Felicity Huffman released from prison

Felicity Huffman released from prison

100 thoughts on “Felicity Huffman released from prison

  1. Where is the triple tear drop tattoo? The scowl of a cornered animal protecting her meal? The……….. Oh right. 11 days. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  2. Thank God!! She’s so brave but now she’s got street cred like Martha Stewart!! She’ll probably write a book and star in the made -for – TV movie

  3. I have always felt all of this was a bit extreme. How hypocritical of people to condemn others for what they themselves would have done if they had the financial ability. But on the other hand these are the people that like social media when it suits them. Social media is a modern day plague it will one day infect us all. But like so many things we are just lemming racing towards the sea. We don’t see our end coming and will be powerless to stop it when we finally do. This is how humanity will end

  4. What a joke. She sure planned that one out right. She made sure she started her sentence, so her 13 days would be during a weekend, so she could get out a few days early. Still manipulating her way around.

  5. If the feds had any flare, they would have instead arrested Huffman's husband William H. Macy, in a way that would have allowed him to reenact his police interrogation scene from Fargo.

  6. She should still be in jail…what a joke…she is a LIAR AND A CHEATER…..This is just such a SAD AND EVIL SITUATION….

  7. They couldn't even keep her in jail for a couple weeks. A normal person would have went to prison for years. A person standing on the street or jaywalking can get more time than this girl. Once she sent money across state lines; it became a felony; as with her communicating on a phone or internet; big time in jail; yet they are letting almost everyone off easy. Never let it be said; the rich don't have perks in the justice system. The justice system in the USA is a scam of huge proportion.

  8. She should have had to set up a grant program. About 500k a year to make up for the kids that could not get in due to her pay to play scam.

  9. I think she handled herself exceptionally well considering the circumstances of the ,"crime" – hopefully, she can move on!

  10. Wow, 11 days at club fed..I bet she thinks she hard now. Telling all her friends how she had to survive at summer camp.

  11. I'm ok with her getting this little amount of time she admitted what she did wrong but the other fools I hope go to prison for months if not years. Any regular person like me would have to so why should they get away with this.

  12. The double standards in the justice system is so obvious even Ray Charles can see what's going on. PATHETIC…11 days, what message is that going to send.

  13. I guess if you are a actor/actress you get special privileges. In my book she hasn't served her time, she just got back from a 2 week vaca

  14. What a bunch of bull S%^$!!!!!! She should have face a year to 5 years . And she served 11 f'in days are you kidding….. 15000 divided by 3 is what 5000 so she committed 15 felonies and gets 11 days and we all call this justice … Really? Who the hell is she that she walks after ripping of American kids? How , her child got in while who ever it was that deserves it dont. That means the power in the country is just that and think they are above you bottom feeders. Thats what I have personally herd many of them say . SO where dose it leave us. Divivded? I think the powerful would love to see us divided so we can fight thier proxy wars in court rooms. F that . Go to jail lady!

  15. Blah blah blah! got her degree in CNN journalism while doing"hard time" now Rachael Madcows co- anchor"journalist"I wonder how many times her hairdresser was allowed in.

  16. What did she learn in 11 daysobviously money went to her head she should have known better she should have been a stricter mother to have her children study get good grades.

  17. This SCAM has been alive and well since the early 1970's (as far as I can recall) or perhaps earlier. Remember that in a capitalist system … MONEY TALKS … B.S. WALKS !!

  18. I'm still not sure it was a big deal or even a crime that people paid to have their kids admitted to college. It's between private people. This wasn't bribery with a government official.

  19. She should have gotten much more time for what she did and now what about her daughters education did she graduate with high grades? And does she have to go back to school and do it all over again? That should be looked at to!

  20. $30,000 fine? ……she should pay full 4 year tuition of a deserving student to the college of choice! And do community service.

  21. Brings to mind … how the hell did George H.W. Bush ever get into Yale ?? He couldn't make it into a local community college on his own !!

  22. She never should have gone to prison in the first place. Prison should be a place where rapists, murderers, pedophiles, arsonists, and hardcore criminals for a very long time. White collar crime should be dealt with differently. Hurt them with severe financial penalties and community service.

  23. If she and Martha have to go to prison then FANCY NANCY gets a special one built for her to live in. Only fair.


  25. I just love it when these kind of people make statements about how they feel remorse. It's the same form letter everytime. Bet ya Harvey Weinstein says the same at his sentencing.

  26. I just don't care, either way. CORRUPT judge's, DAs, L.E and politicians bothers me. Oh wait, corrupt and politicians are synonymous…… oops, sorry.😁

  27. She'll now write her New York times bestseller "Huffman in the big house". Make like 40 million off of it…

  28. She accepts "full responsibility?"… She says this like it's an honorable option for her to do so. She got caught with her pants down! She has no choice but to take responsibility! What a piece of sh*t.

  29. At least she told the truth and plead guilty, she saved the taxpayers a bundle of money that would have been spent on a jury trial.

  30. A fine of 30 000 lol
    In Quebec for having no license to do plumbing like you get a 31 000 fine plus fee adds up to 34000 for a first offense yeah no joke

  31. What a joke, the rule of law would have had a non celebrity in prison for years,talk about the white privileged that people are butt hurt about yet the liberal idiots will accept this as justice served.

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