Fmr. Inspector General On Trump & Republicans Attacking The Whistleblower | The Last Word | MSNBC

Fmr. Inspector General On Trump & Republicans Attacking The Whistleblower | The Last Word | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Fmr. Inspector General On Trump & Republicans Attacking The Whistleblower | The Last Word | MSNBC

  1. One person per day should stand up and say 'I'm the whistleblower' let Trump & the gop try to figure that out, lol.

    I'll start "I'm the whistleblower". (Wed Oct. 16/19)

  2. Jordan eagerly and earnestly displaying his willingness (and obstructive arrogance and ignorance) to unhesitatingly and publicly (and on the record)
    the honor and privilege to be another of the 21st century Quislings
    to Trumps imagined "above the law" fantasy
    obviously he must think that there just has to be a payoff for him for pushing rule of law under the bus . .
    Texas? lets ask the constituents . . if they are OK if Quisling Jimmy decided to hang them out to dry / suspend their rights to equal protection under the law . .

    Quisling Jimmy – even has alliteration

    there should be hashtag for that

    google Quisling for a good history lesson
    just how Anti-american could he be? whose payroll is he on . . .?

    Disemboweling Quisling Jimmy would be a fruitless and disappointing event
    a true gutless wonder

  3. Jim Jordan can rest easy knowing he won't have to wear orange most of the time, as he'll be being sexually abused by white supremacists in his cell block while experimenting with new smeared makeup art. Have fun while your wife and kids enjoy their freedom and new life with a new dad who isn't a shameless criminal and or completely clueless moron.

  4. Trump acts like Don Carlyon from the movie The Godfather . I bet he really thinks he’s a hero in that movie. I can’t wait to see the tyrant mafioso Donald J Trump impeached and removed from office!

  5. All put a stop to it, stop all this nonsense its serious, get rid of all of them. And forward repairing America, so much damage.

  6. Human garbage Jim jourdan wants to know who tattled so that he could make sure that he “ commits suicide” barr and trump did with Epstine.

  7. Trump must be going crazy not knowing what lies to tell about the whistleblower because he doesn't know who it is.
    All he can say is that it's a traitor.

  8. Google Jim Jordan contacts and let him know how you feel about his views. He has a YT channel, a Twitter handle, and a FB and Google+ page. He hides his phone Congressional phone number unless you live in his Ohio district but you can Email him. I suggest everyone who disagrees with him let Mr. Jordan know as best you can otherwise he might think what he does and says is okay.

  9. The whistler blower is a lier and the democrats are a bunch of criminals. That is what American and the rest of the world are saying.

  10. The media must again and again inform the public loudly and clearly that a comment such as that of Jim Jordan regarding the anonymity of a whistleblower is a lie, pure and simple.

  11. Will the real whistle blower…
    Please come forward..
    I'm the whistle blower..
    No.. I'm the whistle blower..
    It's me I'm the whistle blower
    No it's me I'm the whistle blower….

    Any more would like to admit being the WHISTLE BLOWER..
    Please come forward..

  12. No one has the right to know who the Whistleblower is except the IG. The only exception is if his testimony is used in a court of law in a legal trial that is the only time you have a right to confront your accuser. Otherwise no one has any right to know, period.

  13. Straight up intimidating and threatening witnesses, behavior and tactics straight out of the Mafioso. Trump used real estate to hid his crime syndicate and has weaponized the executive branch like a dictator. You support Trump and or The GOP you are a traitor to America.

  14. The fact that Jordan is still harping on the whistleblower either makes him look like a fool who doesn't know what he's doing or a fool who doesn't have any better defense.

  15. So the president DID COMMIT A CRIME OF HIS OATH OF OFFICE and he wants to find out who witnessed it and is willing to tell the AMERICAN PEOPLE. This is like watching the WACKY RACES (tv cartoon of the 70’s for those who were not alive then). 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

  16. GOP fawning parasites have no other defense – always shoot the messenger, never address the message. It is SO obvious they are GUILTY of everything they are charged of.

  17. When writing laws in the US. The word 'Shall' should not be used. Too many times lately we've heard that word challenged as to its meaning.

  18. Jim Jordon is a Yammer mouth. If you don't know how to deal with a Yammer Mouth, read Robert Heinlein's 'The Moon is a Harsh Mistress'.

    A whistleblowers job is to point the way. They do not need to be an eye-witness, and they do not necessarily need to have all of the facts. A whistleblower only needs to say that there is a there there, and that something requires a closer look.

  19. What has been found is more reason to investigate than the whistleblower ever could have been. Your point is moot and a waste of attention, but that's the point of your point isn't it, to divert confuse and abuse the attentions of government. The Orange Calf of Republican party is taking all of them down with him. Bye Felicia.

  20. Jim Jordan is a smarmy moron. I would love to smack that smirk off his face. It's unbelievable to me that he was elected to Congress.

  21. Who would have thunk it? Jim Jordan looked the other way while student-athletes were sexually abused. And now, he's showing that he has ZERO integrity, by misrepresenting the protections that a whistleblower is ensured. Does the GOP search out morally reprehensible, sexual predators? Or is that just all they have to choose from? Why do the Roy Moores and the Gym Jordans of the world, flock to the GOP? 🤔

  22. Jordan should've been jailed prior to this garbage. He's like all the Trump idiots–nobody home up-stairs. Maybe 4 good walls un-padded will do it.

  23. One can only feel disgust and shame at Jim Jordan's shameful, manipulative and public dissembling that the American people need to know the "identity" of the whistle blower is critical to the substance of the allegations about the Ukraine call. How many criminal indictments are entered by Grand Juries and the identity of those on panels of those Grand Juries ARE NEVER PUBLICLY DISCLOSED. Yet no one, has raised ANY challenge that keep Grand Jury panel identities secret are material to the charging and investigation of criminals.

  24. I think Jim Jordan should be investigated as I would suspect he has something to hide if he is so worried about this investigation

  25. I think Jim Jordan should be investigated as I would suspect he has something to hide if he is so worried about this investigation

  26. If the shoe was on the other foot Jim Jordan would be screaming to protect this whistleblower

    What is happening here is the repubs are trying to re write the rules to suit them…..unfortunately for them the dems have formed a backbone

  27. Jim Jordan has lost his dignity trying to cover up this administrations illegal actions . He and the republicans have turned their backs on Americas best interest .

  28. Jordan…..America`s newest punch worthy face…….you know men like him, men you wont let your 15yr old daughter babysit for.

  29. I wish journalists would call out Representatives who pretend to speak for 'the American People.' This jackboot Jim Jordan doesn't speak for the American People.

  30. Well – Jim – what would YOU want if you were a true patriot and whistle-blower (as opposed to traitor and hot air blower)? Protection – or – be thrown to the jackals?

  31. America has a host of liars and corrupt delusionals fleecing America. The USA deserves better! Vote….it's your patriotic duty.

  32. Federal Law prohibits the identity of this whistle-blower from being known, to divulge who they are would be to break yet another law. The whistle blower protection act is working as intended, allowing for career federal servants to openly report wrong doing, fraud, and abuse of government resources; and allowing for classified environments to have some degree oversight outside of congress. It was up to the appointed Inspector General to deem it worthy of further investigation. What is sad, is that the sitting President was the perpetrator of the abuse of power.

  33. Jordan, just like his Master, Traitor Trump, don't care for the rule of law!! Jordan, us in politics strictly to enrich himself.!!! I'm sure he is corrupt and is amoral!!!!

  34. Jim Jordans blind allegiance to Trump makes one wonder what his motives are. Is he compromised in some way and afraid of retribution like Congressman Sessions?

  35. I'm from Ohio. Mention of Jim Jordan in Ohio makes a lot of people roll their eyes in quiet disgust. Jordan struggles here with the most commonly held definition and understanding of the word 'whistleblower'. Let's focus instead on the information the wb has provided, much of which, it would seem, we can verify independently …….

  36. Jim Jordan is corrupt and has also become trump's doggie that goes around licking his heels and doing whatever his master tells him to do, albeit thru McConnel or whoever! ,His spine is now Jello. I agree with dlloyd Jordan is disgusting and consumed with political power/reelection fears! He's evil because he promotes lying, corruption and lack of any integrity for our country, constitution or people who voted him in! He among many Reps will wallow, in the end, in their own filthy mire, just like trump will!

  37. Jim Jordan's dumb as a box or rocks stance reinforces the total joke that is his "skill set". I mean this man is Matt Gaetz stupid…and that's saying a lot. What else would you expect from Ohio lol. JK Ohio…we love ya.

  38. The DOJ protected the whistleblower on Nixon. trumpPAB has his doj hunting the whistleblower. Peopel are saying that there is a bounty.

  39. LAWLESS RENEGADE TRUMP AND HIS BOOTLICKING TOADY, JORDAN. The LAW protects the whistleblower. But, of course, you two are above the law. NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Trump has THREATENED the whistleblower. Trumpite NUTS make any threat uttered by Trump a deadly risk to the patriot aka whistleblower.

  40. The entire Trump government and his circle looks like a crew of incompetent idiotic characters from a black humor crime comedy.

  41. Jordan spends his time on his Knees .Trump is the Biggest Coward this World has ever seen ! This Gutless POS Coward and Traitor needs to be Executed for Treason!

  42. What kind of sleazy relationship do Jim Jordan and Donnie have? Or any republican and Donnie? What is at the bottom of that slippery, putrid pit of scum? 'pubs, must reject this fake president and repent!

  43. Your government is confusing. Ed Snowden was a hero for whistleblowing on his own government, and was threatened with with prison and had to go into hiding. Now, one part of the government is trying to get the identity of this whistleblower and the other is trying to protect him/her. 🤪🤪🤪🤪

  44. It's bananas that our ELECTED congressman think that their fear of a tweet Trump's…yes,pun…trumps believe the 1300 plus lies just since he has been in office….have you quit your second job? You work a second job to afford gasoline to get to work. Let's talk…there has to a better way!

  45. By the accusations that the trumptrolls hurl, I would guess that the GOP owns a subsidiary of the Putin pedophile ring. That is how the GOP stays on point, collective fear.

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