Fall 2019 Update from the Dean

Fall 2019 Update from the Dean

As the new academic year begins the
biggest news the biggest milestone is something that we foreshadowed in my
previous message and that is that we now have two million subscribers to our
YouTube channel. Two million is a lot and it’s growing by several thousand per day.
Another really big number is if you add up the number of minutes that those two
million subscribers have watched, we’re now over a billion. And so that’s more
than a billion minutes people learning from what we share from the MIT
classroom and better still any people once they’re on our YouTube channel
that’s how they find their way to the full OpenCourseWare site where they can,
in addition to the videos, they can get the problems they can get the syllabus
they can get the reading list they can really see the full array of materials
from the MIT classroom that we’re sharing with the world. OCW continues to
build new courses every year we now have more than two thousand four hundred and
fifty courses on the OpenCourseWare site. Many of them are innovative approaches
to core subjects that are central to an MIT education and many of them are
also unique little gems from the MIT classroom. Gil Strang is a beloved
teacher on OpenCourseWare his courses have been visited more than 10 million
times in total and he now has a brand new course just off on OpenCourseWare in
which he uses matrix methods to teach about signal processing about data
analysis and about machine learning. So Gil Strang is bringing machine learning
into his teaching and that’s something which a lot of people are very excited
about. I can give you an example of something that’s really timely, Roger
Peterson from our political science department, he has a new course on
OpenCourseWare on emotions and politics. To pick an example of something that’s
uniquely MIT a little gem as I refer to Norvin Richards from a the Linquistics
department has a brand new course on how to construct a language.
The most exciting new capability and new opportunity for you that I want to tell
you about is MIT’s new open learning library. At present, it’s in its prototype
stage but we would love for you to explore the prototype. Learn from what
you see there and give us feedback as we build a prototype out. So what is it? Well
it’s a huge new array of content available to you open, free, there forever,
for you to learn from at your own pace just like everything on OpenCourseWare.
Some of this content comes from OpenCourseWare. In the future some will
come directly from the MIT classroom and a lot of it comes from MITx and so what
that brings into your learning experience is that you will now have the
kinds of interactive auto-graded problems that are the hallmark of MITx
available to you in this OCW style. You’ll also be able to track your
progress, see how you’re doing on the course as a whole and this will be a new
way for you to learn even better from what we offer you. So what’s driving the
future of OCW is the same thing that has been driving us for 18 years and that is
what a privilege it is to serve our global community of learners and
educators. And each educator who uses our materials multiplies the impact of the
learning that we offer you from MIT by sharing it with their learners. And in
fact, we’ve just made a book of messages that we’ve received from learners like
you and if you’d like to see that book to see what others are saying about the
learning opportunities that OCW offers them, it’s available online. The most
important way that you can support OCW is simply by using our materials. Use the
learning opportunities that we’re sharing. Use them to advance your
education. Use them to satisfy your curiosity. Use them to open new doors for
you and your career and as you’re doing that tell your friends. Tell your
coworkers. Spread the word so that more people are using OCW in the way that you
already are. Tell us how OCW has made a difference in your lives how its
advanced your education. How it’s opened doors for you. We want to hear from you.
Lastly, we would be incredibly grateful for a donation, because it’s donations
from people like you that support our free and open courses. And it’s
donations from people like you that will allow us to continue doing what we do
even better sharing the best of MIT with a global community of learners and

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  2. There is no need to be enrolled in a university to some extent, as you don’t have to finish the annoying thesis and courses. You can just choose any interesting course you like and save time with high efficiency.

  3. Who else is enthusiastic to learn more from MIT.
    Love, Respect and Thanks from Pakistan to MIT for sharing knowledge

  4. Congratulations on the milestone.
    The MIT open learning library sounds really cool. Can't wait to check it out.
    Thank you for doing what you do.

  5. If I may just make one suggestion: many of your open courses contain incomplete material. e.g. no homework solutions or no lecture notes if they're part of it. I'd prefer if you just uploaded courses that come with the complete package that the students get as well. Other than that: thanks for this channel.

  6. In ocw.mit.org, the most important the self pace learning opportunity and the response to the students advance on their learning curve.

  7. Your work is amazing. I learned so much from MIT OCW that I can't even grasp. Thanks to all the team involved.

  8. Thanks to MIT to avail these type of contents for people like me who can't afford to study in prestigious university or abroad .

  9. Love what you are doing MIT, I am very grateful to you. I just hope more physics and mechanical engineering courses are uploaded.

  10. MIT openCourseWare has shaped a level of discipline in me, I have never been in Computer class before but now I can build some machine learning algorithms. I LOVE PROFESSOR GILBERT…(from west African Ghana). Thanks MIT

  11. I want to read that book on OCW about which prof. said in the video. But where is the link to that book? It is not in the description of the video. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks in advance.

  12. I'm a senior student from China. I just wanna say that MIT OCW has been a HUGE help to me. Thanks to MIT OCW, I understand a TON of mathematics even though I'm not in college, including Analysis, Measure Theory, Linear Algebra, Point-Set Topology, Modern Algebra, and Mathematical Logic. They are REALLY FUN. One thing I would suggest is to add more video lectures in mathematics. Reading textbooks, lecture notes and solve homework(exam) questions by myself without a person to guide me is incredibly difficult. And as Pierre in the common section said, some materials are incomplete.

  13. Thanks to MIT for providing such an open learning platform, we have the opportunity to receive education from the world's top universities. Thank you.感谢MIT提供这样的公开学习平台,让我们有机会可以接受来自世界最高学府的教育。感谢你们。😀😀

  14. I hope these guys have an idea of the kind of impact they are making by just allowing people to have access to vital information and lectures about things that students are passionate about.

  15. Links: OCW Book of Gratitude https://ocw.mit.edu/give/our-supporters/ocw-impact/ and the Open Learning Library https://openlearning.mit.edu/courses-programs/open-learning-library

  16. Thanks a lot MIT OCW! You have helped me to learn so many things that would otherwise have been impossible for me to learn!

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