Fiona Hill, Alexander Vindman’s Impeachment Testimony Transcipts Released | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC

Fiona Hill, Alexander Vindman’s Impeachment Testimony Transcipts Released | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Fiona Hill, Alexander Vindman’s Impeachment Testimony Transcipts Released | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC

  1. i wonder if we will hear the possessed wailing and crying of satans hord again (Brett Kavanaughs invented smear) when there is not enough votes to impeach the President..? listening to the evil protestors and to the demonic democratic party, was a little spooky. but im happy God chose Trump to Save this Great Country..

  2. Trump is innocent, he should be open to having an inquiry & open to the public hearings.

    This would give Trump and his staff a chance to clear his name. He is innocent, isn't he?

  3. I do appreciate since I have been following the News Casts updates. I have 12 Jurors more than once tell the truth about my case. I erased many of them great comments. Some of their comments are still free to view. They were intelligent enough to know that this was not complex. They were in understanding that I was sharing my stories with Americans who were wronged as well to help in fighting against the DOJ Individual response, which has no merits. Americans who enjoy violence. They will not get that because they are too busy trying to tear down every Citizen in this Country. Like stalkers. Any word that they can tweek. These Americans tries to do that. LOCK UP AMERICANS. LOCK UP AMERICANS.

  4. Came out today that Trump lost case and ordered to pay $2 Million to victims of his Trump Foundation scam! Just keeps getting worse for con man Cadet Bonespurs.

  5. Ukraine lost our 7 billion under last administration. That’s corruption. Ukraine fired the prosecutor under direct orders from Biden as he was aware that prosecutor was investigating his sons company. That’s also corruption. But somehow it’s illegal for our current president to ask them to show effort to fix these corruption issues before we give them more money? TDS is strong in you sheep

  6. well we have a very polluted corrupt dishonest traditionally democrat 'process' that is unacceptable and will be punished politically, etc, not just for the exploitation of the publics patience. we have the ford flopped party of liars and illegal interference, demanding their revoked expertise leverage some kind of 'consensus'. tragic, lol.

  7. I am soooo sick of hearing quid pro quo and impeachment! Trump can be annoying and irritating at times but this "quid pro quo" aka "you scratch my back I'll scratch yours" I'm sure goes on all day every day by everyone in Washington. Look at Biden and his you want the $$$ do this first. The House, especially Dems, need to quit squabbling and behaving like tattletale children on the playground and do something useful! I'm sick of impeachment BS!

  8. This is an MSNBC better known as fake news. For info this Alexander Vindman is affiliated or connected with CNN ? His credibility to be a witness should be check and verified. Any way the truth will come out who He is supporting or following ??? Or He was recruited already and are with the conspiracy.

  9. Remember when Trump's flunkies immediately hid the transcripts of the Trump shakedown call in a super duper above top secret server? Almost like they knew how bad it was.

  10. It's called Extortion. When you offer a drowning person a life preserver if, and only if, they agree to do X for you. That is the Ukrainian situation.

  11. Hunter Biden sits on the board of Burisma, making 85,000/ month.
    Now we see Pelosis son, Paul also sits on an oil board in the Ukraine, Viscoil. Paul is also an executive. with NGRLab, which is related to Burisma….hmmm
    Burisma is key in creating oil regulations in the Ukraine..
    At one point Burisma regulated the quadrupling of oil prices in the Ukraine.
    Someone made a lot of money including the past Ukraine leader.
    The Atlantic council is connected to George Soros who has large investments in Ukraine oil.
    The Atlantic council is closely associated with Burisma.
    Now we see how Adam Schiff and Pelosi have been targeting a major oil industry rival in the Ukraine.
    Pelosi has been reluctant to support the impeachment, i imagine to keep testimony from revealing this information.
    If you've heard the best defense is an offense.
    So, you think this should remain covered up so the manattempting to expose it can be muzzled and removed.
    The democrats are a strange lot.

  12. How is anyone suppose to believe this when it keeps being revealed that the whistleblower, his lawyers, shiff, and the press are all a bunch of hacks who still can't accept Trump won in 2016? All this is doing is guaranteeing he wins again and the purple haired, nose ring, vegan, gender- confused will be triggered further.

  13. Thanks President Donald Trump, for exposing facts about china is the problem of the World well being .. about the corruption crooks leftists and fake news media who have destroyed America for years

  14. And no one reports on the Obama-Biden quid pro quo with the Ukraine in 2016 for which there is documented proof. It's not a debunked conspiracy. There is an agenda here.

  15. ****WHAT MSNBC IS NOT TELLING YOU : Lawyers for House impeachment investigators dropped their subpoena to compel a former National Security Council official to testify before Congress. House Democrats said in a new court filing Wednesday they had dropped their subpoena of former deputy national security adviser Charles Kupperman on Tuesday and did not intend to reissue it. They requested that the lawsuit that Kupperman filed to compel the courts to determine whether he should appear for impeachment testimony be dropped. The case was meant to serve as a control test to determine whether the House can enforce a subpoena for the testimony of a former White House official in its impeachment inquiry.-TPM – SCHIFF KNOWS THAT HIS SUBPOENAS ARE NOT ENFORCEABLE. THAT IS WHY BOLTON IS NOT GOING TO TESTIFY. THE WHOLE DEMOCRAT HOAX IS FALLING APART****

  16. Trump and his supporters are screwed. Trying to use all defenses possible at once😂😂
    1. No there was no quid pro quo,
    2. Yes there was Quid pro quo, but not an illegal one,
    3. President and their team is too incohorent (stupid) to do a quid pro quo – Lindsey Graham
    4 we want to know what's going on and what witnesses are saying
    5. (Now transcripts of testimonies are being published) I'm not going to read it. Process is tainted
    6. Whistleblower has secondhand info. Not reliable.
    7. We want whistleblower to testify
    8. But, but, but…. Hillary, Obama, Hillary, Obama……😂😅
    9. And many more to fit in 1 comment
    Time to impeach Trump.
    Impeach! Remove!! Indict!!!

  17. Democrats should beware of what they wish for!!!
    A pollster on 'Smerconish' on CNN recently said that independents – 8 months of focus groups – are actually leaning FOR Trump bec. of the Dems' crazy impeachment push!!!
    I am one of them!
    I don’t believe what Trump did was “treason, or high crimes and misdemeanors.”
    Just bec. Biden us a candidate doesn’t mean he should be free from investigation!
    I will NOT vote for our local Dem congressman again in 2020! He/Dems have done nothing for middle class families like mine!!!

  18. Hill Lied In Her Transcript..Why Does She Get Off.The Democrats Use To Think That Bolton Was A Hand Grenade…What Changed…Nothing But A Scram Here.

  19. Looks like yovanabitch has got herself in a perjury charge. There goes democrats key witness and impeachment is falling apart.

  20. Fake news fake news..going to be so nice when you are forced to clean up your lies and your ways! WWG1WGA Trump 2020.

  21. It takes 67 Senators to remove a president from office and there are only 47 Democrats in the Senate. Pelosi and The House are just placating their rabid left-wing base who are still unhinged about their anointed queen losing the 2016 election

  22. Anyone surprised by the wheeling and dealings of this lawless p.o.s. POTUS needs to have their head examined and high school diploma revoked. Pass it on.

  23. What "stands out" to me as testimony progresses is how many people are NOT whistle blowers, when perhaps they should have been.

  24. Vindman the guy with ties to Ukrainian arms dealers, Ukrainian oil and gas.   the same man who had to be disciplined for inappropriate and partisan behavior in the military,   Most of what vindman has testified to has been largely irrelevant opinion, just like all the so called "news" on the lefty media and for those of you who do not like my choice of links, just look this stuff up for yourselves you are all quite able, but most of you want to be spoon fed your lies here cause you are to lazy to use your little fingers to look stuff up.

  25. Why isn’t mainstream media outlets reporting Yovanovitch lied under oath when she said she didn’t respond to an email from a Democratic congressional staffer Laura Carey? Michael Flynn was prosecuted for Lying under oath.

    If she’s not going to be held accountable does that mean she’s “above the law” if so Flynn should be pardoned.

  26. Fiona Hill, the deep state soro's woman another bought and paid for anti- Trumper. Lets not forget ambassador Yovanovitch who has been caught lying during testimony

  27. God only knows what Putin has on Graham, McConnell, Sessions,Barr,and Pompeo to make the disastrous decisions they have to become historical pariahs. Shudder to think what they've done behind closed doors.

  28. On page 304 (of 650), it says: "None of the funds appropriated or otherwise made available by this Act or any prior Department of Defense appropriations Acts may be used to construct a wall, fence, border barriers, or border security infrastructure along the southern land border of the United States." While you are busy watching all the lies here, congress just voted to fund border security for Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt and Tunisia, but NOT FOR THE USA. This is going to cost us $984.7 billion dollars, this is what congress is doing while you are to busy watching this fake soap opera here. They keep you busy here, so you have no idea what they are doing, and I promise you, all the bills they have worked on and passed have not been for Americans. Wake up people

  29. Wow! Lots of Russians on here already. They are easy to spot, their comments are either nonsensical, delusional or completely idiotic conspiracy nonsense

  30. Nancy Pelosi is a multi- millionaire. Did she make all that money playing Strip Poker, Juan? Because it sure wasn’t her 120k Congressional salary income.

  31. If you clowns. With ratings lower than the flintstones thing president trump is going to be impeached. You truly are stupid fools. True Patriots would take these crooked treasonous politicians apart. Just like the military and leo oath says. Protect against both foreign and domestic enemies.

  32. So basically we have the body, the bloody knife, the smoking gun and SEVERAL eyewitnesses….but they wanna know who called the police? Republicans are a JOKE.

  33. TaDa ….. A nothing burger. The transcript rules over EVERY Jane Doe or John Smith that get to say their "opinion" of the call. Read it people. Really. Read it. The famous "Ya, but do me a favor" part is said on another subject and then the subject changes twice, then a pause, then Joe gets brought up way later. Only Politicians can come up with this narrative they want you to think is true – then get their bias media buddies involved to shove it down your throats. Read it people. Don't act you you have read it – or say you don't need to read it.

  34. Vindman's testimony confirms he illegally leaked to the whistleblower. Oh, oh

  35. NEVER VOTE FOR THE DO-NOTHING LEFTWING DEMOCRATS. They should be focused on building up our Country instead of wasting American worker’s time and MONEY on this BS Impeachment Scam, which is what they have been doing ever since PRESIDENT TRUMP overwhelmingly got elected in 2016!

  36. What stands out to me is that Hill and Vindman believe that they are in charge of US foreign policy and they want Trump to stop interfering.

  37. "Every true free man deserves to eat the corn that he grows." "No true free man should be told who to feed with the corn that he grows." Abraham Lincoln…
    Why do communist and socialist deserve my money.? Why should I have to pay for those that dont contribute? Why punish me because I Made good choices and I am successful?

  38. Ehitleblower and Schiff are requested to testify behind closed door for plotting the quid pro quo. And the process you exposed Biden’s and Kerry’s bribing Ukraine. And the investigation trump wanted is on the BS 2016 election democrats plotted just saying THERE are two sides of a story. You’re missing a lot on the other side, but the truth prevails

  39. Pretty funny the progressive golden boy NBC, ABC, CNN (AKA CIA) etc are turning to is JOHN BOLTON. You can't make this up…

    Bolton = Mr WAR. Mr Chicken Hawk. Mr million dead in the middle east. When will the left realize Hillary, Schiff, Pelosi etc are actors? Bolton/Bush/Clinton = the same lobbyist driven two headed snake. THE FACE OF Corporatism.

    Do you even remember that it was Mueller who broke the news of WMD's in Iraq? The man who headed the Russia probe started the whole disaster in the Middle East. WAKE UP!

    I'M NOT a Trump fan. But this is a political coup. Mueller 2.0. Is Biden allowed to break the law if he running for nomination? His son getting a billion from China to invest or millions from the Ukraine is legit right? No need to question that right? I hope this farce of reporting brings down NBC, ABC etc. Hiding Winestein's rapes or burying Epstein's child trafficking? These are the guys to trust?

  40. I don't think its enough for people to simply read the transcript. I think People need to explain where the "wrong doing" occurs in the transcript. This way we can highlight who is interpreting what. Some People say its a demand, some say it's a simple ask, but journalists are not going to be the best voice in deciphering what is really occurring, people need to state how they interpret this transcript before reacting to it. Maybe step through your reasoning before impulsively reacting when you make your bigger decisions..youll get a better result. Just a thought. 🙂 Cheers.

  41. Vindman is a Democrat Shill, that has place politics before mission a NOBODY Intel officer that acts like a Prima Dona, the military is full of them a hold over from the Obama admin, POTUS TRUMP should have cleaned house and with it throw his self important a*** to the curb

  42. At 2:40 he says "her testimony COULD be key, and COULD be daming," after he just told us what was supposedly IMPORTANT, CRUCIAL, AND STANDS OUT🤔!!!!!

  43. The ever lying shifty Adam fabricated an erroneous and obnoxious "transcript” of Pres. Trump's call with Ukrainian president (despite receiving the actual official transcript
    of the phone call) to match his foolish “whistle-blower” narrative to justify an impeachment hearing. He had been conducting closed door hearings with the blessings of
    Nancy Pelosi, from subpoenaed witnesses, while not allowing Conservative members of the House Intelligence Committee to subpoena and question witnesses which tantamount to a "kangaroo court" USSR style. Any public hearing won't change this farce of an impeachment hearing if shifty Adam Schiff still maintains his VETO power
    on requests for subpoenas and witnesses brought in by the Republican members of the House Intelligence Committee and those witnesses put forward by the lawyers
    of Pres. Trump; and if shifty Adam Schiff still can bar Republicans and representatives of Pres. Trump from questioning witnesses. The pathologically lying Adam Schiff
    seems to have no real appreciation about our democratic processes, and he seems to display a tyrannical dictator complex as well. He had been peddling since the start
    of the Trump-Russia collusion delusion that “there were ample of evidence in plain sight” that Pres. Trump colluded with the Russians, which the Mueller Report had readily debunked. He, together with Nancy Pelosi and Jerry Nadler, should be expelled from Congress and charged with TREASON and/or SEDITION for conspiring with rogue
    elements in the CIA, DNI, DOJ, FBI, NSC and State Dept. (otherwise known as the Deep State) to force POTUS out of office by any means necessary, which tantamount to a

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