Final MMO News Drop June 2019: ESO's DLC Events, FFXIV's New TV Show + B&S, GW2, BDO and More

Final MMO News Drop June 2019: ESO's DLC Events, FFXIV's New TV Show + B&S, GW2, BDO and More

how's it going folks Jeremy Droon here welcome back to the channel we are ending a crunch week with a ton of news for the games we play and much of the heavy hitting stuff was covered in last week's news drop in case you're wondering why something isn't covered here so check that out let's get straight to this weekend's news drop beginning with Guild Wars 2 while the dragon bashing festivities are currently keeping players occupied for the time being ArenaNet has something in store for world vs. world PvP airs coming soon on July 5th until 12 entered the world vs. world core swap special event while this event is running defeating an enemy player in world vs. world will spawn a glowing orb over their corpse for a short period of time if you claim the orb you will then gain access to a special skill that allows you to use the healing utility and elite skills of the defeated players profession aka class so if you defeat a guardian and claim the orb you'll get a select amount of Guardian skills for example let's say you world versus world players does this sound like an interesting take on the mode or not furthermore double wxb 25% extra world versus world reward track progress and 50% magic find increase are all turned on for the duration of this event in other ArenaNet news the original and classic Guild Wars is on sale at 50% off on the official site and on Steam onward to the Elder Scrolls online ESO we'll be welcoming back the Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood celebration event on Tuesday July 2nd until 15 throughout this event players can earn a bunch of goodies for all the dirty deeds you commit in hues Bane and the Gold Coast zones this includes double rewards for roll bosses delft bosses dailies heists and sacraments plus double harvesting resources while in these zones as well event tickets are also back and you can grab an onyx in jerk mount for this event thieves guild and Dark Brotherhood have two pretty good DLCs and a nice to have in your arsenal if you're not an ESO Plus member as they do unlock new trees for your character in addition to a bunch of new story quests in the new zones so I do recommend it to branch out your playing options and the good news is they will both be on sale when the event hits for about 800 crowns each in the in-game crown store as for ESO in general the base game is on sale right now on Steam for about 10 bucks hey grab it if you wanted shadow bringers the latest Final Fantasy 14 expansion is here in early access this weekend and the enormous patch notes are out on top of the updated job guides for both existing and the two new ones gun breaker and dancer if you're not taking part in early access I've got links to both down below for you to catch up on now according to IGN and other gaming media final fantasy xiv is apparently getting a live action TV show adaptation from Square Enix with Sony Pictures Television and hivemind the TV show follows an original story but is inspired by the MMORPGs characters and the world of Eorzea the post goes on to say that the show will tackle the struggles between magic and technology to bring peace to a land in conflict hivemind by the way is the production studio that is already involved in making the witcher series on netflix happen so if this is really coming whoa what are your final fantasy xiv folks think and now the casting speculation begins Sean Bean has Rob on to anybody who's gonna play Sid and aren't a lot of fell characters really castable let's see what happens black desert online slate is classed as shy is now live in game as covered previously the shy stands out as a unique hybrid class that has less skills overall and specializes in heals and buffs which is a new traction for video depending on which regional version of the game that you own there's a host of leveling up events going on right now so hey happy hunting and leveling up to everyone who's jumping back in to rolled a new class there should be some shy related quests and special events to like treasure hunts and monster hunts so do some of that to break the grinding monotony additionally for video they've brought back the 14-day Guest Pass with a chance to earn the game permanently should you hit level 58 within the fortnight and game packages are on sale too for both standalone and Steam versions for those of you playing Terra in the EU publishers game Forge has teamed up with gaming peripheral Brandt Corsair for a summer of dungeon competition events called nightmare dungeons players need to complete six iconic dungeons on nightmare difficulty to receive exclusive achievements items gear and even skills throughout the event harder modes and random bostedt spikes and behaviors will occur making the rewards even better when you best it as for the corsair goodies each clear of the Bethesda raisa nightmare earns Blair's a raffle ticket and by 9th of July winners to get a bunch of goods including a gaming PC and I'll link the post below so you can see what's in store otherwise the entirety of the nightmare dungeons event will last until October 2019 Star Trek Online will be welcoming back its annual Risen Lola not Festival on July 2nd simultaneously for PC and consoles offering much-needed R&R for captain's the summer festival will feature familiar events like Power Board races Horgan hunting and dance parties all rewarding Lola not price vouchers which can be exchanged for the updated t6r Asian Corvette plus a brand new ship that will be revealed at a later date the event runs until August 15th so there's plenty of time to get your galactic suntan on the content side of things console players now have access to Star Trek Alliance latest update rise of discovery featuring two new episodes based on the TV show and it's characters on top of a new tier 6 reputation to grind and new t6 starships to earn as well blade and soul has published its summer producers letters this past week with some good news all around except maybe for one and we'll get to that in a bit they have a new game producer they talked about all the recent content updates including empyrion fishing and act 10 of the epic story plus upcoming things to look forward to in game as well with new tree selections for the destroyer and assassin classes the only downer in the letters that the Unreal Engine 4 conversion for blade and soul will be delayed to a later date and there's talk that we won't even see it in 2019 however if you can wait it out Unreal 4 for blade and soul will be pretty sweet I reckon and let's be honest here Korean MMO RPGs on Unreal 3 is getting really old another one of game forges mm lol sword EU is welcoming its 13th character to the enemy side-scrolling game this week known as lab' the class archetype is a hybrid mixed of melee defense and ranged attacks and her unique ability consumes sensitivity points which improve some attacks and special powers else or players who choose lab' as their character also get access to new quests Story dungeons so go check it out if you're interested moving on now the latest content update for our Kage echoes of Hyrum is now live in game the abyss Allegiant is conducting unsettling experiments at their base camp in the mountains and time for players to put a stop to it you can travel to the eastern here on mountains from the west and be sure to pick up the start a quest from commander Antigua the new update features an ancestral level cap increase from 34 to 55 and there's a new leaderboard to show up here in sexual level on your server there's new gear – you can awaken your errand or or here on Guardian equipment or head to the abyssal library to farm new ones and finally for the update pet collection achievements have arrived and completing all of them will reward you with a new element I'll lick the patch notes down below superhero MMO Champions Online has some news for players and it's about their intent to experiment with episodic content a first for the game coming soon to Co serialized stories will contain four chapters and players will find one mission within each that advances the story over time the first one called death rattle is already on the PTR and it's about defending millenium city from the cobra Lords with characters like ladyhawk helping you out expect to see investigations betrayals twists and turns within these four chapters now episodic content is quite the norm for MMOs today and most of the establishing big ones utilize them in some form to keep players coming back so I think players won't have an issue with this separately since we're on the subject of superhero MMOs I know there's a bunch of you who really want me to check out the private servers for City of Heroes and I did say I will do so but I need some time to knock out everything on my plate at the moment and then I'll be sure to jump in so please bear with me now the not-so MMORPG section let's wrap this up with fun comes conan exiles and the game has released a free major update the war-makers sanctuary it features a new dungeon the fourth released since launch in addition to area overhauls population revamp of faction capitals new loot and recipes itemization tweaks and a bunch more the update is now out for PC while ps4 and Xbox one should be in the near future and that's all I've got folks have a fantastic weekend of gaming ahead and I'll see you all in July hit the like button for the love of MMOs and do subscribe to the channel to get notified on all my latest uploads plus that would help out the channel so much once again I'm jarem Adrienne and I thank you for watching hey folks thanks so much for watching that video if you guys want to watch more you can click the subscribe button at the bottom there or somewhere over here and don't forget to hit that bell to get notified on all my latest videos so I'll see you guys at the next vid take care

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  2. for a guy that love vanilla wow, the world pvp and the combat system that you actually have to think and not just spam a rotation (unlike retail wow) what other mmorpg is the closest to vanilla wow?

  3. FFXIV TV series…I guess live action Lalafell would have to be played by dwarf actors, wouldn't they. With a lot of makeup to make them look childlike.

  4. Japan's live action productions are almost 95% trash. Very low expectations for anything coming, even FF.

  5. oooh boy. that gw2 core swap….i feel like its gonna be hella fun and hella confusing. i have not bothered to learn what specializations for other classes than the warrior are. i still dont know what all the specialization symbols are. buy hey, maybe i'll get a preview of other classes and finally get around to rolling an alt 🤷‍♀️

  6. Core swap as an event (read comes an goes away) could be a fun thing…. and even if they do not like it does not stick around forever and is a way to see what the community feedback is well done Anet. Eso is an amazing mmo and it is one I often recommend to some friends as my own sister adores it. FF14 Shadowbringer is going to be an amazing play once wife an I can get back. As for the FF14 show I want to see it before i get my hopes up.

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