Final Table Main Event WSOPE DAY6 highlights, best moments

Final Table Main Event WSOPE DAY6 highlights, best moments

32 thoughts on “Final Table Main Event WSOPE DAY6 highlights, best moments

  1. Everytime I see maria I think wow she is attractive, then I remember she has the biggest head ever. She is like pokers bobble head.

  2. Cannot stand the last few years of poker with all these introvert losers taking 1 min to fold or grab their chips and slowly bet. so fucking annoying. Ruining poker… no new players want to come to the game with this shit. You need fun talkative characters

  3. Loved this edit!, and I like Tonkaaaa as commentator.. he calls Tuckman on his crap and even is just annoyed by Speranza's tank with nothing.. Loved his commentating on this.

  4. Do those morons jumping an screaming have no morals or manners.This is important to these players, it's just so rude. Even if that were a family member of mine playing, I couldn't act like that cause it's just mean.

  5. Maria ho actually got dealt bad hands towards the start, deuces vs Jacks, Aj and two other people get Aces and kings, Q K with pocket queens making the full house.
    Rocka was going to win, poker picks a guy it likes and makes em win, you can see how many people were knocked out by rocka

  6. удивляет как до финала добираются некоторые ебланы)

  7. Jonkers, go play roulette, you suck! … after winning 2 big pots, on luck, folding K-suited on a measly 2M bet… and would've won that too…
    then, call all in 2M with A,6… and so on 😐 tosser!

  8. Thank you to whoever took the time to edit this
    You've done a great job 👍
    Well done Roca ya played brilliantly and deserved the win

  9. what does that annoucer calling the action on the floor mske? $800 a word? shut the fuck up , we know how to read

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