FedEx sues US Commerce Department over restrictions on Huawei

FedEx sues US Commerce Department over restrictions on Huawei

25 thoughts on “FedEx sues US Commerce Department over restrictions on Huawei

  1. Do you known why? Simple because America people's voted a very very sick man as president totally mentally traumatize
    Make sense!….🤣🤣🤣🤗🤗🤗

  2. There's no need to open the packages, any package addressed to or from Huawei doesn't get delivered. plain and simple — close all Huawei accounts.

  3. Fedex is simply saying that stealing Huawei's package is FBI's idea, now they are defending themselves.

  4. Es un pésimo servicio

    se ponen especiales como si fueran los únicos que hacen envíos

    cuando marcas con el operador para pedir informes no contestan o te evitan

    son incompetentes al momento de resolver la ubicación de un paquete

    Ponen como observación en la guía que ya te visitaron,

    cuando no han pisado siquiera tu puerta

    Lamentablemente escogieron este pésimo servicio para enviar mi paquete

    y hasta ahora no me ha llegado.

  5. The US government is no better than the Chinese Communist Government. The US government can force private companies to do all types of things in the name of national security, the same thing they accuse China of. Hypocrisy.

  6. At this point, we understand that all American companies operate in China, one way or another co-operate with American government.

  7. Maybe it is theater, they are staging so as to prevent being in China Black list. China should carry on. Otherwise the chinese products or companies will be scrutinised again.All US parcels and transport companies should be put on black list.

  8. I paid for 2day delivery, FedEx sent it to the wrong door, and it took them another 3 fking days to figure out where did they put my baggage. but pretty accurate when hijacking huawei's stuffs to CIA ha.

  9. the minimal government encourages free trade and individual freedom, now the other way around does seem to produce a good result, hence sue the government

  10. at fedex we sell space. we transport goods in the most efficient way possible. if we open a shipper or consignees package we are at risk of termination as that is not our job. the purple promise is to safely and securely transport goods. that is it.

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