100 thoughts on “Fleeing civilians tell CNN they don’t know where to go as Turkey attacks

  1. Now we all know most of the world knows that Cnn is fake news and they do elaborate on everything so maybe it's wise to go to sky news they're all blaming the Americanbut it is about time the EU put their boots on the floor along with some money

  2. The US reputation is tarnished forever, thanks to the Moron President.
    Good luck finding allies for any kind of operations in the Middle East or in the world for that matter, after this.

  3. I was almost fed up with endless wars there but CNN 's coverage of their women and children actors…I mean civilians , yea civilians…. makes me wanna stay their forever until we get their resources……I mean, freedom….

  4. These people have been fighting since the beginning of time.The U.S shouldn't have to baby sit other countries.every one was just calling trump a war monger.now he doesn't want war and y'all act like kids.trump 2020…make liberals cry again 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  5. American warplane goes it drops rose water n russian warplane drop rose….only local fighters have bombs and bullet…people made refugees because of world war was all for peace …..
    CNN just discovered refugees.

  6. CNN's Clarissa Ward speaks to Muslims who are attempting to escape other Muslims
    "We even Kill each other" —They shouted

  7. Cnn told use we shouldnt go to syria to help with isis years ago, but now its just because orange man bad
    Dont see any other UN countrys helping

  8. Where did all the Trump supporters go? Normally they are camped out waiting in line to troll CNN updates. Guess I've been proven wrong. Some things even shame THEM.

  9. PAB45, spin and deflect w/ other BS all you want, but this is 100% the consequence of your great and unmatched wisdom randomly pulling US troops from Syria. 😒

  10. In California we have Turdish Rebels… they live in tents and speak Spanish mostly… Careful where you step….smells horrible here….like an open sewer without electricity….

  11. Geez where's all the young Syrian men that could be fighting for their country, Syria??? Oh yeah they all ran away because they were all paid by George Soros and the Obama Administration to flood into Europe UK Germany Sweden Australia etc……and they tried like hell to take over the United States, God bless President Trump for constantly doing the right thing!❤️🇺🇸 Maybe all these freeloaders will go back to their own countries to protect their families that they ran away from for a free ride on whatever country would give it to them! Since the New World Order religion is Islam, THEY DID NOT THINK THE SHE👿DEVIL, CLINTON WOULD LOSE! But the new sheriff in town said nope not the United States! God bless President Trump for taking America out of endless Wars over Islamic religion! The United States will never be in a war again! Unless the Isis caliphate that Obama and Biden placed in the United States rears its ugly head!

  12. Where was CNN when ISIS invaded that region? Watched so many massacres on a nightly basis, beheadings daily remember? Anyone?

  13. Syria is terrible county most of these people would kidnap you for your money,and go as far to rape your and murdder you in front of your loved ones. Happy that the country is getting a taste of it’s own medication

  14. Turkey has millions of Syrian refugees and she treated them very well providing for them food and shelter and schools. So how can this move be a bad one for Syrian people. I believe that this is a good and peaceful move

  15. Eat a dick, CNN. 4 countries that would be "Kurdistan" would cause a blood bath. You are promoting violence again, and in an order of magnitude that would send refugees back INTO Europe, and a full out blood bath in the region.

    Fuck … do you people even listen to yourselves? Abort some of your reports please. Hell, take an editor to the washer by making sure they don't have kids either. We need less tide pod eating, and more investigative reporting.

  16. I just dont care about the middle east no sympathy for these ppl I'm happy America troops pulled out CNN only pretending to care cause trump pulled troops out this is a joke cnn

  17. These could actually be "asylum seekers" versus the bullshit, fake asylum seekers from Central America that want to drop anchor babies and suck up welfare.

  18. Why not withdraw all troops from everywhere.. this makes no sense. why the midnight move to move troops from border. Trump doesnt do anything unless there is a benefit to him. Think about it, his reason makes no sense. We have troops all over the world in dangerous places. why leave there and why now. Who benefits from this. Trump is truly an evil and selfish man.

  19. People are running for their lives and FAKE NEWS CNN reporter is busy dishing out lies and propaganda about Trump on the ground.What a shame CNN has become

  20. They dont want some American bitch talking to them about what they are going to do or if they are scared, as she ride off back to USA where its safe.

  21. Jehovah' God's day is coming only those who truly follow him will make it through Armageddon and into his system of things.

  22. This is sad and you know that they will have to flee to Europe and now with most countries in turmoil this is not the time for war

  23. WELL at least Joe Biden and John McCain had Sons to do military service which one of Trump's Three Stooges is going to step up to the plate are they going to follow in the footsteps of Pappy Trump😎

  24. All we’ve heard since this is how Kurdistan soldiers fought with USA soldiers to defeat isis and was a big reason they were defeated….. yet now the USA pulls out what was 50 USA soldiers. All of a sudden the Kurds can’t defend themselves? That makes no sense.


  26. We have enough of our own fucking problems in America.. it’s not our responsibility to worry about other fucking country’s! Get our Men and Women home!!

  27. Turkey- since you didnt release our guy….you must pull out
    Trump-like. Fine…
    Trump to U.S- it's not our war. ..bla bla bla

  28. Checkout these unfiltered and unbiased media outlets. 100% factual
    The Jimmy Dore Show, Secular Talk, Status Coup, Democracy Now, The Rational National, The Humanist Report, Kim Iverson, Abby Martin's show, MCSC, The Tim Black Show, Redacted Tonight, Real News Network and many more…. Trust that we need change & if you're tired of being lied to by these networks like fox news, cnn, msnbc, abc, cbs, the view…ect they're the sheep herders leading this 🌎 to destruction #GETINFORMED #REVOLUTION

  29. Yes! Finally the start of World War III. Men, Women, and Children of the World…. choose your side.

    North Korea, Russia, Turkey, Israel, USA, and Saudi Arabia v.s. The rest of the World

  30. They've been fighting for 200 years as they try to claim foreign ground by force. Instead of becoming a part of a foreign they insist on taking parts of land using guerrilla tactics. They captured N. Iraq, most of Syria and yes E. Turkey.

  31. Fake News!? Can't really tell anymore.
    Got a problem with world leaders!?… Attack the citizens and residents that don't even agree with their own leaders and politics! That'll show 'em!!!

  32. Deep state fucking around again to try to drag Trump into a war.

    Let them fight it out. Not our business. We are done policing the ME

  33. so are we mad that trump isnt contributing to the invasion and occupation of a foreign land. What have the Democrats become……..

  34. Turkey was going to do this no matter if we were there are not. They are an Islmo-Nazi regime. Praise Trump for exposing them for what they are.

  35. Democrats and their media should march themselves, their kids, and their grandkids down to the nearest recruiting office if they want the US to fight in a Muslim on Muslim war.

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