Fleischer: Mulvaney made a ‘terrible mistake’ by contradicting Trump

Fleischer: Mulvaney made a ‘terrible mistake’ by contradicting Trump

100 thoughts on “Fleischer: Mulvaney made a ‘terrible mistake’ by contradicting Trump

  1. The "Queen of Corruption" is going to run for president again, and meanwhile the crooked Damocrats are causing malicious gossip through a "secret" hearing about Trump's so called illegal dealings with the Ukraine.What a bunch of phooey.

  2. Trump awarded his own failing hotel a contract. Now it will be full at a time in the year when only 30% of the rooms have guests in yesterday past.

    Whether or not we like Trump, we shouldn't be ok with him using our government to enrich himself, his "friends" and his family.

  3. It was not clearly specifically said…. except get over it Cuz we the people herd the phone call.
    So its anyones guess or spin as usual.

  4. He made a mistake for telling the truth, Ari? Why do my fellow Republicans continue to enable this corrupt loser? How will you explain yourselves when he's finally gone and there's only ashes left in his wake? Amazing….

  5. Nonsense, Ari!!! Trump clearly conspired with a foreign government to influence the 2020 election, something that the Constitution and your conscience prohibit! Stop deceiving all these easily duped Fox News viewers with your straight-up lies. 😡

  6. Lies don’t just slip out your mouth which means he’s telling the truth. WH is so corrupted. I’ve always supported republicans but no longer.. enough is enough. Not sure how everyone making comments and brush it off as fake news. Really… you’re watching the clown speak… word for word… I’m not even listening to any media comments… just what the WH and GOP has to say and it’s such a disgrace to America. Tried to get off the G7 topic and slip… that alone is another BIG concern and illegal.. yet all these GOP aren’t against WH giving out contract to Trump.. Really? How is Doral is best place… it’s rediculous.. close by airport, not easily secure, all places in US and it’s best?? BS. Not profiting??? Um.. it doesn’t matter if they profit or not… they are paying for hotel rooms, etc.. which means it’s against the freaking Emolument clause.. Yet all these Republicans and Trump supporters.. “Nothing wrong…” Come on already… fake news? How is it fake news when we hear these straight from their mouth??

  7. If trump gets removed from office the damage control attempts from his supporters will be epic. Fox News is openly dividing the country via Donald Trump, thank God Shep Got out of that circus of a network. The truth has never been their style anyway.

  8. Fox litterally edited out the part when he answers we do it all the time after asked if he realized what the trump admin did was a quid pro quo

    Then the opinion hosts will tell you how about the msm is fake and dishonest and accuse democrats of being liars and crooked

    Splendid, just splendid

  9. I heard President Trump explain how he wanted the Europeans to contribute also. Then, the Ukrainian leader said there was no pressure. Then, he gave the Ukrainians the money. Then, there was a document showing how the president wanted no pressure on the Ukrainian leader. I have never been so disappointed in a political party like this before. I'll probably never vote Democrat again. In fact, this so called governor Newsome is up for a recall vote in less than a year. He has so many law abiding citizens in Southern California angry.

  10. "There's going to be political influence in foreign policy."

    Wow look at all of the leftist Democrat dimwits here in the comments section thinking that that statement is admitting some wrongdoing on Trump's part with that telephone call to the president of Ukraine. Listen dimwits, we have the transcript of everything that was said and even the president of Ukraine himself saying there was nothing there in the conversation about being forced to do anything. There was no manipulation there. Now all you harebrained dummycrats go back to sleep.

  11. He clearly said that the funds were held back to ensure the Ukrainians investigated the 3016 election & said to get over it! He can't spin things now to say that they didn't hold back funds to get Ukrainians involved in starting investigations?

  12. Fox carefully edited out the statement where Mulvaney directly confirms the quid pro quo. Pro-Trump bias so obvious and dishonest journalism.

  13. Fox news… you suck! lol What a stupid title! Don't we WANT politicians that don't like and call people out for lying and making things up!? Or are you the root of all the lies and bs that you call "news"?! You just lost your most honest and truthful reporter, Shep… Who will be the next lying republican to "retire"?! If you can't take the heat; get the hell out of the white house!!!!!

  14. BUl-sh-t buddy, that room is full of C_A flunkies just waiting for a mistake, go ahead with it I dare you. You will just bring on your destruction sooner and you guy's are so easy to troll. Trump keeps setting traps and fake media take and runs, what a joke,

  15. Trump should have followed Obama’s lead as the least transparent president in US history. One man cannot drain the whole swamp.Trump will be impeached and America will fall into a deep economic depression while the dems and rinos make back door deals with Oligarchs in counties like Iran and China to enrich themselves. Good luck America

  16. The DNC hasn't endorsed a canadate yet so by law Biden isn't running against trump now. So Biden isn't a political opposition party yet.

  17. The Republicans seem to be running an impeachment script. They all seem to be saying the same thing, Fox News seems to be keying on the same thing. I don't know how that is. Fox says the same thing as Republican lawmakers. But it seems to happen.

  18. Your ridiculous, what he said was what the people need to hear. He told the truth and he did not contradict the president.

  19. He made the mistake of TELLING THE TRUTH, which is something that is not done in this Administration. You have to keep Trump Lies in line. When you start to start to tell the truth, you have to go. Why do you think Trump Cannot keep cabinet members in his Administration. PEOPLE WAKE UP!

  20. Even TRUMP SUPPORTERS are waking up to the Corruption in the White House! Just because you like him doesn't mean he should be President of the U.S.

  21. Fleischer you're wrong although I would agree that he should have been more clear on the topic😑. Mulvaney was referring to political influence in general, he wasn't talking about the president. That's the twist on words.

  22. Biden ADMITTED to a quid pro quo on CSPAN. He even bragged about it. So, if a politician engages in criminally corrupt abuse of your authority to enrich your family members to the tune of literally THOUSANDS OF MILLIONS overseas, all he has to do is run for president, and your name cannot be mentioned. So, when Trump does his job given to him by his voters of ferreting out corruption (and if you deny this federal government is corrupt, you are too blind to be helped), when he asks the new Ukrainian president to investigate, how should he refer to the subject of the investigation? Should he use sign language?

    This is why Clinton is about to steal the democrat nomination, because they are establishing an asinine new precedent of immunity from criminal investigation overseas for presidential candidates. Why are people so stupid as to fall for this? You cannot possibly be educated in any discipline that values the truth or even smart and fall for this massive scam..

  23. Fox getting trolled by leftist but he will still be your President after your representatives waste their and your time pushing an impeachment thatll never go through the Senate instead of actually fixing the problems that need to be addressed. If the house goes back to the Republicans which it probably will after this shiz show than what'll you have to show for the last two years? Crying about 2016 instead of writing in laws to help their constituents. This is such a waste of everyones time Democrats and Republicans 🤦‍♂️

  24. Yes indeed, mickey mulvaney, we will get over it – we'll get over and past this corrupt presidency! Tick-motherfuckingTock! Your time is up!

  25. Republicans are such shifty liars. This man is saying that Mick should have just back the president and repeated the talking points. He doesn’t care about the truth as none of them do. Just stay on message and repeat the lies. Dirty MFs

  26. Truly terrible mistake. The true conservative mentalities know that you never tell the truth, and you always justify yourself with lies, deciet, and manipulation and end your justification by implying or saying that everyone lies and cheats, just get over it.

  27. Mulvaney admitted the truth. In Trumptard land, this is unacceptable. Truth, in any form, will not be tolerated! Now the white house blames the media? What a crock of ….

  28. Fox is a cesspool of liars. Mulvaney said the truth. Now, Fox must immediately begin to spin their web of lies in order to fool all the Trumptarded zombies into believing in a lie. Sucking Donny' rectum.

  29. So if contradicting the president as a guy in the white house is considered a terrible mistake? Well… what to say about trump? He is contradicting himself over and over… latest example:
    "Kurds = friends = not friends" Trump 18/19

  30. Does anyone feel like
    Their eating the Democrats for Breakfast
    Dinner and Supper???
    Dosen't that make you want to puke them up???

  31. fox=propaganda! you don't show the complete video in sequence!
    the real sequence is more like that:

    "What you just described is a Quid Pro Quo"

    "We do that all the time! Get over it."

  32. He is not contradicting trump.He admitted the trust And then tried to take back.
    This criminals won’t even be on the same page when comes to their lying and their crimes

  33. Article 2 gives POTUS gives almost absolute power in the way POTUS conducts foreign policy. So this is a nonstarter.

  34. This is absolutely correct:
    Its time for the lying and corruption to stop !!

    Now guess, to whom this sentence is spoken to. 🙂

  35. Good Lord, Ari Fleischer, I actually… always thought you had SOME brain.
    What you produced there…. how can you look in your children´s eyes?
    Best education: showing them how to lie?

  36. State Media trying to normalize such behavior. Sad. What happened here, is that Mulvaney was prepped for a news conference centered around the G7 Summit. He got sidetracked, and accidently told the truth.

  37. Too bad we didn't expect absolute perfection from Clinton and Obama like we do for everyone in the trump White House. Obama invented the phrase, "I mis-spoke". What he intended to say was that he had lied. No one ever shook Obama or Clinton down after they or their staff mis-spoke.

  38. NATIONAL EMBARRASSMENT. ABSOLUTELY LAUGHABLE. RIGHT UP THERE W/, "WHAT A GREAT DAY FOR THE KURDS, THE BOMBING ATTACKS ARE ONLY SPARSE." BTW HOUSE DEMS PASSED OVER 250+ BILLS FOR THE SENATE TO TAKE UP. AND HOUSE REPUBLICANS ON THE INTELLIGENCE COMMITTEE ARE GIVEN AS MUCH TIME FOR QUESTIONS AS DEMS. It's Faux Fox that FaweX (all emotion, no facts; three at most an hour, but they're all half-truths) YOU UP & OVER, MISINFORMS and MAKES FOOLS YOU. UNFAIR TO VIEWERS, CONSUMER PROTECTION, AND YES, REGULATION, WARRANTED. NOW. That NEWS icon doesn't belong in the corner for guys like Hannity and Tucker, who, as Ted Kopple used to say, "do a terrible disservice to this, our country." Get a second and third sources; figure out the REAL picture — FIND the TRUTH — for yourself.

  39. Giving (or selling) arms to Ukraine does not help Ukraine in any way: Ukraine is under no threat whatsoever, unless

    the US wants Ukraine to reactivate the war with its eastern regions and/or with Russia in Crimea, with the prospect
    of more deaths in the area. It did help Poroshenko enrich himself as his factories were supplying the army with military

    equipment. So it is hard to see how Zelinsky could be hostage to such a blackmail attempt.

  40. Fox news still trying to keep America in ignorance. You think we can't understand what Mulvaney said? This government is falling apart and Fox still supports this corrupted people.

  41. Why are all these idiots so loyal to the guy that shows no loyalty to anybody. You had better Jump ship before it sinks because it is going down….

  42. Stupid Mulveny and tRump talk about the mythic DNCserver as if it were the Holy Grail of the Anti- Christ, that must be found to deactivate its curse. If "found" the server is just a piece of hardware that proves nothing, and if it exists most likely the info there has been erased, it can be erased in two seconds! Those rants of Mulvy and tRump are just to keep stirred the low instincts of the bunch of deplorable tRump voters, who don´t care for reason and reality.

  43. "Are the dems trying to spin his words more severely than they are supposed to?" By doing what? Repeating exactly what he said back to him? We can all hear exactly what he said. How come the only repeated sentences the republicans can handle without throwing a tantrum are their own rehearsed lies and crap that's fed to them by their cult leader?

  44. How could you investigate Biden's 2016 quid pro quo without mentioning his name? Trump is the chief law enforcement officer and it's his moral duty to investigate this.

  45. You can twist and deflect and attempt to throw this as an attack on the Democrats. However Mulvaney admitted quid pro quo and that is the end of this. Attacking the Democrats is not going to get Mulvaney out of the mess he created.

  46. Fox News: "Quick let's say something to fix our story and be on the side of trump and our supporters"

    Fox News defense : "Democrats never like Trump and we have to focus back to Hillary's emails!"

    The intellectuals : 😂😂😂 such a weak defense.

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