Fighting the Government for the worlds largest treasure, guess who won

Fighting the Government for the worlds largest treasure, guess who won

29 thoughts on “Fighting the Government for the worlds largest treasure, guess who won

  1. You see how hard these men are working hours and rushing and the Government has the right to charge them anything they want to fill their pockets . sounds so familiar today it has not changed shame on you Government . Get your own house in order and Grow up ūüė°

  2. truely our government has grown into the biggest, greediest, revenue-driven control monster EVER. Unless people take the suggestion of our founding fathers to heart & kick em all out, it will be the death of whatever is left of US prosperity and freedom! Government working FOR the people is a myth!

  3. you know the government went back down there and got it already…just more proof that the government are nothing but thieves…

  4. The army got this treasure in the 50s. A sergeant in the army at that time stated that they went in and retrieved all the gold. In the late eighties early nineties they finally got permission to go in. The opening had been dynamited and after clearing it they found the sergeants initials and dated

  5. i hope that greedy government piece of shit is burning in hell with something burning hot up his ass!

  6. Wow. It is really instructional to read these comments. So many people seem to think "The Government" is anything other than a mechanism society has evolved to enable us to live in vast numbers.
    We need protecting from the greed of the individual, from people prepared to rip,shit, or bust their way through our communal resources just to make a profit.
    Just because you "find" a "Treasure" doesn't make it yours, and that is just a FACT of the world, an important check on the greed of the individual.
    Some things are far more valuable to the whole of society as scientific items, than the few hundred dollars some rat digging a rough tunnel then getting stuck in with an axe will realise.

  7. How convient millions of square miles and they needed to put a basethere .tell know onerecover ithide it sell it clandestine and small until you got plenty of money to fight the wealthiest

  8. As a child growing up in El Paso, TX in the early to mid 60's my father (stationed at Ft Bliss, TX) told me stories about Victorio Peak. White Sands Missile Range was less than an hours drive from Ft Bliss. My father told me there was a rumor going around the base that 2 GI's came back with several small bars of gold. They never told anyone where they hid the gold.
    My sister worked at White Sands Missile Range in the mid 70's and late 80's with the Civil Service Commision and she told me stories were still circulating around about Victorio Peak. Amazing story about our thieving and lying government. Never tell anyone where, when and how much you find. Keep it to yourself.

  9. Eminent Domain needs to be abolished. It is a crime unto itself. And everything that has been confiscated with it must be returned to the rightful owners.

  10. How sad they did that ,,thats our fucked up government for yeah,,D,T,A,,,I wonder what ever happen now its 2019,,

  11. Why do people choose to play music over important information?  Scratchy audio. Music over powering. Totally annoying. Could of been an interesting video if done correctly.  Government corruption was rampant in the west once they started sending their federal cabal agents (they were and still are nothing but thugs) to steal the peoples success. Especially during the building of the railroad. This is exactly what they do to countries around the world. Install weapons cache, start conflict and while the country is fighting each other they plant their ratlines, pipelines and green zones then steal the resources. During WW2 they shut down the US gold mines and sent the mining equipment to Russia.  DuPont's, Rockefellers, Carnegies etc.

  12. I'm so sorry for the loss… God knows, remember material things don't come with at death, only the soul. G.l. robbers…

  13. Maybe he could've run a chain or wire cable to the gold before the explosion, then carefully followed it back to his treasure.

  14. When the communist government doesn't want anybody in there they always bring in the Environmental Protection Agency that way the government would get the treasure for themselves f*** them you find it you take it it's yours

  15. Once again FUCK FUCK FUCK the CORRUPT American Government! They stole someones wealth and charged them to death to even try and prove it! God Damn pricks sold the gold to the Chinks along with all the gold in Fort Knox, there's been no gold in Fort Knox in decades!

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