25 thoughts on “Federal Judge Orders Permanent Injunction Against Riverside County's Unconstitutional ‘CCW’ Policy

  1. Shoutout from Dublin, CA Jared! Let’s get something going in Alameda County to allow for more CCW approvals. Oakland crime should not dictate the rest of the county policy

  2. This is a more important than many may think. Sheriffs that are issuing too many carry permits are under investigation by the state of California and its attorney general. The CA Antigun Cartel are trying to block permits being issued by any means necessary!

  3. I'm from riverside California, it's a total leftist police state. Kinda like Mexico. We have police DUI checkpoints, with lights and dogs, all cars must be stop.

  4. Very happy for California. Illinois can use some help. Gov. Pritzker trying to raise (Unconstitutional) FOID card fees from $10 to $200, plus background checks and no peer to peer transfers without first paying dues/fees to the ISP (Illinois State Police) first.

  5. It SHOULD be a revolution. However it will likely end up being a civil war. Simply because so many people are brainwashed. They will be programmed via mainstream media. Programmed to think that all then people standing up for our rights are crazy. Or "domestic terrorists". So even though it should be "we the people" United against a tyrannical government… It will end up, a bunch of morons will side with government and it will be a shit show.

  6. Hello Jarod. I have the Stack On rifle cabinet myself. In case you're not aware, there is a pistol cabinet made and it's perfectly sized. The pre drilled holes are a perfect match. About $100. Not chicken scratch, but fair priced. You Tube is playing with your numbers. Hang tough sir. God bless you 🙏.

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