39 thoughts on “'F*ck it, I quit': CBS reporter Quits live on Air

  1. legalize all drugs who cares –  (shoot up responsibly!)  think of all the tax $$$$$ selling what once was illegal drugs now legal?! I just want a Z-pack once in a while when I get a sinus infection and I need to see a doctor to get that how stupid is that?

  2. Oh no, somebody bothered acting like a real human. Better apologize so we can continue our act of being "real".

  3. "Terminated?".. ha! She quit, fuckin' CBS…they just wanted to have the "higher hand" in the end and make themselves the savior. In the end, she won.

  4. It's a shame that they chose to display that particular picture. The weed in that picture looks absolutely terrible, it LITERALLY looks like dog shit.

  5. Greene's cannabis club was raided in June 2016 by local police.[17] She was subsequently arrested and charged with several counts of misconduct involving a controlled substance.[4][18] In 2018 she pled guilty to one count, a felony, and was sentenced with a $10,000 fine but no jail time

    Typical case of "DO NOT QUIT YOUR DAY JOB"

  6. She'll never have a TV job acting and her entire life again do people ever think that there's kids watching that news program

  7. This lady is rude and obnoxious, but very pretty. But the lady who came on AFTER her is even MORE gorgeous; SHE looks like an absolute SUPERMODEL!! Does anyone know her name?

  8. Truly classless. She could have quit after her broadcast was over. And she could have avoided using the "F word" in case kids might be watching. All around bad taste.

  9. I guess it wud take a stoner to pull that shit lmfao
    Im not one. But ilegalize something thats next to harmless that grows ALL OVER the planet. most retarded idea ever.. Gotta have been socialists for sure haha

  10. Her behavior was beyond unprofessional,  it was childish.  I can tell a lot of stoner adolescents are leaving most of the comments, because she deserves no props.

  11. FairPlay to have your own opinion like that but to do it live and to the company that’s gave you a job it’s completely out of line and disrespectful, no other company will give her a job and that’s fair. Silly bitch

  12. Says: 'arright we apologise for that….. uhm.. yea… we be right back.' Thinks: 'I SHOULD HAVE DONE THAT AS WELL!!'

  13. It would of been funny if they over turned the rule a week later and she came crawling back

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