april of that year but that he wud be a "Horrible president". She was right! #sharktank.

  38. Imagine if it worked out like it did with Nixon and come October 23rd Chump resigns?

    I think Chump is too scared of the Southern District of NY coming after him as soon as he resigns so he'll take his chances with the Senate.

  39. There's no hurry to finish the impeachment inquiry. Every day of delay, new damaging revelations emerge, every day DT goes more unhinged.

  40. How much insurance is on the Trump Tower in 'Instant BULL', it will more than likely be destroyed by 'friendly fire' during this stupid military campaign. 
    Somebody has had to have connected the dots on that by now…

  41. He has to get his hand on as much money as he can because he & all his buisnesses were in the red when he moved into the White House. He's gotta pay at least some of his biggest debts or he'll wind up being knee capped when he's dragged out of office.

  42. too bad they have to look to the women in this administration to be the ones that have the balls to stand up for the Constitution. doesn't seem any of the men do.

  43. The Kurds didn't fight WITH the US against ISIS, they fought FOR the US. They were the ones on the front line and they've been the jailers in the camps. There have been coalition casualties certainly, but the Kurds paid the lion's share in blood. And they're being butchered, militias and civilians alike, as we speak because of Trump. A recent talking point is that we must support Turkey because they're on the refugee front line. What about the Kurds though – who are in front of that front line? Consider Trump's base – largely from the mid-West. Now consider where the bulk of the military is drawn from. These people have their political convictions but they also know what firefighting for your survival means and understand honor towards brothers in arms.

  44. Well the moron gave his approval for innocents Kurds to be slaughtered to save his trump towers in turkey???and NOBODY is Stopping him👹

  45. Believe it when you see it. He hasn't suffered any consequences for his behavior yet. This may deflate like everything else and fly away like a piece of paper in a strong wind

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