Far right in Czech Republic: the politicians turning on Roma

Far right in Czech Republic: the politicians turning on Roma

the city of most about an hour north of Prague fairytale turrets in industrial heartland racial tension in north bohemia point that point that I just leave right now put that on Sunday municipal elections take place across the Czech Republic and when it comes to the rise of European populism mosque is a microcosm the first pledge on the billboard reads will build a village for the rabble what is the rabble what does that mean mr. soprano Toya as mr. Prado makes the reasonable so be be honest it's nominal magma with MA yeah I never shot a small trade over peaceable Draghi wannabes a yellow what would you need an iron of delay or a candle it's also nap dispose of invaders a little paradise on a peaceful Soviet I will be Nellie Belle Bellamy another banner it's a play on words but the meaning we don't need to discuss the maladjusted we need to solve the problem once and for all in the market we bump into Sarah McCool over she is Roma do you understand what that means where that poster means or as far as the billboards are concerned the problem no I just got a public girl yeah that a oh yes let's go are you okay and if you think that's bad brace yourself because there's another small political party in this town who have taken a leaf straight out of the Nazi campaign handbook they've posted an ad online I have it here it reads rat poison is not good enough for these vermin there are over a quarter of a million Roma in the Czech Republic and must has quite a high concentration per head of the population so who are these parties the name of the one that put up the rabble billboard translates as the people from mosque far mosque it's just based in this city it's the political arm of a housing association that manages thousands of properties across the region in the elections this weekend they expect to win a majority in the city hall this party doesn't have an ideology per se its focus local housing and anti-social behavior the racist billboards are new the party with the rabble billboards had given us the runaround when it came to an interview so we decided to go in camera rolling the party spokesperson Petra Pro kesh eventually agreed to an interview but in Hanif the Roma gypsy neighborhood on the suburbs of most there are about 1500 people living here we had already spent a day here which we will come to what pro kesh wants to show us the worst of the place Putney concepts a lotta kavaja sacani satsang is possible you may notice a sheet akan or manually de to some an objection leader chile blimp hasta Bonnie Pannell Oviedo may Tatas table drive a busy evening categoria Anisa nicola quiet sigh Nicola Kamala lat Yetta studied a lot of STOVL debate asana precision and I'll be whatever the tool near derelict blocks were destroyed by Roma families during the 90s and there are serious problems with antisocial behavior in sections of this community pro Kesha's party offers a simple solution to these complex problems imam F program o na Pisano's exam every robot Terranova since April ouzo very bitter domakr spoofs aboot sakano if the party wins the election they want to move everyone out of this neighborhood to a ghetto of single storey concrete sheds with no amenities pro cash does not bring us to the community center next door or the primary school are the blocks that are in a good condition outside spreading just leave right now afterward Prakash put this incident down to the fact that Roma were aggressive people who didn't want journalists in their neighborhood of Domino via trade Watson not Estonia so maybe her more you see we were there yesterday and we spent all afternoon and evening they're filming and we were welcomed with open open arms because we approached people respectfully so I put to you that we only got that reaction because they know who you are and they reacted to you in that way because they think you're a racist no no sorry MC Fadden a samira sista know yet emotional Yost manager possibly Yakko prettily military cabinet so much teeth in aqsa donut okay shall be swiftly same place different tour the guide this time potato beige oh he's lived in Hanif for thirty years he is a proud man and as a Roma gypsy sees himself as part of the solution to the problems in his community which he says is for the racism heart so much I'm addicted everything else at the couch ageing of the artists Viva which are not the people peaceful will Jess my infection intersectional are you saying are you saying that you're starting to believe their rhetoric in some strange way never him tomorrow the gas is taking bit feminine gay opera beautiful more in cable TV simple tool to split justices logic do not check no machine when people like him are considered subhuman he says the local parties who do so compound the problems they say they want attack whoa ee Babu last stop on the tour Murray volkova is a tea the milk template kabob about my family remembers her own father stories about being Roma in the run-up to World War two over two hundred thousand Roma gypsies were killed during the Holocaust for whore the billboards a case of here we go again there will be much cooler City a sensible Moya which means of below hace muy a leap from bein a Colombian a collected a chiapoe so your name is Robert and what's your name Lucas and what's your name the younger firmer II it's another case low gosh of when people with names are reduced to problems to be solved you

46 thoughts on “Far right in Czech Republic: the politicians turning on Roma

  1. It's offensive to the eternal capital of Italy to call the Gypsies ROMA. Their name is simply Gypsies and nothing to do with ROM or ROMA. ROMA is the Capital of Italy. It was there even before these criminal scumbags ventured into Europe.

  2. Far right racist bitches…lets defend the Roma people as you would defend jesus christ. One love with God.

  3. Europeans: Gypsies don't integrate ANYWHERE in Europe, they don't work and they steal
    Far-Left Activist: That doesn't justify discriminating them
    Me: I'm sorry, but they're allowed to discriminate people based on their behavior

  4. Roma people are the most disgusting example of a cursed breed of monster that needs to be eradicated from humanity. Filth, all of them.

  5. That man who came there and tried to get the journalist and that fucker Prokeš out of Chanov is someone who tries really hard to get roma in chanov get back on their feet. U can't blame all those angry people who wanted Prokeš out. I'm czech roma myself so i understood every single word said in there and they were only mad at Prokeš. Can't blame them after everything he did. Not all roma don't work, are aggresive etc. Yes there is a group among us that doesn't work etc but there's also a group of gadje (not roma – white) that don't work but nobody seems to care about that. I liked the beggining of the video where u said that u have been there before (without Prokeš) and that everything was okay, nobody was acting the way they were at the end. there's so much to say but i know that it won't matter anyway. I hate living here in Czech republic where u get judged by the color of your skin. My family was – is and always will be hardworking. The girl who started crying girl i don't blame you. Living here is very hard.

  6. Roma people are a cancer. They thieve and don’t work. They come to my country, steal and then fly home. They’re disgusting.

  7. then gas all of them. you can design a super retrovirus with the ability to recognize racial patterns, use it.

  8. How dare the Czechs like their country to be clean and sober and honest and decent!!! Those Czechs got a lot of nerve!!!

  9. Far right in Czech Republic: the politicians turning on Roma………Says the man with the British accent who cannot even locate the Czech on a map yet from his moral high horse pretends to preach to the poor ignore and obvious backwater Czechs.

  10. Far right in Czech Republic: the politicians turning on Roma………Says the man with the British accent who cannot even locate the Czech on a map yet from his moral high horse pretends to preach to the poor ignore and obvious backwater Czechs.

  11. Well it seems to me if they are so unhappy with their life in the Czech then LEAVE! Think the Czech racist fine. Their country and you were never invited.

  12. Poor Blacks do the same in the US. Make a mess of their communities, live off hard working tax payers, and make crime statistics like a third world country.

  13. Oh, no, a crying Gypsie. I'll now forget all the theft, rape and murder that they've been committing in my country.

  14. Theyre advocating a new housing project, one that hopefully wont be destroyed; but Channel 4 thinks it has the white man’s burden to intervene, and make the problem into “hitler on the rise”. YOU’RE the ones throwing simple answers at complex issues.

  15. Oh yes sure it's just the Czech people that are so racist. I'm sure the Roma are inclusive and diverse. Ask them how they feel about race and ethnicity and if they would let their daughters marry an African Muslim?
    They literally attacked Channel 4 for even going into their neighborhood with somebody that is trying to hold them responsible for the destruction they cause.Seem like nice folks.

  16. The Gypsies from several countries did the same to the UK and because of it have flooded parts of Britain in their thousands . First they whine " Oh the people where we live are horrible to us they say we a thieves and every other horrid thing you can think of and it's not true " The response from the PC Left in Britain is a full blown campaign in the fake news press calling the British people racist . You know the drill by now , a complete campaign of lies and disinformation saying how wonderful these thieves and bandits are . It has cost us many millions every year now .

  17. Channel 4, it seems like you have an SJW viewpoint. You have bashed my beloved President recently & I'm not here for any of it. You don't know us over here🇺🇸

  18. Deport Macron, Merkel, Soros, Trudeau and all the leftists to Africa, Pakistan and Afghanistan, which they love so much! Let them enjoy their diversity there!

  19. Theres nothing wrong with populism or nationalism. If you don't assimilate, you're not welcome. It's really quite simple and it makes complete sense

  20. But something like 98% of the people labelled "far right" have nothing in common with the cretins usually featured in the "news". FAR RIGHT! is anyone who dares to paddle against the mainstream media river of lies

  21. Why is it the media never investigates the Far Left? Given how prone to violence that group is, wouldn't it be appropriate to do so?

  22. Typical MSM – superficial investigation, only see the (faking it) "underdog". Fact is, as my police-statistician friends report, the Roma do steal and are criminal – it's not prejudice or defamation – it's true.
    "Simple solution to this complex problem". Do I understand you correctly, you want the local people to empathise with and therapise the Roma and thus eliminate all their undisputed antisocial traits.
    I suspect they've long ago tried all that – probably when the Roma first appeared in the area, maybe 500 years or more ago. That's what often happens – people who have tried to be nice to these creatures and are now at theirs wits' end are labelled "far-right" and "racist" (etc., etc., etc.) by people who beam in from media-land and only see (and only want to see) the apparant situation.

  23. Just another C4 journalist seeing only what he wants to see… I've visited Plague many times these people aren't liked for a reason always a justified reason…

  24. Cigy nikdy makat nebudou, bordel, smrad, řev, hnůj, neplatit nic státu, vyžírat z našich daní, čorky, fety, dorážení na "obyčejné" lidi a ještě se z nich budou dělat chudáčci a přiživovat se na nich media a neziskovky pojebané. Mám s nima letité zkušenosti, netahám to jen tak z paty. Za celý život jsem potkal jediné dva cigány, kteří fungovali normálně, byli to chlapi, kteří se STYDĚLI za tu ostatní verbež a nechtěli s nimi nic mít. Nenechme si diktovat a nebojme se mluvit otevřeně o těchto problémech bratři a sestry !

  25. Czechia must be laughing now , all the Roma they had are now living in UK , living off british taxpayers and stealing off anyone they can

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