Florida’s Midterm Election Drama | The Daily Show

Florida’s Midterm Election Drama | The Daily Show

25 thoughts on “Florida’s Midterm Election Drama | The Daily Show

  1. yeah I'm from Broward County and myself and multiple people I know did a mail in ballot and it was "lost" by the county. A huge amount of people encountered this, it was all over the news here in Florida

  2. Arizona is exactly like this too. For as many elections as I can recall, we never finish counting the day after. Arizona has serious problems with voter suppression and purging registration lists, too. In AZ this year, Republicans tried to sue the state to stop counting ballots before hundreds of thousands of on-time mail-in ballots were counted. Every election previous, nobody has batted an eye about Arizona's shitty voting system, until Republicans this year were trying to cut off counting votes from the largest (and bluest) county in the state so their Senate candidate would unfairly win.

  3. Unethical liberals?! Lmao politicians calling each other corrupt when they’re ALL corrupt. And people eat this shit up you sheep…mindless drones!

  4. Those darn unethical liberals, always wanted their votes counted! Funny how Dick $not makes unsupported Trump-like claims of fraud when he's literally the biggest fraud in American history, and also gerrymandered the state to allow Republicans to win elections with a minority of the vote. And then there's the fact that he and his Republican cronies have made it as difficult as possible for people to vote, especially for urban and minority voters. His behavior the past two weeks will be on my mind the next time that I vote against him.

  5. The second we start staggering votes state-by-state is the second that no one knows when election day is. That would be a very bad decision… a good idea… But it would take the entire country a few years to get it down, and we wouldn't want to be losing votes during that process considering how things already are when it comes to certain Generations getting off their fucking ass and going to vote… I'm talking to you younger millennials and iGen. Get the fuck off your phones and go vote when you're supposed to, that's part of being an American.

    This country is about to fuck baby boomers so hard… we really need to get our priorities straight in the upcoming Generations.

    The rich get richer and the poor get poorer… How long does it have to stay like this?

  6. We spent 600 billion on military in 2015 – 54% of all funds.
    3.7 trillion dollars total were spent that year… How much of that went towards ensuring that our elections would be secure?


  7. Please stop denigrating Florida. Thousands of us volunteers worked countless hours to try to protect the voters on Election Day and later to oversee the mandatory recounts. We feel bad enough about the results as it is without being collectively called assholes and even worse names in social media and on shows like yours. I’m very disappointed in you, Trevor. Your mama taught you better.

  8. Hows about we pay some taxes so we can get decent voting machines and stuff? Donald I'm looking at you.

  9. Florida = Idiocracy. From water and sewage to voting, its all fucked.

    I can imagine how bad they'll fuck-up their sea walls needed to mitigate sea level rise. I bet they hand out Gatorade to everyone after all the freshwater becomes toxic. :/

  10. What’s the point of me getting everyone to vote if the system is broken. They don’t care, they had more then enough time to fix those machines. As a Floridian, this state is backwards on EVERYTHING!

  11. Good Ole Flaaawwwda finna brang back slavery too yawl! Wees already gots Harriet Tubman over da ballots see? LOL!

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