Fmr Ambassador To Russia: “Really Shocked” By Yovanovitch Opening Statement | The Last Word | MSNBC

Fmr Ambassador To Russia: “Really Shocked” By Yovanovitch Opening Statement | The Last Word | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Fmr Ambassador To Russia: “Really Shocked” By Yovanovitch Opening Statement | The Last Word | MSNBC

  1. All these men that know the law because it's their business breaking it is an obvious attitude that their above it!!!

  2. Finally somebody that has some balls, funny It had to be a woman, good for her! It's time we started ignoring their subpoenas for a change

  3. The net is closing on filthy lying crook Trump. He is suffering another does of bone spurs and ran from Syria and let down the Kurds. He is making America look like a joke.

  4. The GOP, aka as the Government of Putin, must be removed from power. They are systematically destroying everything in America and in Europe. We must not let Putin win.

  5. The administration fired her. Screw them. I’m glad she defied them and testified. She is to be commended for 33 years of ethical service, and her testimony burnishes her image. Brave woman.

  6. The expression of the guy in the thumbnail is priceless. That's the face you make when you actually see the "666" on the back of his head.

  7. "… as contacts of Mr. Giuliani may well have believed that their financial ambitions were stymied by our anti-corruption policy in Ukraine."

    Not to mention, an anti-corruption policy would have had monitoring "mechanisms" that would have revealed the associates' corrupt dealings in the Ukraine. So it's not simply a situation where they would lose money then go home with their tails between their legs; they would end up going to jail also.

  8. Yeah according to DUMPing DUCK MARIE YOVANOVITCH is bad, CHRISTINE BLASSI FORD is bad, n all those women who would speak the TRUTH.

  9. Nikki Haley brought that same lawless corruption of the lawless oval; office mob bosses, into the United Nation's. Vice president Mike Pence is also guilty.

  10. For those believing the transcript Adam Schiff read. Was parody.

    Many ranking senators called adam Schiff out. Any one could notice the wording is not how the president speaks.

    When ranking senator Collins approach adam about the script.
    Adam Schiff knew he was in trouble.
    He said it was all parody. Made up. It was a joke.
    Senators collision asked, how were Americans to know it was parody. Adam says well they should have known. In his own words.

    That friday the committee voted Adam Schiff from his position as chair man.
    I was shocked. Some Democrats voted him out. It was more than a majority.

    Senator Collins said he was going to recommend charges be brought to him. Charge him with. Fraud and parody.
    More charges. He was part of the hoax on Russia,Russia it was debunked.

    You people who believe what your told by this communist talking heads.. why would you believe a communist media?
    The media is owned by the " swamp."
    This talking heads make millions if not billions to lie to you. They are not allowed to tell the truth.

    .All the senators, Congress, Whitehouse are millionaires. Making 8 million to 25 million.

    This communist media is trash.

    This talking heads in all the media network are on board with the communist. The Democrats have embraced communism.
    They showed their true colors. They were communist all along.

    That what he said. it parody.. he admitted it himself. It was parody made up, making fun off The clip is there..

    This people are the swamp. They are going to lie. Steal, cheat.

  11. There are all these chopper talk. CNN should do an article on what is 45 using the heli trips for, considering he has nothing much to do. These flights don't come cheap.

  12. Proud… many others will be just as brave, and follow her lead. Eloquent, poised , articulate and deliberate. God bless her. This must have been scary

  13. He caved to Turkey & China is emerging with wins in this week’s trade talks, with the U.S. shelving new tariffs against Beijing while leaving many demands to be worked out later in return for an assurance of increased agriculture purchases.

  14. Impeach William Barr…Mike Pompeo ..they are neck deep in this conspiracy also…I also think we should hear more about the blatant nepotism involving Trump's offspring…Hunter Biden isn't in any public office..Thank you for the courage of Yanovich..

  15. Honest professional competent Ambassador replaced for no good reason. President and his family making money while he/they are in office and a massive conflict of interest and unconstitutional are left alone.

  16. Guiliani was so desperate for dirt on Biden, he sold his soul and listened to two crooks, who wanted to remove Yovanovitch for their own dirty reasons.

    Mike Pompeo silent on one of his ambassador's good name being sullied.

  17. History will note who stood with the Constitution and who didn’t. (That’s not the Constitution as interpreted by geniuses like q, though who follows that will be noted as well.)
    BTW, q is funded by right-wing billionaires. Duh. Don’t need a “deep state “ when they can create one. Again…duh.

  18. “Oh I’ve heard very very bad things about her for a very very long time”. This is your president folks. 🥴 A complete [email protected]$ing moron, who is a puppet and a traitor. He’s a complete imbecile. I am certain he is broke, no income, he receives his cut of money from Russia.
    I’ll be so glad once this is finally over because our government will be completely and totally reconstructed and we will come out of this stronger than ever. The republican party WILL completely disappear and it will be a new day. This will be such a massive cleaning of house. The universe has a plan. Nothing will ever be the same again, thank God.

  19. Inez Qtaish is not understand why evildoers don't stop lying and going against me? I will never stop fighting evildoers until evildoers stop fighting me so I will never stop defending myself against evildoers going against me , I have no fear of evildoers no matter what, evildoers didn't know who they were going against, I Inez Qtaish will not be quiet, I will not back down, I will not give in , I will keep fighting evildoers until evildoers stop fighting me , hands up , hands down , whatever.


  21. Trump is so paranoid, that who ever hands over dirt on Biden must first make a donation to his campaign. That way, you can be trusted.

  22. Chopper talk. Trump is the only one who doesnt realise we have rumbled these BS press conferences in front of a Helicopter. Such a cowardly piece of trash.

  23. The US helped make Mafia capitalism the norm across the globe after the end of the Cold War. In 2016 those chickens came home to roost. Trump is a symptom of a violently anti-working class economic philosophy that has been around for a long time. It's just stronger than before and emboldened to perform its fascist strut in broad daylight for all the world to see rather than in the dark with torches.

  24. Is sad that the president of Ucraine won his presidency on a anti-corruption campaign and end up in line with the most CORRUPT people of the world.

  25. What the pathological liar shifty Schiff and his cohorts are doing in this country is a disgrace, bringing down this constitutional republic into a banana republic conducting a "kangaroo court" (found only in third world dictatorships) that prohibits conservative members of the House Intelligence Committee to issue subpoenas and interview witnesses. These Democrats have gone so LOW they don't deserve to stay in the US Congress.

  26. Even very corrupt nations are not this brazen in committing corruption. I have to applaud Trumps governement they have the worst crooks.

  27. I hope all the people who consider their personal integrity more important than keeping Trump in office will come forward. If that happens, the GOP has no choice but to allow the impeachment process to run its course, instead of blocking it in the Senate, as Moscow Mitch has declared before hearing all the evidence.

  28. The fact that she is choosing country over trump, is her recommendation. She needs nothing from trump. Nothing he says about her is to be believed anyway, so what good would his endorsement be? useless.

  29. The Economist 10/14/19: "Trump's decision to step out of the way of a Turkish offensive leaves the region to Moscow"
    Is that fake news? Letting those people die to forward Putin's agenda.
    Even for a conservative Republican, that is unforgivable.

  30. There's trump's poison ivy that has spread over seas in witch most people with a brain would have known. We are a country with no friends left because of the way trump acts out in public daily.

  31. It's crazy how all of these stories come out of former employees of trump that warn ppl about him and he still has supporters. These are ppl that were with him personally, multiple people, they cannot all be liars. His lawyer is in jail right now. His campaign manager is in jail right now. Yet he still has supporters?

  32. True Americans have known already how crooked Trump and his Admin are. We just needed these great people and the whistle blowers to confirm it. Thank you.

  33. We dont want this to be like a thrd world country where one side uses the media to frame the other side to gain power.  so the more cnn and msnbc colludes with democrats the more indepents see it, and therefore will vote against them. Take it as an advice. Your welcome.

  34. What a great woman! Thank you, Ms. Yovanovitch! You have more guts than all the republican party together! They should be ashamed of themselves.

  35. Thank you Marie Yovanovitch for standing up for America & not allowing Thug Trump & his thug minions intimidate you to keep you from testifying! Leave it to a woman who showed she had bigger bawls then all of truly wimpy GOPs who've turned their backs on Lady Liberty!

  36. I was on the fence before, however it's now patently clear … the president of the United states of America must be impeached.
    This is what trumpism has come to.

  37. clucky zucker no tape they are telling us that they would run govt different ummmm but they were not elected!!!!!! dem host also not elected how many people in congress could under go what trump has been thru sure they are clean as snow closed hearing no reps reps can not question or call witness real fair then after closed hearing selective leaks to push there narrative

  38. God bless you Mr. President. Great 3Q GDP report coming in a few weeks. Wonderful October Situations Report coming. Congratulations on the record breaking November Situations Report to be released first week of December.

  39. Wow
    I see this playing out as the lawless
    (Trump and any and everyone who supports him in any way shape or form),
    And the lawful.
    Scary times as the fringe continues to reveal it's ugly self, to the probable peril of us all….

  40. So what's going to happen now the impeachment is going to slowly morph into criticizing his foreign policies and the way he goes about them that's going to be somehow impeachable?

  41. I really think Ghouliani thought that he was protected under the false pretenses of "Executive Privilege". You know that thing the White House uses when someone just stands in the room with the President. He's going to learn very soon he is/was sadly mistaken. Trump's not going to save him. Especially once he's indicted. Trump is a user, abuser and all around LOSER!

  42. forget impeachment… lynch the whole corrupt bunch and save ten's if not hundred's of millions….
    BTW this crook is planning to put another TRILLION bucks on the country's credit card giving tax breaks to the needy and poor bilionaires that supprt him with contributions… that is the MOST CORRUPT THING ABOUT MODERN AMERICA… THE DELUSION OF DEMOCRACY… BY THE RICH,FOR THE RICH, BY THE RICH… AND THE POOR GET POORER… AND ARE GIVEN A DREAM… TURNING INTO A NIGHTMARE SOON !!!

  43. Nasty guy, projecting what he really is onto others for what he really is. That woman's words empower women and an exemplary ambassador.

  44. The clouds over the White House block out the sun, the downpour will flush away all the corruption that occupies it now ! There aren't any life jackets in the White House so expect causalities !

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