50 thoughts on “Farmer who voted for Trump: I'm not going to be quiet

  1. Oh..now that it affects you, its your turn to call foul?? America is what it is today because of ppl like you!! Stick with Trump apnd start turning your farm into a coal mine!

  2. whiner that only thinks of himself grow something else and sell to a new market  china has been ripping off us for ever don't sell them anything

  3. I would not expect anything less ,coming from cnn I don't watch you stupid crap I wish everyone else would stop looking at you worthless dumbs.cant wait till you sink ,scum.

  4. I know it s hard for the farmers to temporarily suffer from the trade war with China but President Trump is doing the right thing for the whole country not just for the farmers alone . You have take a moment to think about what Cunning China has been doing . I'm not talking about the Chinese people but it's Government. Their ambition is to become the most powerful country in the world by having their own people penetrate into other governments so they could use either money or influence to set up spy cells to gather all classified documents or steal high technology from them . They are very dishonest people to do business with . They seem to be friendly to you on the outside but they would have schemes inside to fulfill their purpose. I'm glade President Trump is standing up not to let them drag the cow by the horns. He knows it would hurt our economy but in the long run China has to be fair & honest when dealing with USA . Thanks to you Mr President .

  5. Good points Christopher. I don't think that Trump knows what a Patriot is, because if he did know, he wouldn't have turned chicken shit on national television when he faced Putin.

  6. I'm European and wouldn't buy a European car. Unless I have a new one every year. Because their ship

  7. They found the one farmer who is too stupid to understand the concept of taking our medicine now for a better tomorrow for our children.

    No one wants your nasty GMO crops anyway

    If you don’t have children just shut the fuck up! You don’t have any skin in the game and shouldn’t even be allowed to vote.

  8. Trump can blow his own horn The music is not in harmony. Trump supporters you are all of key and of your rocker. No you are not rock and rollers. Ask Pink Floyd what they think of his shit

  9. a true patriot is one who protects the interest of a nation against enemies both foreign and domestic. once the majority of the Americans, and human for that matter, get used to the idea. then we can move forward. Together!

  10. What Farm Aid?
    China has the U.S. in a headlock thanks to globalist traitors like the Rockefellers.
    The Rockefellers and Rothschilds in China: A Long, Intimate Relationship
    > https://www.newsbud.com/2018/02/09/the-rockefellers-and-rothschilds-in-china-a-long-intimate-relationship/
    China On Top
    > https://www.caseyresearch.com/china/
    "Ask Not What Your Country Can Do For You"
    > https://youtu.be/PEC1C4p0k3E?t=780

  11. 1st time = $12 BILLION 2nd time = $18 BILLION = $30 BILLION BAILOUTS TO US FARMERS . The worst it yet to come . The US GOV BULLY DAYS ARE OVER 😃😃😃


  13. You voted for the turd and now you're getting your socialist payments. How any decent American could vote for this communist I don't get it.

  14. This is such a typical ploy by CNN to make Trump look bad lol. This Farmer is a pawn for Democrats and CNN.

  15. the farmer said he is off-train, but he made his point right ….you can't use patrotism to armtwist the farmer to lose his business and make his lifelihood unaffordable

  16. Americans have to wake up and see what's their president doing, he ruined his own country! Wonder why Americans still let him fool around???

  17. No pain, no gain. It will be worth it to repair the damage done by the previous presidents. Most of these Farmers are pretty well off and they can afford to take a hit to make things better off for everybody. Of course there will be a few whiners who want it all.

  18. I be glad when trump is out of office in 2020 that clown has done enough damage to this country. its time we as americans think smartly and take this country back on the right track

  19. Get off the trump train and get on what.. the socialist train? That's your choice. Put your faith in Trump, quit crying to CNN.

  20. Exactly is from all the hard working families with kids so farmers just take it just like that great

  21. If Trump didn’t know this trade war with China will not harm or even sacrifice American farmers, he had been ill informed and naive. Why did he still go ahead and do it? Reelection.

  22. Farmer's got Greedy while Clinton's were in office by bringing in Illegals and working them for below wages and letting our Government pick up the tap for their Insurance and other needs! Turning their Farms into growing Soybeans instead of actually growing a good food Source for America to eat! America doesn't need Soybeans we need Real Organic crops not a filler and some cases a harmful product!

  23. Anyone should have known what the orange Rudd was gonna do.
    They got what they voted for. Maybe they will wake up now and abandon the lying prick.

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