42 thoughts on “Flat Earth "Leader" Gets His Best 5 Points Ruined!!

  1. "I scowad da intahnet an cudn't find won singul picsha…."

    That's weird. I googled it and found a bunch with the first and most specific example of pictures of Chicago from the opposite side of Lake Michigan, roughly 59 miles away.

    I'm not a flat earther, but if you are going to accuse someone of not researching, you should probably do better research yourself.

  2. why are they worried about the van allen belt today? oh snd they cant go back, because they lost the telemetry data! lmfao.

  3. Scimandan, you didnt crush nothing, i have found numerous vidoes from sea lvl. maybe they are blocked where you live lmfao. i will find one and post it here.

  4. Why are these videos on YouTube mate your a prat find something else to do with your time like airfix modelling.

  5. https://youtu.be/Gkzbx99vUhI have You watched this video Mate ? You haven't done good enough researches, isn't ?

  6. If the hole is small enough they can literally cover it with duct tape until a better repair can be made.

  7. I think you missed one at 5:46 or it wasn't worth mentioning. The assertion is even a low level of vacuum can overcome gravity. Anyone can refute his assertion by buying a vacuum pump, oil, and chamber for $150 on eBay… wait, he's getting how much to talk? He should spend $1K on a vacuum pump and chamber to play with and video so he can show all us round Earth people wrong.
    I can perform that test right now… oh wait, I guess I basically ran that test many times in the last few years… hmm. No floating objects yet!

  8. its basic physics… the moon produces cold light? haha! cooling is produced by the absence of heat. Like in your ac unit, the heat is collected inside and rejected outside. I guess no flat earthers are engineers because in school basic physics like this is taught to you. What a waste of food, air and water these people are. If they cared at all about the truth they could just google this and be set straight. I GOTTA see the crowd he is talking to!

  9. Mark Sargent is a "life actor" playing his role. He is Paid Opposition. The Flat Earth narrative is clearly being controlled….. Nothing is as it seems.

  10. Some one sad i the commets that the teachers lie to use about the a flat/globel earth. Myn question is why would they lie about that. Makes no sense to me.

  11. "Where can we see small shadows?"

    The one cast by your brain, of course… or your dick. Take your pick, Sarge.


  13. Mark Sargent asked a simple question: Why does Mark Sargent enjoy huffing his own farts? Scientists had no answer.

  14. Easiest argument against flat earth is simply this: When you look with your telescope do you see flat anything else?
    Moon to Sun and all the planets we can see are round. Why would we assume that we would be the Milky way's anomaly?

  15. You don't get it. I watched the Netflix documentary on flat earthers too. I think it's a form of attention seeking. They want you to believe that they believe. It's a form of supertrolling and you just felt for it.

  16. Dan makes so damned many flat earth debunk vids…..Im now convinced he works for the Illuminati, because nobody spends that much time trying to debunk such a ridiculousness. OR IS IT !??? I'm convinced now that the earth is truly flat due to this channels continued debunking of something that doesnt need debunking. YOUR REVERSE PSYCHOLOGY WONT WORK ON ME !!!

  17. OMG that Yes/No Question. Sigh, that's the problem with Simpletons like Mark there's many things in this world that have Yes/No answers.

  18. Brilliant, I really enjoyed watching it, then I read the highlighted comment and nearly wet myself laughing.. very good

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